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Yes, the time is practically upon us, pals. Game of Thrones returns in just 2 days for its last collection of episodes, and the question on everybody’s lips is “Who is mosting likely to win?”. Well before we can work that out, we need to exercise that is also still to life. I have actually therefore taken the freedom of compiling the main actors members who are in Game of Thrones Season 8 and still able to take the Throne, along with including a helpful wrap-up of where we left these personalities at the end of Season 7. For the uninitiated, Game of Thrones is a conflict that began with the murder of Robert Arryn. The King at the time, Robert Baratheon, had actually acquired the throne himself after being successful in a disobedience versus the Mad King Aerys Targaryen. Since then, a lot of center has occurred, as well as over 100 characters have been killed off, so you can recognize why we have trouble keeping up.

Tyrion Lannister

When the steered clear of son of Tywin Lannister, Tyrion is the amusing as well as very smart younger sibling of twins Cersei as well as Jaime. Throughout the collection he married Sansa Stark, was sentenced to fatality for the murder of his nephew Joffrey (which he hadn’t done), was released by his bro Jaime, killed his dad and also ex-lover as well as left to Pentos. While in Pentos, Tyrion at some point enters the use of Daenerys Targaryen, a claimant for the throne of Westeros. Initially serving as her expert, he was advertised to Hand of the Queen in Period 6 and also accompanied Dany as she travelled to Westeros. Tyrion motivated Dany to ally herself with Jon Snow, the King in the North. While Tyrion gives Dany sage recommendations, she has actually been recognized to disregard him, such as when she released her dragons versus the Lannister forces. At the end of Period 7, Tyrion is still servicing Dany’s side, though he has encouraged Cersei that the White Walkers are much more frustrating than the defend the Game of Thrones.

What are Tyrion’s possibilities of remaining on the Iron Throne? I ‘d bet not specifically high. As yet, he doesn’t have any type of claim to the throne personally. He is not blood related to any person who sat on the throne– that we understand of– certain fan theories recommend in a different way. His opportunities of survival, however, are relatively high thinking about in George R. R. Martin’s initial brief called him, Dany, Jon, Arya and also Bran as the only personalities alive at the end of the collection. While great deals of aspects of Martin’s original brief have not come to pass, it is very important to keep in mind that every one of these personalities are still to life.


Jaime Lannister

Jaime has actually invested the previous periods being devoted to your home of Lannister. Nevertheless, completion of last season saw him betraying his double sis (and enthusiast) Cersei by marching North to aid in the battle against the Night King.

What are Jaime’s chances of remaining on the Iron Throne? Unless actually everyone else passes away, I would certainly say not terribly likely. A good swordhand, he might be, yet he has actually no insurance claim. It looks greater than likely that Jaime will certainly die this series, probably compensatory himself by compromising himself, and he may well be the one to remove Cersei. Mentioning …

Cersei Lannister

Cersei has actually been with a horrible great deal in the past 7 seasons, including the fatality of her father, her hubby as well as all three of her kids. Ultimately, this has led to her presently sitting on the Iron Throne. Her final decision has been to betray Dany and Jon by promising a partnership while the White Walker hazard is taken care of while having no objective of in fact assisting. Will this decision come back to haunt her?

What are Cersei’s possibilities of sitting on the Iron Throne? Well, I imply, she is already remaining on the throne. The chances of her still being on the throne at the end of the next series are exceptionally slim, nonetheless. There is still a really damning prediction against Cersei around, not to mention her absence of assistance within the 7 Kingdoms. I ‘d claim it’s extremely possibly that Cersei will pass away prior to completion of Season 8.

