Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries Recap

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After such a game-changing previous episode, I would have expected an extra frenetic speed to start with as Sabrina hurries to conserve Ambrose from his predicament. Nevertheless, the episode begins relatively slowly. We see a recall to two weeks previously, in which we see some Mormon-esque figure torturing inadequate Luke to disclose what he finds out about the witches in Greendale. As soon as he has the info he requires, he kills Luke. Poor Luke.

We then flash to the present, where Sabrina is eager to see Ambrose. She is forbidden by Vigilance, who now that she is suddenly a Blackwood takes her job really seriously, as well as additionally reminds Sabrina that they’ve never ever been buddies, which is really lovely.

Sabrina goes back to Baxter High, while Nick consumes his issues away. There she figures out that Roz has turned blind and also she promptly tries to magic a solution. Roz opposes this concept, and even implicates Sabrina of having actually cursed her directly, especially because we went blind right after kissing Harvey. Harvey, with his very own depend on concerns bordering Sabrina, agrees with Roz that it might have been Sabrina who took Roz’s eyesight. Fortunately, Theo remembers what it’s like to be a buddy and tells them they are being absurd for assuming Sabrina might do such a thing, reminding them of exactly how Sabrina’s magic had actually assisted him to sign up with the basketball team.


On the other hand, Hilda beseeches Carefulness to let her see Ambrose, even trying to approach her with a roast hen to make sure that she can torture Ambrose further and break his spirit. Both Hilda and also Ambrose meet with incorrect versions of the various other, with the Hilda beauty informing Ambrose to confess, while phony Ambrose confesses to Hilda. Thankfully, both of them are as well wise to succumb to such a tired story tool, and also call out Agatha and Dorcas on their betrayal respectively.

A missionary shows up at Sabrina’s front door, and also though Sabrina originally turns him away, she then lets him inside when he asks for a glass of water. Currently, Roz has a vision as well as quickly phones Sabrina, telling her that she needs to leave her house instantly since the missionary intends to eliminate her. Sabrina flees, while another missionary appears Dr. Cee’s with a crossbow. Hilda lets loose Dr. Cee’s incubus and likewise escapes.

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The missionaries strike at the Academy and are at first battled by the Weird Sis. As it takes place, nonetheless, these are no ordinary promoters, yet are instead angels, as well as rather soon the tables transform with the Odd Sisters being defeated. Ambrose, who got away from his cell utilizing a vital made from hen bones, is seriously hurt in the crossfire.

In addition to Harvey, Nick and also Hilda, Sabrina reaches the Academy and learns that the missionaries have taken the members of the Academy hostage in the Church which witches can not enter. Sabrina can, however, as she has had a Christian baptism. The missionaries murder two witches by slitting their throats, as Sabrina shows up. She commands the missionaries to let the others go, yet she gets fired 3 times by arrows and collapses, total with a crown on her head.

As the missionaries prepare to ruin the other participants of the Church of the Evening, Sabrina rises from the ground as well as flies, her eyes totally white. The promoters renounce their confidence and promise obligation to the Dark Lord, but Sabrina– not pleased– is disappointed at just how rapidly they have activated their False God. Mobilizing fire from her hands, she burns both missionaries to life, while declaring that she is the Devil’s Sword. Following this, she reanimates both slaughtered witches, as well as remains floating just long enough for Harvey to see her.

What an episode! It began quite slowly and also I was fast thinking it would certainly be a filler episode, but it was wonderful to see the Church of the Evening combat a qualified outside hazard. Just like recently, it really felt practically like it could have been a period finale, thinking about the high stakes and also the discoveries throughout. We’ve never ever seen a side similar to this to Sabrina, or a hint that her magic is anything aside from average. Her brush with fatality appears to have opened a huge amount of potential within her.

Somewhere else:

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  • Poor Ms Wardwell was heating to Adam, and was also taking into consideration moving to Tibet with him as well as wandering off from the Dark Lord. Clearly identified to maintain her in his clutches, the Dark Lord masquerades as Adam and after that offers Ms Wardwell his own remains. Charming. Ms Wardwell after that kills Stolas (once more) for betraying her to the Dark Lord. It’s clear that Ms Wardwell is done with adhering to the Dark Lord’s instructions. I’m uncertain where that puts her with Sabrina, yet it does not look good, that’s for sure!


  • Call me insane, though: instead of having this random flashback at the beginning of the episode that plainly signposts that we will be struck by some bible clunk dickwads, why not stick that scene in an episode where is was chronologically relevant, keeping us guessing? I’m mosting likely to presume it’s possibly to make sure that they only needed to pay the actors for one episode instead of 2, however still individuals.
  • On that note, why do adversaries never ever assault in the exact same episode? Isn’t it fortunate that the promoters waited up until after the Anti-Pope and also the wedding event fiasco? It resembles these enemies have a common Google Schedule or something.
  • So Sabrina is showing insane God-like powers, which can only indicate bad points for Papa Blackwood when he returns, taking into consideration the entire of the Church have actually seen Sabrina floating as well as declaring to be the Evil one’s Sword. Perhaps her broach being High Priestess had not been for absolutely nothing?
  • Why did Harvey pertain to the Academy with them? Like actually he would be more of an obstacle than a help. It would be more worrying regarding what might occur to him than it would certainly be wonderful to have him there.
  • Mentioning which, just how can he say that he “hurried” over to Sabrina? The attack happened during daylight, and she cycled away, got Nick and reunited at the house before he also showed up? Unless he essentially walked at a snail’s pace, I do not understand how he relocated with any type of urgency whatsoever.


Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries Directed by: Rob SeidenglanzWritten by: Donna ThorlandStarring: Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina SpellmanRoss Lynch as Harvey KinkleLucy Davis as Hilda SpellmanChance Perdomo as Ambrose SpellmanMichelle Gomez as Ms. Wardwell/ Madam SatanJaz Sinclair as Roz WalkerTati Gabrielle as PrudenceAdeline Rudolph as AgathaGuest starring: Spencer Reward Clark as JerathmielBayley Corman as MehitableAbigail Cowen as DorcasAlex Denisof as Adam MarstersJedidiah Goodacre as Dorian GrayAlessandro Juliani as Dr. CeeGavin Leatherwood as NickDarren Mann as Luke ChalfantLachlan Watson as Theo Putnam

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