‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz | Episode Recap

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We have reached the end of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Component 2 but also for every door shut, one more appears to open.

Spoilers (clearly)


Phase Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz Directed by: Rob SeidenglanzWritten by: Roberto Aguirre-SacasaStarring: Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina SpellmanRoss Lynch as Harvey KinkleLucy Davis as Hilda SpellmanChance Perdomo as Ambrose SpellmanMichelle Gomez as Ms. Wardwell/ Madam SatanJaz Sinclair as Roz WalkerTati Gabrielle as PrudenceAdeline Rudolph as AgathaRichard Coyle as Father BlackwoodMiranda Otto as Zelda SpellmanGuest starring: Luke Cook as Lucifer MorningstarAbigail Cowen as DorcasJedidiah Goodacre as Dorian GrayLachlan Watson as TheoGavin Leatherwood as Nick

So the ending grabs precisely where we left the last episode, with Sabrina, Nick and Ambrose rupturing in to tell Zelda and Hilda that Sabrina has inadvertently fulfilled a prophecy developed to bring about the Earth’s subjugation to the Dark Lord. It’s reassuring to see that also Zelda will certainly take on the Dark Lord in favour of securing Sabrina. It’s a bit of a shocking U-turn, however I intend everyone has their limitations, specifically when Satan desires them to end up being the head of an oppressed planet that bible did not visualize.

Meanwhile, I am going to Heck. I state this since The Dark Lord arises from the mines in his initial type of Lucifer Morningstar as well as wearing nought but a loin towel, and also can I just claim mom might I. I imply, I knew that the Adversary was implied to be sexy, but there is plainly one hell of an individual trainer in the Underworld. Can I be the Queen of Hell? I ‘d enjoy that very much, please. Kindly appreciate the visual appeals of the claimed ruler of Heck, to ensure that I can get it out of my system and also try and also conceptualise him as an evildoer once again. It’s challenging now.

  • Jesus Christ

  • My loins

  • He’s your father, Sabrina

  • He’s so well clothed

  • He’s so well under-dressed

So the Spellmans go about securing the house from the Dark Lord and Sabrina dispatches her mortal close friends to close the entrance to Hell in the mines. Eventually, the security is unproductive as Ms Wardwell just walks directly right into the house and also asks Sabrina ahead with her to satisfy the Dark Lord. She lastly reveals her real identification to the Spellmans, which is enough to encourage Sabrina to go along with here.

Lucifer makes his deal really clear to Sabrina. He intends for her to seem the Horn of Gabriel and also open up evictions of Heck to release the effective demons that exist there in order to confine witches and mortals alike with Lucifer and Sabrina being their rulers. Simple, right? If this wasn’t encouraging sufficient, he also drops not one however 2 life-altering bombshells on Sabrina: that first of all, she is his kid and also not Edward Spellman’s, as well as second of all that beloved Nick (my poor carrier heart) was in fact servicing his orders this entire time. Nick appears to verify this tale, but exposes to Sabrina that his love for her was actual. Sabrina responds, suitably, by spitting in his face as well as leaving.

On the other hand, Faustus obtains a clothing down from The Dark Lord at breaking away from the remainder of the Church to produce his Church of Judas. Lucifer is displeased at the way that Faustus has actually dealt with Sabrina as well as, while Prudence hopes that this will certainly alter his means and consequently she won’t need to eliminate him, he rather goes back to the Church and introduces an Unholy Communion. He after that means to run away, inviting Prudence in addition to him. She refuses as well as promises to track him down and eliminate him. Going back to the chapel, she uncovers the entire of the coven has actually been infected and also teleports to the Spellmans to assist. Zelda and also Ambrose commenced attempting to restore as most of the coven as they can.

Lilith, realising that her post as Queen of Hell is never mosting likely to come and that Lucifer views her as lesser than as opposed to his equivalent, develops a strategy with the Spellmans to do away with Lucifer. This strategy revolves around Sabrina interesting his ego while Hilda and also Zelda stab him in the wounds from his cut wings. Naturally (seeing as this is only midway via the episode), this falls short to work, and also Sabrina is obliged to blow the Horn of Gabriel lest Hilda and Zelda be killed. Thanks to Roz, Harvey and also Theo, nonetheless, the gates of Heck continue to be closed due to Roz’s cunning allowing her to see runes (or signs? Or sigils?) that Harvey attracts that keep the door secured.