Daenerys Targaryen

Dany starts the collection as an ousted member of the Targaryen household in Essos. She is wed off to Khal Drogo, a Dothraki warlord, but he passes away. Fortunately, nonetheless, Dany has 3 dragons. Continuing to lead the khalasar, Dany slowly obtains power in the kind of an army of released slaves and also many ships. A lot of her stories focus on her judgment of kingdoms as well as cities within Essos, being called the Mommy of Dragons, as well as the Breaker of Chains, etc. Essentially, she doesn’t count on servants. She takes Tyrion into her service. An uprising by the Sons of the Harpy triggers Dany to temporarily get away on Drogon’s back, leaving her stranded in the Dothraki Sea as well as momentarily is required to Vaes Dothrak where widows of Khals have to live. Dany damages the temple with fire and afterwards go back to Meereen to find that slavers have reneged on their arrangement to free their slaves, bring about Dany melting the slavers with all 3 of her dragons. Yara as well as Theon vow their loyalty to Dany offered that Yara ends up being Queen of the Iron Islands instead of Euron. On The Other Hand, Olenna Tyrell and also Ellaria Sand also pledge commitment to Dany. Dany lastly sets off to Westeros and also lands at Dragonstone. She prospers in taking Casterly Rock as well as strikes Lannister forces with her dragons. She attempts to have an ally in the kind of Jon Snow yet he says that the White Walkers are even more of a hazard than the Video game of Thrones are. Dany needs to save Jon past the Wall when the Night King and a military of the dead strike them and loses among her dragons, Viserion. Dany promises to assist Jon beat the White Walkers and they take a trip to Cersei to get a truce. Jon and Dany succumb to their feelings for every various other, uninformed that they are actually associated. Meanwhile, Viserion climbs as a wight and destroys the Wall.

What are Dany’s chances of remaining on the Iron Throne? I think fairly high. In addition to being just one of the five characters saved by Martin, she is also in line by blood. Nonetheless, Jon is much more quickly in line to become leader of the Seven Kingdoms. However, Targaryen’s have previous been wed to their brothers and sis, so auntie as well as nephew isn’t entirely out of the worlds of possibility.

Jon Snow

Jon’s story is a little easier to describe. He is presented as Ned Stark’s bastard child, Jon is shipped off the Night’s Watch in the first season. There he uncovers the White Walkers’ presence. He additionally has numerous storylines including the wildings, that are people who live north of the Wall. Ultimately, this storyline does not go especially much, however Jon is (much later on) made Lord Leader of the Evening’s Watch. Jon makes the discovery that Valyrian steel can damage White Walkers completely. Jon endures a mutiny and also is stabbed to death, however Melisandre revives him. Jon is compelled to carry out those who betrayed him and leaves the Watch. He helps half-sister Sansa to defeat Ramsay Bolton, that she has married. Bolton eliminates Jon’s half-brother Rickon, causing a battle in between the two forces, which is ended when Home Arryn shows up to help Jon. Back in control of Winterfell, Jon is proclaimed the King in the North. Jon goes to fulfill Dany as he finds that there is a large supply of obsidian below Dragonstone, but he refuses to vow fealty to her. Jon goes north of the Wall surface in order to catch a wight to show the existence of the White Walkers. He needs conserving by Dany and also one of her dragons is shed, however they persuade Cersei to an alliance up until the White Pedestrian risk is removed. Meanwhile, Bran uncovers that Jon is really a Targaryen; the child of Rhaegar Targaryen (Dany’s older bro) and also Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sis), making him better in line to the throne than Dany is.

What are the opportunities of Jon resting on the Iron Throne? Well, at this moment, it seems that Jon is the evident choice. He seems to be a favourite of Martin’s, having been one of the first personalities cast for the TV series, in addition to one of the characters destined to make it through the whole events. Nevertheless, at this point, it virtually seems to evident– and it seems beyond the extent of the showrunners to do something foreseeable. And also perhaps one of the most foreseeable thing for them to do is for Jon to win?

Davos Seaworth

I imply, there’s no factor in me wrapping up Davos. He’s not going to remain on the Iron Throne. He utilized to be loyal to Stannis as well as is currently on Jon’s side.

Sansa Stark

Sansa has gone through a lot of development because the beginning of the series. Originally, she was a naive young girl with goals of weding the rushing Prince Joffrey. Ever since, she has actually wed Tyrion Lannister and also her family members have been completely slaughtered. Complying with Joffrey’s murder, Sansa fled King’s Landing with the aid of Lord Baelish and arrived at the Eyrie to be shielded by Lysa Arryn (Sansa’s auntie). Lysa attempts to eliminate Sansa, however Baelish presses Lysa to her death rather. Baelish organises for Sansa to wed Ramsay Bolton. Complying with the marriage, Sansa is raped by him as well as continues this throughout their marital relationship. Theon Greyjoy helps Sansa to leave as well as she gets in the protection of Brienne of Tarth. Jon beats Ramsay and also Sansa watches happily as he is consumed by dogs. Sansa is left as minister of the North when Jon leaves as well as soon Arya as well as Bran go back to Winterfell. Baelish shots to drive a wedge between Sansa as well as Arya, however Sansa and Arya sign up with pressures to have him executed. Sansa and Arya pledge to continue to be on the same side in order to survive the Video game of Thrones.

