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If you are trying to find an evening of home entertainment filled with speaker-blowing pop anthems, then 6 is the music experience for you, full with amusing historic puns and pop-group vocals.

Six Arts Theatre, London Seen: 11/04/19 Circle: A4Directed by: Lucy Moss & & Jamie ArmitageBook, Songs & & Verses: Toby Marlow & & Lucy MossChoreography: Carrie-Anne IngrouilleStarring: Jarneia Richard-Noel, Millie O’Connell, Natalie Paris, Alexia McIntosh, Aimie Atkinson, Maiya Quansah-Breed, Elegance Mouat, Vicki Manser & & Courtney StapletonSet Style: Emma BaileyCostume Design: Gabriella SladeLighting Layout: Tim DeilingSound Style: Paul Gatehouse Tickets can be located here.

It is understandable why contrasts have actually been drawn between Six as well as Hamilton. Both relay historical events as well as numbers making use of obsolete musical designs as well as packed with amusing and also inventive rhymes. Chosen for 5 What gets on Stage Awards as well as 5 Olivier Honors in 2019, it’s definitely being spoken about. The tale of just how 6 happened is possibly much more remarkable, having been conceived as well as composed by Toby Marlow and also Lucy Moss during their last year at Cambridge University. Complying with effective trips at Edinburgh Edge, 6 transferred to Arts Theatre for a handful of efficiencies, before heading on a UK Tour and finally landing for a West End run that is currently booking up until January 2020.


In interviews, Marlow and Moss have made it clear that they wished to provide all of the better halves a life and existence outside of the classic rhyme “Separated, Beheaded, Died, Separated, Beheaded, Endured”. In this, 6 does well: it gives voice to each of the 6 queens with the facility of a competitors in between the six females to see who had to put up with the worst in their lives. From checking out the property, it seems considerably unfeminist– a factor which is definitely not shed in the context of the program, so put down your pitchforks. Not whatever has to be excellent, as well as the conflict does allow the audience to see the inner functions of each of these ladies and also see them in a three-dimensional light. Without a doubt, for the vast bulk of the target market, our only experience of these historic figures are via the lens of Henry’s life and what Henry did to them, and then what Henry did following. This program places the idea on its head, and almost makes the point that it’s Henry who is brought popularity by them (which is a very fair point and one which I hadn’t thought about. Do individuals speak about Henry VII as much? Not truly. Sure, he won the Wars of the Roses and also began the Tudor line, but obtains little consideration. As well as whenever any person states Henry VIII they right away attach him with his 6 Spouses. So why is it that Henry is the main character of that story as opposed to the ladies he made use of?).

Now, the Tudor period of background is most certainly my favourite. It’s so complex and also interesting and some really ruined things took place in this era, consisting of all the beheadings as well as adultery that seemed swarming in court society. It most likely assisted that my teacher at the time was really passionate about the topic and also it rubbed off on me; I such as to think (since I’ve indoctrinated an entire course right into checking out Harry Potter and discussing Anne Boleyn) that I have done the same point with my own class. It was consequently shocking to me that there was still so much that I found out about these females considering my history knowledge currently– and also if it had not been brand new info, it still led me to interpret this in a brand-new method.

Jarneia Richard-Noel as Catherine of Aragon

So everybody knows that Catherine of Aragon was the very first queen and that she refused to obtain separated from Henry due to the fact that she believed that she was truth queen. However have we stopped to consider the pain as well as temper that Catherine must have experienced, having been the faithful and also devoted wife to Henry for 23 years just to passed to the side for some young ambitious woman in waiting elevated in French Court? I certainly had not, and the ballsy R&B number “No Way” definitely offers voice to this analysis, as well as behind the lively and also mad appearance that Aragon provides here, she shows through the bridge a hoping for Henry to take her back still.

Millie O’Connell as Anne Boleyn

Chroniclers never appear particularly specific what to make of Anne Boleyn. A lot of assume that the accusations made versus Anne were incorrect and trumped up to remove her in favour of Jane Seymour, a completely a lot more loyal queenly number. Anne is recognized to have actually been opinionated as well as outspoken, and also lots of chroniclers credit report her as being playing a masterful game to attract Henry given that initial conference him by rejecting to becoming his girlfriend. The interpretation that Six provides us– and also is, no question, backed up by a riches of historic evidence I merely have not seen– is Anne’s dad pushing her in the direction of power through her interactions with the King. Her failure comes with her impetuous nature as well as wanting to hurt Henry for dishonesty on her with various other ladies and also consequently doing the very same back at him. The resultant action for that reason shows Anne to be out of her deepness and also scared, captured in a situation that she never ever meant to be in. All of this is communicated to us in the fascinating Brit-pop number “Do not Lose Ur Head”, funneling the best of Kate Nash feelings and also loaded with modern references, such as Henry texting Anne and an audacious “pret a manger” thrown in forever action.

Natalie Paris as Jane Seymour

Next we concern Jane Seymour. What right does she need to complain? Well, as the souring ballad “Heart of Stone”, plus a highly stirring talk demonstrate, Jane– though she is extensively considered as the only other half who Henry actually enjoyed, unfortunately lost her life after delivering.

