Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany Recap

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Hi there, bitches witches (see what I did there? Nope? Okay fine, boring). For the unaware among you, Component 2 of Chilling Journeys of Sabrina went down on Friday April 5th, and I– in my constant pursuit of taking things mindfully– am going to correctly digest what is happening this time around in the kind of a wrap-up for each chapter theoretically because I regularly get sidetracked by shiny points. So, partly 1, Sabrina lastly authorized guide of the Beast after an entire period of vowing her obligation to her own mankind. This has distanced her from her mortal friends Roz, Susie and also Harvey while bringing her closer to the witches that research at The Academy of Unseen Arts.

This episode extremely plainly has actually two styles woven throughout, so I will wrap up the episode with this lens.

Patriarchy is alive and well– also when you serve Satan


So, Sabrina begins the new year at The Academy by placing herself forward for Leading Boy. As it ends up, it is uncommon for a witch to hold this setting (hence the sexist name) as well as Daddy Blackwood withstands her need, till Nick as well as Carefulness support Sabrina’s election. In order to be assigned Leading Person instead of Nick, that is also running, they should compete in three difficulties: The Inquisition, Boil & & Bubble as well as The Conjuring.


While Sabrina knuckles down to research, Ambrose as well as Luke avoid for a warlocks-only night of debauchery for possible Top Children. Despite Sabrina being a potential Top Kid, she is forbidden to participate in. Luke also points out that “it’s called Leading Young boy for a factor”, confirming that even if you’re a gay man you can be an enormous cocksnot. At this evening, amusement in the type of an appealing girl is given because also magic men are still dicks. This female after that creates a silver platter upon which is an effigy of Sabrina’s head. Daddy Blackwood makes it very clear to an annoyed Nick that it is the only way that the fight for Top Child can finish: with Sabrina losing.

On the other hand, Sabrina is being alarmed by a demon in the library. He assaults her with a crowd of rats yet Sabrina utilizes the spells in front of her to eliminate him. Upon getting back, she implicates Ambrose of having something to do with it and also intimidates him with wonderful wind as well as everything (much more on this later). The next day, she notifies Papa Blackwood of the attack, however he is unsympathetic. He states that she can pull out of the challenges if she needs, but she can not postpone it.

Prudence, sick of her papa treating her like a damp nurse and also being forbidden to take Blackwood’s name, assists Sabrina cheat in the very first difficulty. It’s essentially Mastermind but for witches, and also of course Sabrina is asked particularly difficult concerns while Nick obtains easy ones. Prudence as well as the Odd Siblings telepathically transfer the answers right into Sabrina’s mind, which aids her to pass the very first test.

Following this trial, Papa Blackwood is adamant that Sabrina cheated– a fact that she staunchly refutes. Upon endangering her with whipping, Sabrina calls Papa Blackwood out on the sexist as well as obsolete means of the coven and suggests that when she is High Priestess, she will get rid of those regulations and customs. Daddy Blackwood extremely firmly informs Sabrina that this is out of the question, as well as also Zelda does not withstand him, due to the fact that even strong ladies do not withstand men. Only petulant children do, apparently.

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Upon going house, Sabrina is struck by an additional High Demon, this moment with bats. She makes use of an useful witch whistle that Zelda offered her and he vanishes, implying that Sabrina once again has lost out on prep work time for the next trial. Hilda smoothly coaches her, however it is inadequate to avoid Sabrina from losing, meaning that she needs to consume her own terribly made remedy and also winds up being sick.

After seeing the basketball trial runs at Baxter High (more on this momentarily), Sabrina gets locked up by a 3rd High Satanic force, this one that has a multitude of flies buzzing around him. Just as he will expose the complete reason that he is menacing Sabrina, Ms. Wardwell shows up and also quickly dispatches him.

Back at The Academy, Nick recognises that the devils who have struck Sabrina aren’t just ordinary devils however instead High Devils, meaning that somebody effective needs to have mobilized them. They pertain to the final thought that Dad Blackwood, or somebody similarly effective within the Coven, must have summoned these demons to stop Sabrina from becoming Top Individual. The two allies make use of the last test, the Conjuring, to sign up with forces and mobilize the 3 High Satanic forces in the hopes of revealing Father Blackwood. Nonetheless, the Demons expose that they were not summoned, however rather acted of their own accord. They expose that “the half-witch should not ascend”. Before they can say any more, Dad Blackwood eliminates the three High Demons, as well as invalidates both Sabrina and also Nick from Top Person, instead choosing Ambrose (although that he’s not a member of the Academy, but he does have a penis).

Upon seeing Harvey and Roz consuming together, Sabrina asks Nick to take her to a witchy club where they consume and contemplate what the High Devils implied by her rising.

Sabrina’s trajectory in this episode is generally concerning her trying to tip far from the duties that the males within her life designate her. At The Academy, she is informed that she can not be Top Boy, as this is a mantle normally held by a man. She is plainly made with the policies and outdated customs in the Coven and seeks to alter them. Also 3 High Devils seek to interfere in her life– not due to the fact that she is a woman, however instead since she is half-human. It seems that everybody has a problem with Sabrina, despite the fact that they were the ones that wanted her involved in the Coven to begin with. Normal.