What are the chances of Sansa resting on the Iron Throne? I ‘d state slim. It’s recognizable that she is the only Stark left that isn’t on Martin’s listing. It breaks my heart since I love Sansa and she has actually come a lengthy way, however I do not assume she is meant to make it throughout of the period.

Arya Stark

Arya is another personality that has actually undergone incredible development. Unlike Sansa, that was caught in King’s Landing, Arya took care of to escape the Red Keep as well as at some point becomes an assassin by training at your home of Monochrome in Braavos. She is temporarily transformed blind, however soon rebels against the methods of your home of White And Black as well as go back to Westeros. She murders Lord Walder Frey after making him unintentionally consume his boys in a pie in order to retaliate her older sibling Robb as well as her mommy Catelyn’s deaths at his hand. Arya has additionally established some sort of wonderful ability to use other people’s faces that she found out while becoming an assassin, and also utilizes this to fantastic impact. She at some point ends up in Winterfell and also slits Baelish’s throat at the conclusion of his attempted control of her as well as her sis.

What are the opportunities of Arya resting on the Iron Throne? Slim. But will she survive? Practically certainly.

Theon Greyjoy



Aw, Missandei is a treasure. She’s gone to Dany’s side because Season 3 when she was freed from enslavement in Astapor. She is brilliant at languages as well as has a thriving relationship with Grey Worm, a participant of the Unsullied. Missandei is honestly quite fantastic, but she is securely a participant of Dany’s entourage. The opportunities of her being the one to rest on the Iron Throne are microscopic.

Brienne of Tarth

Brienne has actually changed sides so frequently she possibly has whiplash. She was originally devoted to Renly Baratheon (remember him?) but he was killed by Stannis, so Brienne next swore obligation to Catelyn. She was tasked with returning Jaime to King’s Landing for Sansa and Arya. By the time that she in fact got to King’s Landing, nevertheless, neither of them were there so she set off in order to locate them and also shield them. She had numerous misses, such as facing Arya when she was with the Canine and after that shedding her once more, and also attempting to convince Sansa to come with her while she was being shielded by Baelish. By Season 7, nevertheless, Brienne is strongly in the utilize of the Starks. Excellent news.

What are the chances of Brienne sitting on the Iron Throne? Brienne seems a lot more of a follower than a leader. She’s not also eligible, Mark. She doesn’t want it. Let it go. Why did you also do this kind of a system? There are really few real contenders for the throne, you understand?

Samwell Tarly

Originally a participant of the Evening’s Watch, Samwell has consequently discovered love in the kind of Gilly. At the end of Period 6, they wound up at the Citadel and also Samwell spent much time reviewing books. In Period 7, he becomes frustrated at getting on the sidelines and takes scrolls regarding the White Walkers and also reaches Winterfell. When speaking with Bran regarding Jon’s real parentage, Samwell discloses that Rhaegar had an annulment to wed an additional female, indicating that Jon is a legitimate Targaryen and consequently beneficiary to the Iron Throne.

What are the– Oh my god, quit. He’s not mosting likely to remain on the Throne. What are you doing any longer?

I shall rephrase– will he survive? Fuck understands. Samwell is good for delivering story factors, yet so is Bran. So among them needs to go or else us viewings won’t have remarkable insight, which is always enjoyable.

Bran Stark

I personally find Bran rather aggravating and also my much-loved period until now was the one that he just casually had not been in. However disregarding that, he is the 3 Eyed Raven, implying that he can see right into the past– and also we have actually also seen tips of him communicating with the past, such as when it comes to inadequate Hodor. Bran mostly invests his time now being enigmatic as well as speaking about events he has seen. It’s great. He has so much emotion.

Will he endure? Irritatingly, most likely so. George R Martin seems to like him as well as spend a lot of time on him in guides, so it may be fairly likely that he perseveres throughout.