It is currently time for Sabrina’s coronation and also she gets here in a somewhat out-of-place performance of Masquerade. Sabrina is crowned as the Queen of Heck, and also announced as Lucifer’s little girl. While they dance, Sabrina sidetracks Lucifer while the remainder of the constructed guests start ominously chanting. The element of surprise would certainly have been more powerful had Prudence not been shateringly evident behind her small mask. Lucifer realises, too late, what is going on with their chanting, equally as Ambrose tosses an Acheron at his feet, seeming to entrap him. The team smile, pleased that they have rid themselves of the Dark Lord. Instantly, he bursts forth from the Acheron, as well powerful to be held by such a device. Lilith utilizes her magic to freeze him where he stands, while revealing that the human body has much more effective Acheron power and also will have the ability to have the Dark Lord. Nick, still really feeling guilty– as well as apparently guilty adequate to sacrifice himself– supplies himself to bind the Dark Lord. Nick absorbs Lucifer’s consciousness and also is then placed to sleep through a resting spell.

The group go back to the mines to bid Lilith as well as Nick’s body farewell. Lilith takes the crown from Sabrina’s head, lastly accomplishing her dream of being Queen of Hell. She claims that she is going to approve Sabrina two presents: the very first being her witching powers being repaid. She does not reveal the second, but rather takes Nick’s body and opens eviction to make sure that she can return to Hell.

The closing sequence hints at Season 2 as well as Component 3 of the Netflix collection. Ambrose and Vigilance head off on a journey to find and also kill Faustus, Zelda comes to be High Priestess of the Church of [Call Yet to be Figured out] and also Sabrina allies with her close friends for an unsafe objective: to visit Heck and also obtain Nick back.

So there we have it. Part 2 and Period 1 are total. It’s tough to state just how the collection will build upon what has happened right here. Besides, you can hardly have a belief built around the Dark Lord when he no more exists, so it gives a great deal of liberty as to what to eliminate for next. Nonetheless, lots of the stress triggered by Sabrina’s manipulation by Lilith will be shed moving forward, along with the inevitability of the prophecy. It will certainly be interesting to see just how the vibrant changes going into the following wave of the program, where Zelda supervises. Maybe there will certainly be a lot more aspects of Edward’s vision for the Church in the rebuilt variation. It will certainly additionally be interesting to see just how it deals with Sabrina functioning along with her mortal close friends. We will figure out, quickly sufficient!


  • Technically, I was not wrong: Sabrina never ever did come to be Queen of Heck. I mean, she kind of had a coronation, however she did not bring about the Armageddon. So I intend I was slightly right on that front.
  • It’s absurd that Sabrina claims that Ms Wardwell was her preferred teacher. If she was that near to you Sabrina, how could you fail to notice that she ‘d all of a sudden come to be some sort of batshit insane Satanist when prior to she had been a mild-mannered librarian type? Open your eyes, Sabrina.
  • Second of all, I significantly doubt that the genuine Ms Wardwell’s return is the 2nd gift that Lilith had in mind. It would be foolish for it to be exposed so swiftly. It could be ignored for a while, but I make certain it will certainly be excellent when it reverses up.
  • Moreover, poor Ms Wardwell. She’s lastly pertained to as well as she’s going to need to take care of a missing fiancé as well as likewise instantly being the principal of a college. What if she really did not intend to be the principal of the school? Suppose she can’t handle the responsibility? What is she going to do? Justice for Mary Wardwell, guys.
  • I’m somewhat stressed that Theo might in fact be a psycho. He was far too proud of the truth that he killed those poor, innocent Mandrakes. Like essentially they were infants. Have a heart, Theo! What is wrong with you? And after that he just throws himself in the direction of the Gates of Heck. Assume it with, Theo. This isn’t a play ground. THEY ARE THE GATES OF HELL. Jeez!
  • Dorian Gray flirting with The Dark Lord is my brand-new favorite thing. I promise, at this moment, The Church of Evening is basically just a bisexual orgy as well as I am living for it. If that’s what Satanism has to do with, then authorize me up. I am down.
  • Also, bad Nick. I recognize that he damaged Sabrina’s depend on and also everything, yet I’m so made with the entire “WHAT WAS EVEN REAL BETWEEN United States” thing. He was certainly in a difficult setting: The Dark Lord regulated him to do something, as well as he had to adhere to that instruction. Certain, immoral, yet what did he have to get by existing about whether or not he enjoyed you after it had been disclosed Sabrina? Absolutely absolutely nothing! Go obtain him back.
  • I have actually located, on the whole, this second part of Sabrina to be incredibly well paced. There was no “Netflix depression” that I typically experience, though I mean it taken advantage of the very first part having the ability to establish the facility. Not only that, yet there was a clear distinction between each episode. Unbelievably well-plotted as well as considered. Various other television programmes need to bear in mind– you can have a tale arc while still being anecdotal. Just saying.

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