Review | ‘Charmed’ Season 1 Episode 19: Source Material

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In spite of an ensured previous episode, Source Product relocates plotpoints around like chess pieces; setting the scene for the last episodes ahead.

Season 1, Episode 19: Source MaterialDirected by: Stuart GillardWritten by: Natalia Fernandez & & Allyssa LeeStarring: Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, Ser’Darius Blain, Ellen Tamaki, Rupert Evans & & Nick Hargrove


While the previous episode we appreciated was fairly well paced as well as organized, I located myself battling this week to get involved in it. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it focused excessive upon this period’s large bad guys: Fiona and Alistair. I have a thing versus poorly created bad guys who stick around longer than they need to. Out of the two, I ‘d have to state I favor Fiona: a minimum of you can comprehend her motives, but Alastair is given far excessive display time for someone that has extremely little inspiration behind his bad actions.

This episode is plainly setting us up for some large conflict still to find. One of the most essential takeaways I have listed here, varying from the very least essential to crucial.

1. Tessa is dead

I suggest, that appears a little callous, but there’s no two ways regarding it truly. Tessa is dead. Which is complicated, because I was rather certain that you needed to be dead to be a whitelighter to begin with. After tracking her to Fiona’s hiding area, Mel after that indirectly obtained Tessa killed, as a lightning screw aimed at Mel rather struck Tessa, causing her to die. The siblings briefly grieved, but apart from that did not stay way too much (which is slightly unsympathetic considering it was their strategy to manipulate Tessa to begin with). However, it does provide Harry entrust to be their whitelighter again, I expect.

2. Niko is included as well as passionate

Regardless of her earlier reticence to involve Niko in her enchanting life, Niko helps Mel in tracking Tessa to discover the location of Fiona in order to save Harry. Mel is determined that Niko shouldn’t be included any longer with the wonderful side of things, as well as gifts Niko a ring that should safeguard her from any kind of delights. Niko is wonderful passionate when Mel ices up The Haunt with the exception of her, showing that maybe sincerity would certainly have been best in the early stages of this season as opposed to getting rid of Niko’s memory. Niko has actually also been influenced by this delight, expressing what she feels was a psychological breakdown 2 years back.

3. Harry is back

The sis achieved success in their mission to obtain Harry from Fiona’s atrocious clutches. Having actually been lacking from the previous episode, it turns out that Harry was required to make sure that Fiona might determine the whereabouts of the Beginning Dagger, which she intends to use for a rotten purpose. Fiona is keeping Harry around for exposition I mean, with an enchanting collar that makes him do her bidding process, in addition to preventing his retreat. The good news is, the sis break the delight as well as he is back in their employ, though this time around separate from the Elders, while still preserving his powers which is fairly the new dynamic.

4. Charity is working for Alastor

Alastor’s intents for Charity are made clear in this episode, as she is sent out to Tartarus in order to release Alastor’s other kid, shape-shifter Hunter. Regardless of being forced to do Alastor’s bidding, Charity is additionally trying to reach out to her stubborn sis …

5. Macy’s demon side starts to grow

Having damaged up with Galvin, Macy is still determined that she keep her satanic force side and utilize it to her benefit. Certainly, she uses it to disclose Fiona’s carnage of the Sarcana, along with what occurred to her manager Julia. Regrettably, it shows signs of obtaining the most effective of her, when– upon discovering that Galvin is taking a task with Doctors Without Boundaries, her devil powers take control of as well as shatter a flask.

6. Fiona’s evil strategy becomes clear

Jeez, Tartarus can really mess up a person can’t it? I suggest, going around and killing individuals is going a little much, but she is absolutely even more of a considerate and also engaging bad guy than Alastor is, that is just non-stop evil for the sake of being evil. In this episode, we discover that Fiona desired Harry to disclose to her the place of the Origin Dagger to ensure that she might regulate the Heart Fire to clear the globe of magic. While the Charmed Ones prove solid sufficient to damage Harry from her control, they are still not strong enough to defeat Fiona, nonetheless, and also she gets away from them. She doesn’t have the Origin Dagger, nonetheless, which leads us to …

7. Parker is the Resource

Parker spends this episode being ruthlessly controlled by his dad as well as older brother, along with losing his mother. It’s going terrific for him. Parker has been absent from our displays to attempt to free himself of his demon side using his mommy’s remedy and also it is time for his last dosage. However, something goes wrong and also Parker has a poor reaction to the final dosage, creating him to freak out as well as his mother to fly across the space. Turns out that this is all a sham and also Parker was truly injected with demon blood, as his brother Hunter has camouflaged himself as Julia. Hunter then kills Julia and Parker is encouraged that he is accountable for his mother passing away. Understandably devastated, he talks to Maggie about it, that reacts with horror as well as disgust at Parker’s actions. Bit does Parker know that this is also Hunter in disguise, driving Parker right into his papa’s arms, as he believes that there is no compensatory himself. Alastor has succeeded in acquiring the Beginning Blade before Fiona, and also stabs Parker with it to make him the Source.


So we end the episode with: Fiona trying to remove magic (though without the Origin Blade); Parker is currently the Resource (having been stabbed by the Beginning Blade); the Apocalypse is apparently nigh, according to the prophecy and also Macy is becoming increasingly unable to control her Dark Side. Every little thing is slotting into location for an almighty showdown in the following couple of episodes, as the Charmed Ones battle to conserve the planet from damage by the Resource of all Evil (ideally without killing Parker, nonetheless).


So I didn’t mention it in this evaluation, since is it that important?, but Galvin is taking his Physicians Without Boundaries gig, as well as to an extent I sort of think Excellent Riddance. If he is not ready or happy to accept the complete Macy, then he does not deserve her. It is as straightforward as that.

An additional discovery in this episode is that all magic stems from the very same Source: be it the magic that witches make use of, or that satanic forces make use of.

Something that has actually constantly puzzled me is Niko’s memory loss. I believed that it had simply revised Niko’s memories of her relationship with Mel, but upon representation I believe that the real timeline has been changed– in which case, exactly how in the world did Mel manage to cast that powerful a spell to rewrite time? That’s insane powerful, and likewise dangerous. Why do not they utilize that spell at all times? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what takes place when Niko certainly learns about the spell, as there is plainly still chemistry between the two of them.

I actually seem like Fiona isn’t as wicked as she is being depicted to be. I indicate, alright, sure, no that’s not real. She’s terrible. She’s a serial awesome and that’s not fine. However her strategy is understandable. She intends to remove magic after she was locked up for violating the Elders. If every one of magic originates from the exact same resource, however, undoubtedly the fight forever will certainly be resolved by totally getting rid of both witches and satanic forces. I personally feel like this bad strategy is being made to appear even more bad than it in fact is. It’s a solid strategy.

What’s mosting likely to take place when the Elders become aware that Harry is still the Charmed Ones’ whitelighter? That can just go terribly, actually. Also, that passed away and made them accountable of magic? Like seriously, why are they accountable, it’s so complicated.

Alastor is the most awful. Like literally, his villain arc is so uninteresting, specifically when he’s bordering by even more compelling characters like Charity and also Fiona. Conform, please. Ya standard.

What does Alastor wish to obtain from the Armageddon taking place? Where does he assume he’s going to live? I never ever comprehend bad guys such as this. No matter, I really hope the siblings succeed in conserving Parker. It would certainly be disappointing if his character arc finished unfortunately.

The trailer for next week shows Macy’s demon side releasing itself with dire consequences, though I can’t assist but feel it’s a little bit of a random time for these subplots to be surfacing? Specifically with the Apocalypse heading.

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