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

He doesn’t provide a spunk concerning the Iron Throne. He’s probably going to die, however, yet you don’t wish to get on the incorrect side of him, that’s without a doubt. At this point, he gets on Jon as well as Dany’s side.


Shrewd and also manipulative, Varys has in some way managed to endure the past 7 years by being typically quite slippery. He’s a less ruthless version of Lord Baelish who essentially knows every little thing there is to learn about every person. He is presently on Jon as well as Dany’s side, yet he has changed obligations a number of times previously.


Melisandre is a priestess of the god R’hllor. She typically walks around discussing “The prince that was assured”. She can’t be taken into consideration wholly trustworthy however, due to the fact that she used to think that this was Stannis and also persuaded him to burn his very own daughter at the stake prior to he eventually ended up passing away. She now thinks that it’s Jon. She’s currently revealed, right before leaving for Volantis, that she will make one last trip to Westeros to pass away. To ensure that’s her out of the photo, but she’ll probably do some enigmatic crap prior to she pops it.


So Tormund was a wildling leader time back. The most up to date season saw him assist Jon in his mission to record a wight, and also he then continued to be at the Wall surface while the others took a trip to King’s Touchdown. At the end of the period, Tormund went to the Wall when the Night King attacked with his pressures, leading us to believe that Tormund was stranded on top of the Wall surface. His possibilities of survival don’t look great, yet considering that he’s listed as component of the main cast that suggests he may have survived this preliminary attack enough time to inform someone else.


Gilly is saved from her papa Craster by Samwell in Period 2 and also she is responsible for Samwell finding Rhaegar and Elia Martell’s annulment to ensure that he might wed Lyanna Stark. She is presently likewise in Winterfell. Gilly’s survival possibilities aren’t especially high, probably as a result of the reality that she is constantly lugging around an infant (who never ever seems to age?). I like her though.


An employed hand, he is Team Lannister. His loyalty comes at a price, nonetheless, and he will swap sides at the decline of a hat.


Gendry come with Arya throughout the very first couple of periods, after he had to leave King’s Landing as one of Robert Baratheon’s bastard kids. He was later on captured by Stannis Baratheon, but Davos aided him to escape. He was lacking from displays for Seasons 4– 6, however chopped back up in Season 7 working as a blacksmith right back where he began. Davos discovers him to hire him for the White Walker goal. Gendry is the one who has to run back to ask for Dany’s assistance versus the military of the dead.

Jorah Mormont

A type of creepy companion to Dany, Jorah follows her about for the very first few series until he is disclosed as a spy on part of Varys. Jorah ultimately creates greyscale and also attempts to get back right into Dany’s great publications. When she uncovers his greyscale, she purchases that he get it healed to make sure that she can have his advise one more time once she has taken the Iron Throne. Jorah after that journeys to the Castle as well as is covertly helped by Samwell to have his greyscale got rid of. He travels back to Dany that uses him one more time and also takes place the White Pedestrian goal. He returns unscathed and also remains on Dany’s side of the battle.

So there we have it, a (not so practical) checklist of the survivors so far in Video game of Thrones. It seems that most of the people on this list are on the side of Dany and also Jon, though there are lots of sustaining personalities that are backing up the Lannister side of things. Eventually, at the moment, there are only actually 2 plaintiffs to the Iron Throne– being Cersei and Dany. Nevertheless, with Jon’s parentage yet to be revealed and some more problematic characters in the middle, that understands what will take place in the next six episodes? One point’s without a doubt, I’m unsure it can be forecasted– especially not with the Night King in the mix. However, I am writing my listing of which of the major cast I anticipate to survive the last six.

Mark’s wall surface of forecast

Tyrion LannisterJaime Lannister Cersei LannisterDaenerys Targaryen Jon SnowDavos Seaworth Sansa StarkArya StarkTheon GreyjoyMissandei Brienne of TarthSamwell Tarly Bran Stark The HoundVarysMelisandre Tormund Giantsbane GillyBronn GendryJorah Mormont

Tune in on Monday to discover the number of Mark’s forecasts have actually currently been refuted: if Chilling Journeys of Sabrina is anything to go by, basically all of them will certainly be incorrect. It’s a good task I’m not a betting male!

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