The various other manner in which the patriarchy is explored in this episode is through the storyline of Susie/Theo. At the start of the episode, Harvey is eager to check out for the basketball group, and also Susie aspires to join too, despite the fact that just a boys team exists. The other basketball men as well as even the coach call her names and urge that no woman can be component of the group, leading to Ms. Wardwell (that is literally Madam Satan as well as still gets patronized by guys) showing that gender discrimination has no place at Baxter High. Consequently, Susie checks out for the group and does actually well, as a result of a magical help from Sabrina. Following this, he informs his friends Roz and Harvey that “it’s Theo currently”. To ensure that’s that.


Even Zelda isn’t immune to the poisonous effects of manliness. Bear in mind the woman whose baby she swiped who subsequently passed away? Well, she’s now taken that lady’s work, and also individuals at the Academy are not as well pleased about it. As a matter of fact, one of them calls her a slut at one of the trials and shows that individuals assume that Zelda had a role in eliminating Lady Blackwood, viewing as she is now so cosy with Father Blackwood. This motivates Zelda to talk to Papa Blackwood about what they are to stop the rumours, but Papa Blackwood makes it clear that whatever they are, it is not public.

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I really feel at this point, the majority of these subheadings could have been summarised by: Dad Blackwood. He minimizes Vigilance, a highly skilled witch, to a damp nurse for his new infant Judas, yet rejects to really give her the dignity and right of his last name. At the very same time, nonetheless, he likewise rejects to let her run for Leading Person because that would certainly humiliate him. Basically, he significantly desires her unseen.

Sabrina’s restored interest in witchcraft (and also her succeeding withdrawal from her temporal close friends)

In amongst the trials as well as obstacles as well as satanic forces, the other theme that weaves through this episode is that of the modifications in Sabrina’s personality. The Academy, which she initially participated in only begrudgingly, is currently her sole emphasis. She isn’t even planning on participating in Baxter High for classes and also is not touching her mortal buddies, something which causes Hilda stress throughout the episode.

You can see Sabrina’s conflict in the desires that she has of her father signing her over to The Dark Lord. She is clearly delighting in her magic, as we can translucent the clearly Sabrina, the Teen Witch method which she gets ready for college as well as, as Hilda points out, Sabrina competing Top Individual shows a specific level of commitment to the Coven. Certainly, Sabrina even indicates that she intends to alter the means of the coven by becoming High Priestess.

Yet Sabrina has actually altered, and Hilda can notice this. She asks Ms. Wardwell to make Sabrina return to Baxter High to do lessons to make sure that she can keep hold of her humankind, and even talks with Sabrina about the same point. Sabrina is plainly contrasted. She likes her human pals, however she sold her spirit to the Evil one– rather essentially– and also she does not want her pals to know her when she needs to do what she is destined to do. That makes sense. Absolutely nothing states identification adjustment quite like signing yourself over to Satan. Even when Sabrina finally yields and does return to Baxter High, she views her friends at a distance as well as understands that with her brand-new life, she can not be part of their presence for the time being.

Other happenings:

  • Roz has a completely precedented “constructing with Harvey” dream. I make certain lots of people will certainly have their minds blown by this, yet to be truthful, I deliver Sabrina as well as Nick much more challenging than Sabrina and also Harvey.
  • At the end of the episode, Ms. Wardwell calls The Dark Lord to find out what his plans are for Sabrina.

So there we have it, there’s the very first episode of Sabrina, Component 2 evaluated! In conclusion, an extensively delightful beginning to the period, as well as vomits an entire host of questions about the trajectory for the rest of the season. It really regurgitated a whole lots of troubles with the globe that Sabrina has actually included herself in, that actually need changing! Keep tuned for the remainder of the season, individuals.

Ponderings for future episodes:

  • What is Sabrina destined to rise to?
  • What is Madam Satan’s endgame?
  • Will Theo’s newfound gender identity be better explored with the rest of the period?
  • Likewise, what’s going to occur once Theo actually needs to play basketball as well as doesn’t have Sabrina to cast magic on him?
  • How will Ambrose’s setting as Top Kid affect his partnership with the rest of the Spellman family members?
  • Will the reality that Zelda abducted Father Blackwood’s child be revealed eventually?


Chapter Twelve: The Surprise Directed by: Kevin SullivanWritten by: Roberto Aguirre-SacasaStarring: Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina SpellmanRoss Lynch as Harvey KinkleLucy Davis as Hilda SpellmanChance Perdomo as Ambrose SpellmanMichelle Gomez as Ms. Wardwell/ Madam SatanJaz Sinclair as RozTati Gabrielle as PrudenceRichard Coyle as Papa BlackwoodMiranda Otto as Zelda SpellmanLachlan Watson as TheoGavin Leatherwood as NickDarren Mann as Luke

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