Alexia McIntosh as Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves (or Anna as she is hired this musical) then brings your house down with EDM-filled “Get Down”, in which she reveals that really she didn’t have a bad time at all, and it was the very best for Henry to separation her as she got to live a life of high-end.

Aimie Atkinson as Katherine Howard

Katherine Howard obtains her narrative activated its head. Being referred to as the “other beheaded queen” is hardly the greatest title, but the tale of Howard is probably one of the much more unfortunate. While many chroniclers watch her to be easy and naive, and also indeed this is the belief that I had held for a long period of time, Howard was first molested when she was simply a teen and she continued to have in a similar way violent partnerships with guys for the duration of her life– and after that simply to cover it off she obtained beheaded. Ah, Tudor justice, you come through yet again. And also all of this is very deftly managed in the tune “All You Wan na Do”, which begins as a flirty and also seductive number, till Howard understands that all the men in her life are just after one thing, whereupon it begins being deeply distressing and unpleasant.

Maiya Quansah-Breed as Catherine Parr

Finally, we get Catherine Parr– one more queen that is perhaps not provided as much focus as the earlier queens (that birthed youngsters) in our Background GCSEs. Here, in “I Do Not Required Your Love”, Parr bids farewell to her enthusiasts in the past now that she has actually been selected by Henry. She regrets the need to get wed as a woman in Tudor England, as well as also regrets the requirement within the context of the music to just sing concerning her partnership with Henry, when she ‘d a lot rather focus upon her other accomplishments. It’s this discovery that brings all 6 of the ladies to unify and sing “6”, total with a new variation of history that they have produced within their own program, showing their unity and sisterhood.

It is as a result clear that 6 provides a voice to the previously unheard as well as overseen figures in history. In the existing political environment, it is little shock that more focus is being turned to essential women in history as well as why we know their tales in much less detail than the males who border them, and it has never ever been more apparent than in this program. As a guy, I seem like it would be unsuitable and somewhat contemptuous of me to really feel empowered by watching the show, however I did really feel a sense of pride and pleasure at seeing these underrepresented historic figures finally obtaining their time in the limelight within this program. I saw characters that I believed I recognized intimately entirely redefined as well as come to be incredibly understanding personalities within my mind. It offered a personhood to the background that I had been retelling for as long, as well as showing my long-held belief that guys in power have always been terrible.

Not just is the story and the different songs so compelling, this is suitably backed up by the sensational outfits, which combine Tudor fashion with a pop princess of such of Ariana and Beyoncé, along with a set that well passes as the background for a stadium scenic tour. The theater itself is suitably immersive, with pop tracks such as “Hazardous” as well as “Bad Romance” being played on the harpsichord while the target market take their seats.

To top it all off, the performances from the leading women were absolutely spectacular. When I saw it, I had the opportunity of seeing 2 of the covers: Poise Mouat as Aragon and Vicki Manser as Parr. I have actually truthfully never ever been so captivated among the ladies’s efficiencies. They brought so much life and spirit to these various personalities. I can see the deepness and also the pain from within that they each offered to their various parts. What’s even more, I am entirely consumed with the performances offered by the covers– these are females that have the ability to carry out actually any of the components within the show, and they did these components flawlessly when I saw it. To make it much more amazing, Mouat had currently done one performance that day, yet playing Howard simple hours prior to and then flawlessly inhabiting Aragon. I was absolutely mindblown; I simply can not get over just how phenomenally talented and underrated swings are.

Elegance Mouat, who can play essentially all of the queens. She is an actual queen.

To cover the entire thing off, the whole performance is entirely hilarious. The witty and also, sometimes, catty interactions in between the queens offers the whole show and also you obtain some remarkable historical puns (“Begin women, allow’s enter improvement”, for instance). Various other entertaining moments include, “Everybody chill, it’s totes God’s will certainly”, when Anne is unchurched and marries Henry. Every one of these remarkable additions bring these six women right into an accessible place for a contemporary target market and through the medium of songs that we are all happy dance around to, know that the struggles experienced by historic numbers are still highly relevant as well as relatable even in modern times– which is a little scary if you think too much about it. Though it does not cover the entire background involved (such as the truth that Anne Boleyn was practically performed just to get her off the beaten track, plus the reality that the Thomas Seymour that Catherine Parr sings a love song to is both Jane Seymour’s brother, along with commonly believed to have actually sexually attacked Elizabeth I while she was under the care of Parr as well as her future husband– not specifically time for those things), it provides you just enough to intend to disappear and Wikipedia the history of these ladies independently. It’s tiny marvel that 6 is reserving up till January 2020, and brings an entire new meaning to me shouting “Yaaaas queen” at a stage.


  • I have listed all three of the swings in the main starring listing because honestly, they may have the hardest work. The choreography is so glossy as well as enthusiastic, it needs to be tough to place that face on when you need to be emotionally asking yourself which component you are standing in for that day, particularly when the award nominations most likely to others in the actors. Brava, girls. Honestly inspiring. I have new performance idolizers.
  • One thing that I’ve discovered from my aggressive Twitter as well as Instagram stalking of every one of the starlets involved is that each of the leading women, including the swings, have their own special costume. I assume it’s really adorable. They all have a various colour too, which is beautiful.
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