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As we come close to the period ending, Chilling Experiences pulls the evil identical twin card out of the bag.


Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake Directed by: Kevin SullivanWritten by: Joshua ConkelStarring: Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina SpellmanRoss Lynch as Harvey KinkleLucy Davis as Hilda SpellmanChance Perdomo as Ambrose SpellmanMichelle Gomez as Ms. Wardwell/ Madam SatanJaz Sinclair as Roz WalkerTati Gabrielle as PrudenceAdeline Rudolph as AgathaRichard Coyle as Dad BlackwoodMiranda Otto as Zelda SpellmanGuest starring: Abigail Cowen as DorcasLachlan Watson as TheoGavin Leatherwood as NickAnastasia Bandey as DorotheaWilliam B. Davis as Methuselah


Having actually speculated from the old representation of her in the mines below Greendale that she is predestined to produce the Armageddon, Sabrina is eager to discover some means to avoid this from occurring. The initial individual she seeks out, of course, is Ms Wardwell, that informs Sabrina that the only method for Sabrina to ensure the Apocalypse does not occur is to rid herself of her powers as well as end up being mortal. Nonetheless, Ms Wardwell has just been training her beast-Adam to tear the flesh from Sabrina’s bones, so I don’t assume that Lilith has Sabrina’s best in mind.

She gets the help of Ambrose to perform the Mandrake method and also, while he cautions her of the risks of shedding her powers, she is determined. Ambrose requires and in the beginning it looks like if it does not work, so the pair head off to the river to try a mud golem technique rather.

Unbeknownst to them, nevertheless, Hilda quickly uncovers Sabrina in her bed room, unusually chirpy and passionate. After scoffing down a hill of pancakes, this new Sabrina meets all of Sabrina’s friends in peculiar encounters. Uncharacteristically for this type of storyline, all of Sabrina’s friends identify that she is a charlatan rather promptly– specifically Roz who, after all, has the power of insight. Upon understanding that Sabrina is a charlatan, she appears to expose something to them as well as the screen whites out.

Sabrina returns from her ineffective river goal not aware of her Mandrake Clone running around Greendale. There, she is struck by the Beast that Ms Wardwell developed and also needs to be conserved by Nick, who is furious that she no longer has her powers. He explains to her that he has actually been investigating the prophecy and she is fine given that she hasn’t finished all of the anti-miracles that Jesus executed. As he discusses them, Sabrina realises to her horror that she has done all of these perversions, at the request of Ms Wardwell. Quickly questionable, they head off to discover her and also face her. Sabrina understands that she sent the Beast to kill her, along with attempting to educate her to begin the Apocalypse. I mean, it was about time that someone found out that Ms Wardwell was deeply suspicious, allow’s face it.

While Sabrina and also Nick are dealing with this, spunk is striking the follower at the Church of the Night. Daddy Blackwood declares that they have lost their method, and also to get them back on the appropriate track, he breaks away from the remainder of the Dark Lord’s complies with to develop the Church of Judas, which complies with the teaching he outlined a couple of weeks earlier. The recap of this brand-new means is that warlocks do anything they desire while witches are ruled over by them. Wonderful one. Faustus is also about to carry out Elspeth for speaking about Sabrina’s views, however fortunately Zelda and also Carefulness talk him from it. Zelda’s treachery against Dad Blackwood is lastly exposed as well as she is locked in a cell, just to be freed by Prudence as well as enabled to go. Once again we are left questioning just how loyal Vigilance is to her father.

At the same time, Hilda has tried to inform the Council of Father Blackwood’s misconduct, however they respond that he can run his Church just how he sees fit. Hilda calls them out on this outright ignorance of Father Blackwood’s techniques, calling him a murderer as well as calling them complicit. With a final “arse”, Hilda leaves. However, Methuselah after that shows up to ask Hilda just how far she agrees to go to remove Daddy Blackwood, clearly showing that misogyny is not restricted to humankind. Hilda quickly eliminates him in feedback.

Theo wakes up in the forest, having actually seen Dorothea in his mind, and discovers that mandrake variations of himself, Roz and also Harvey are being developed. He immediately kills the three mandrakes with huge rocks, before running away with the real Roz and also Harvey from a yelling Mandrake Sabrina.

Mandrake Sabrina arrives at house to sob into Ambrose’s arms, showing her premature mind by requesting for a hug and to sit on his lap. The actual Sabrina gets here as well as Ambrose realises what has taken place. Keeping in mind that in a battle, Mandrake Sabrina would win because of having every one of Sabrina’s powers, he proposes another means: an old made pistol battle.

Just as Nick and also Ms Wardwell understand that Sabrina killing her Mandrake self will certainly cause the Armageddon concerning fulfillment, Sabrina does well in beating her other self. Nick and also Ms Wardwell show up to warn her that the Armageddon is coming, and also Sabrina will rule as The Dark Lord’s Queen.

So it is under alarming conditions that we spin right into the period ending. Sabrina is provided powerless, the Armageddon appears unavoidable, as well as Papa Blackwood still has control in his Church of Judas. We can only wish that, with the addition of Ms Wardwell and also with any luck Vigilance sideways of the Spellmans, that some of this gets taken care of– and also quickly!


  • I like evil double episodes, though a lot of the episode I invested recollecting over Katrina Spellman from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. The bad identical twin fad has actually been gone from TV for far too long, people. Bring it back. It’s great.
  • It’s fun exactly how subversive it was that there was no type of “KILL THE CHARLATAN” with among our characters holding a weapon to the Sabrinas as well as needing to exercise which one is the actual Sabrina. I swear, that always takes place. I assumed there was going to be a moment like that when Ambrose was challenged with both Mandrake Sabrina and also actual Sabrina at the very same time, however Mandrake Sabrina was so cloying as well as bothersome that it really did not take a brilliant to determine who the real one was.
  • Speaking of which, I like how Theo reacted to Mandrake Sabrina’s concerns. He shut every transphobic point that she stated down quickly, showing a great self-confidence and also a mark of an excellent support group around him throughout this time.
  • I actually desire Prudence to stab Dad Blackwood while he’s resting once again. That would be terrific rounded about currently.
  • I quite hope that Hilda will not get in way too much trouble from eliminating the ancient pervert on the Council.
  • I require to quit saying things so assertively: last episode I testified that “I’m relatively certain that Sabrina will not be the Herald of Heck” and currently I need to eat my words, so I must possibly be less zealous concerning the forecasts I put out there. New forecast: possibly the Armageddon will certainly last and also Season 1 will finish with shittitude. That is my new prediction. And also you are welcome.

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