Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman Recap

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Structure upon the previous episodes concerns regarding Sabrina’s loyalty to the Church of the Night, the second episode explores Sabrina’s reservations as well as whether she truly is as dark as she claims to be.

The Dark Lord exposes to Ms Wardwell/Lilith/Madam Satan that he plans for Sabrina to be his Herald on earth when evictions of Hell are flung open– a controversial factor as Lilith herself wishes this placement. They decide on a wager to establish real nature of Sabrina’s soul, whether it is light as Lilith insurance claims or packed with darkness as the Dark Lord thinks.

So begins a video game of pet cat and computer mouse in between Sabrina as well as the Dark Lord, with Ms Wardwell determined to sabotage it at every turn. The first job that the Dark Lord propounds Sabrina is to take a pack of gum tissue, something that is obstructed by Ms Wardwell that captures Sabrina in the act and makes her believe far better of it.


The Academy is placing on a play: The Interest of Lucifer Morningstar, in which Sabrina is understudy to Dorcas’ Lilith. The Dark Lord uses this as an opportunity to attempt and obtain Sabrina to screw up Dorcas so that she can play the duty, yet Sabrina stays firm. After this refusal, Sabrina unexpectedly collapses, not able to breathe.

When she awakes she speaks to her Aunt Hilda, that discusses her own job that she was asked to do by the Dark Lord, in which she needed to push a button on a box. She tortured herself for weeks over it, until it took place that the switch as a matter of fact not did anything. The Dark Lord was much more interested to see Hilda’s devotion than for her to really do something rotten in his name. Sabrina makes a decision to go back to Baxter High in the midst of their Romeo & & Juliet task.

Sabrina comes back to Baxter High at an essential point. Theo is really feeling isolated as well as out of place as a result of Billy bullying him out of the young boys’ locker space, which triggers Sabrina to provide Theo a magic length of rope that will certainly trigger Billy to trip. On the other hand, Roz as well as Harvey are collaborating in the Romeo & & Juliet job to reenact the kissing scene. Sabrina is required to work with Billy, that prods her regarding exactly how it really feels to see her ex-spouse and friend come to be so close. Despite Sabrina’s evident distress at this, the Dark Lord’s words are still unheeded by her.

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After finding lengthy claw marks on her back– called The Devil’s Claw by Ms Wardwell– Sabrina mosts likely to Ambrose for aid at escaping the Dark Lord up until she can locate a solution to her trouble. He advises her, exposing at the very same time the very own task that he had to carry out for the Dark Lord, which entailed sending out a letter to a kid he made use of to like. He does not disclose what was consisted of within the letter, but it plainly still psychologically affects him. Theo is driven to a violent retribution upon Billy after an event in the storage locker area, while Roz comes down with chicken pox, forcing Sabrina and also Harvey together as they are now partnered on the job. The task brings about the two kissing. In her mind, Sabrina sees the Adversary’s Claw on Harvey’s skin and also promptly mosts likely to leave, claiming that she must keep her distance from him to maintain him from being infected with wickedness. She thinks that it is infectious and that the Dark Lord is hindering Theo and Roz, as well as she does not want that to contaminate Harvey too. Harvey confirms that if Sabrina leaves, then she leaves for good. Hopeless to secure him, Sabrina leaves.

Backed right into a corner, Sabrina has no selection but to do as the Dark Lord demands. She is scared for the repercussions for herself and her close friends should she not, so she follows his guidelines and also goes to Baxter High to set it ablaze. Her willingness to do this quits The Dark Lord from requiring her to drop the suit, as well as her mark goes away.

Sabrina is after that offered the duty of Lilith in the Academy’s manufacturing, as Dorcas has actually suspiciously acquired chickenpox. Sabrina enacts Lilith amazingly opposite Nick and also certainly shares a kiss with him as part of the efficiency. The actual Lilith, Ms Wardwell, sees from the side tearfully, as she sees Sabrina figuratively loading her footwear to match the actual dental filling of her shoes to end up being the Dark Lord’s Herald.

Adhering to the efficiency, Nick asks Sabrina whether she has actually ever before been asked to do a task for the Dark Lord. Sabrina says that she did the task, however she did not need to do it since the Dark Lord could see her dedication. It is here that we examine whether or not Sabrina discovered a technicality to save her heart and also whether she played the Dark Lord at his very own game; whether her dedication is as real as it appears, or whether it was simply a calculated use her part.

This episode truly shows us how manipulative the Dark Lord is. He has been seen in the past to have horned in Ambrose and Hilda for them to confirm their dedication, and below he manipulates elements of Sabrina’s life to force her to show devotion to him. I would suggest that if she is burglarized of option, it isn’t whatsoever an act of devotion on Sabrina’s component, however instead love and also concern for individuals in her life. Pressing Theo to violent acts as well as pressing Harvey and Sabrina with each other simply offers to alienate Sabrina from her mortal life as well as compel her closer to the Dark Lord out of anxiety of what could occur to them must she remain.


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  • Zelda’s subplot for this episode includes her fight with Shirley Jackson, the bitchy member of the team from the previous episode. After changing Shirley as director of The Interest of Lucifer Morningstar, Zelda after that coughs up Shirley’s acquainted. Zelda is identified to kill it, yet rather elects to use a poppet to get Shirley to do her bidding. As soon as she gets Shirley standing on the veranda, prepared to jump, Zelda lets her go. She makes it very clear to the various other participants of team that ought to Shirley cross her once more, she will not stop her from leaping.
  • Ambrose as well as Prudence definitely have sex after the production.
  • Daddy Blackwood is still a sexist butt-trumpet, as revealed by the truth that he also revises Lilith to be defenseless straying in a forest, instead of a survivalist. When Zelda brings this up, he endangers to terminate her from the manufacturing. He’s truly receptive to responses.


  • What is Sabrina predestined to rise to? The Dark Lord’s Herald.
  • What is Madam Satan’s endgame? To be The Dark Lord’s Herald.
  • Will Theo’s newfound gender identity be even more explored with the rest of the season? Discovered in this episode with locker room national politics.

Exceptional (and new) concerns:

  • Also, what’s going to occur when Theo really has to play basketball and doesn’t have Sabrina to cast magic on him?
  • Exactly how will Ambrose’s position as Top Child affect his relationship with the rest of the Spellman family?
  • Will the reality that Zelda abducted Father Blackwood’s daughter be exposed eventually?
  • Just just how unsafe is Ms Wardwell? How far will she most likely to quit Sabrina being The Dark Lord’s declare?


Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman Directed by: Michael GoiWritten by: MJ Kaufman & & Christina HamStarring: Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina SpellmanRoss Lynch as Harvey KinkleLucy Davis as Hilda SpellmanChance Perdomo as Ambrose SpellmanMichelle Gomez as Ms. Wardwell/ Madam SatanJaz Sinclair as RozTati Gabrielle as PrudenceAdeline Rudolph as AgathaRichard Coyle as Papa BlackwoodMiranda Otto as Zelda SpellmanLachlan Watson as TheoAbigail Cowen as DorcasGavin Leatherwood as NickRochelle Greenwood as ShirleyTy Wood as Billy Martin

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