Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus’s House of Horror Recap

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It’s always fantastic when TV programs are brave enough to damage the boundaries and do something a bit various. When it comes to this hr of tv, we check out the subconscious of a lot of our major actors in highly dramatic fashion. The episode begins with a fortune teller safeguarding from the rainfall at Dr. Cee’s. She after that proceeds to tell the ton of money of the personalities as she encounters them throughout the episode, causing some rather remarkable discoveries that affect their lives in the here and now.


Sabrina is still distressed regarding her connection with Nick, after his lies over removing his werewolf acquainted in the previous episode. The foreteller reveals her a future where Nick takes part in a magic serve as part of the Academy’s skill program. After doing tricks on the 3 Weird Siblings, it’s Sabrina’s turn. He casts a spell on her that makes her drop upwards, and the Strange Sis permit the delight to continue, causing Sabrina floating out right into room as well as coming to be an icy remains. Cheerful things.

Upon returning to the present, Sabrina knows that she does trust Nick, yet she does not trust the Weird Sisters, as well as therefore beseeches him to keep away from them.



Next is Theo’s turn. In his mind is his need to have a male body. At the Spellman home, he creates a remedy that provides him his need. He wakes up the next early morning to locate himself appropriately enthusiast and also delights in being the centre of interest in group sporting activities. Nevertheless, issues begin to take place when his arm or legs begin developing into tree trunks. Hilda says that that’s the trouble when utilizing plant-based remedies. Consequently, Theo has his arm severed by his papa, though when he wakes up from this treatment, he uncovers that his legs too have started to develop into trees.

The takeaway message that Theo receives from the fortune teller is to reach out for aid early. With the support group that Theo has in place, we can only hope that he follows this guidance in getting the body that he desires.


Poor Roz went suddenly blind at the end of the previous episode, as well as this episode sees her handling the effects. There is a procedure that can recover her view, however it will certainly involve her Reverend daddy utilizing church funds for it. Roz is made worried by this as her papa has actually formerly taken from church funds whenever he requires it, as well as the members of his church are all also excited to provide the money because of his position as Reverend. Her vision shows her the procedure being a success, but when she speaks about her moral agitations with Harvey, he motivates her to pay her good luck forwards. Consequently, she volunteers to help blind people, where she is challenged by a girl whose eyes Roz “took”. The young woman dupe her plasters to expose her socketless eyes and also begins requiring that Roz return her eyes to where they belong. When she touches down back in the real life, Roz informs her dad that she does not intend to take cash from the church as well as will rather wait for the expensive surgical treatment.


Zelda gets to Dr. Cee’s especially flustered by her future plans. Zelda’s tale focuses on her hidden sense of guilt over Child Laticia, whom she stole from her soon-to-be-husband Dad Blackwood not long after birth. In the Christmas special, she handed Laticia over to Dezmelda to increase her. In Zelda’s vision, she returns to the woodland to ensure that she can offer Daddy Blackwood with the child, however uncovers that Dezmelda has actually consumed Laticia in exchange for youthful looks. At Zelda’s wedding, she catches Daddy Blackwood and also Dezmelda in a compromising position, while all the wedding celebration guests factor as well as jeer at her. In today, the foreteller informs Zelda “some tricks must continue to be secret”. So I guess that’s that for that story line, a minimum of.


Harvey’s story is probably the weakest in the entire episode. His vision revolves around him going to a summer season art program, where his roommate (who creates art work concerning devils and also hears their voices) ends up devoting suicide. It’s the message that Harvey is offered by the foreteller afterwards that is a lot more interested, as she advises him to continue to be in Greendale, as this is where he is required.


Ambrose is especially skeptical about needing a foreteller– besides, he seems to think that his life is charmed. Ambrose’s vision entails him being invited to sign up with the Judas Society by Dad Blackwood. Before he can be associated with this secret culture, nonetheless, it is crucial that Ambrose clean himself by slaying his family. Versus his will, Ambrose performs this task and also eliminates Hilda, Zelda as well as Sabrina at Dad Blackwood’s behest.

Trembled and disrupted, in today, Ambrose challenges Daddy Blackwood and also demands to understand whether he would certainly be asked to harm the Spellmans. Dad Blackwood asserts that the Spellmans are quickly to be his family members, and also no damage will certainly pertain to them. Nevertheless, he likewise reveals in the exact same breath that Ambrose’s boyfriend, Luke, has actually died on an objective for the Judas Culture. While Ambrose still reels from this details, the final sucker punch comes when Blackwood invites Ambrose to sign up with the Judas Society, just like in his vision.

The episode closes with the foreteller arriving home, exposing that the fortune teller was nothing more than a beauty prepared by Ms. Wardwell to obtain details concerning Sabrina, her household and her buddies. This certainly pleads the inquiry why Lilith entailed herself in ensuring that Harvey lingers. What has she up her sleeve that includes Harvey’s input?


  • Surely Nick doing a magic act is less impressive when essentially all individuals in the target market can do magic as well?
  • It’s visible that Ms Wardwell walks through the subconscious of every one of individuals in Sabrina’s life with the exemption of Hilda. Probably she does not view Hilda as a risk, or of usage. Possibly this might be her downfall?
  • Poor Ambrose. It’s such an embarassment that the gay connection within the program has actually been so quickly ended– and of display as well, however it sounds like the beginning of a far more hazardous arc for Ambrose and also the Spellman clan.


Phase Fifteen: Physician Cerberus’s Home of Scary Directed by: Alex Garcia LopezWritten by: Ross MaxwellStarring: Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina SpellmanRoss Lynch as Harvey KinkleLucy Davis as Hilda SpellmanChance Perdomo as Ambrose SpellmanMichelle Gomez as Ms. Wardwell/ Madam SatanJaz Sinclair as RozTati Gabrielle as PrudenceAdeline Rudolph as AgathaRichard Coyle as Papa BlackwoodMiranda Otto as Zelda SpellmanGuest starring: Veronica Cartwright as Ton Of Money TellerLachlan Watson as TheoAbigail Cowen as DorcasGavin Leatherwood as NickAdrian Hough as Farmer PutnamTy Wood as Billy MarlinAlessandro Juliani as Dr. CerberusAbby Ross as DezmeldaReese Alexander as Reverend WalkerAnastasia Bandey as Dorothea

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