Review | ‘The Bold Type’ Season 3 Episode 4: The Deep End

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The Strong Kind|Season 3

The women of The Vibrant Type jump right into the unknown, each of them taking on new and amazing profession paths.

Period 3, Episode 4: The Deep EndDirected by: Jamie TravisWritten by: Becky Hartman EdwardsStarring: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, Sam Page, Matt Ward, Melora Hardin & & Stephen Conrad Moore


This instalment of The Bold Type focusses upon Scarlet’s events of Jacqueline’s ten-year wedding anniversary of being editor-in-chief. At the same time, Jane thinks that she has a lead on what might be a substantial tale, Sutton discovers that being a developer isn’t perhaps as easy as she thought, and also Kat is confronted by the ghosts in her wardrobe as she ponders competing councilwoman. Becoming increasingly existing throughout these episodes is the expanding stress in between electronic and also publication that Jacqueline discovers herself captured in the crossfire of, demonstrating that also badass businesswomen can really feel beat and depressed sometimes.

  1. Sutton
  2. Kat
  3. Jane


Sutton is figured out to go to a developer seminar, yet she requires Oliver’s recommendation to do so. While Richard points out that she can possibly get Oliver to create her one despite the job that she has actually created, Sutton wishes to obtain onto the workshop on her own merit. Sadly, Oliver isn’t particularly taken by her design and declares there is way too much taking place. Sutton is truly fond of her layout, but reveals it to another designer– the one that tossed shade at her recently– who tells her “don’t quit your day task”. Poor little Sutton can actually feel the sting of this evaluation, as well as you can see it on her inadequate, crushed face as well as nearly considers not getting the workshop at all. While the world and their mother motivate her to do far better, it takes Oliver’s support for her to pick herself back up and also continue, with his affirmation of his confidence in her ought to she stand firm.

Oliver is additionally having his own troubles, as he is still bed linen in with parenting Carly. He confesses that they have been viewing television well right into the night, in addition to enabling her not to head to college as she doesn’t seem like it. Sutton– who, as we know, comes from quite the unstable household– advises him of the need to give Carly with security and also uniformity, rather than trying to be her buddy. Sutton shows to Oliver that Carly’s well-being is more vital than whether or not he likes her, which is some sage recommendations, and also probably one of the most heartfelt components of the episode.


Kat is intending on competing councilwoman, yet component of the procedure that she should go through is preliminary opposition research to see what the resistance would have the ability to dig up concerning Kat in the political election race. The details that returns to her does not stun her: punching a cop, as an example, along with smoking weed. What does catch Kat unawares is the fact that needs to the resistance dig, they will certainly find her abortion. Which is certainly information to us, as well as Jane as well as Sutton. Kat opens concerning how she was as well young which the daddy knew as well as they split the expense of the discontinuation between the two of them. It appears for a bit as if this revelation will be enough to dissuade Kat from running, until she hears Jacqueline’s mixing speech as well as knows that she is the excellent candidate; making use of those truths concerning her to give voice to others, particularly as she has really felt awkward until now discussing her abortion. With Tia at her side, Kat welcomes her first supporter and also her race for councilwoman appears to be looking up.


Jane most likely gets the major meat of this episode, as she comes across what could be a very large story. When participating in some fluff piece that Patrick has actually sent her on, Jane hears rumours that the famous digital photographer Pamela Dolin is both psychologically and also literally violent to her versions, causing one person to even move away in the consequences. Jane, never one to surrender on a good tale, starts to seek it even when Oliver tries to dissuade her as Pamela has the power to entirely wipe out Jane’s profession. Jane goes to Jacqueline to ask her for aid on the work, but Jacqueline says that she is incapable to do the digging with Jane, which frets her substantially.

Jacqueline’s trip in this episode is her boosting unease with the power have problem with Patrick, even when a considerable higher-up sees Jacqueline and allows slip that he is meeting Patrick later on which he is considering downsizing the dual issue that the magazine has typically put out every year. This plainly has Jacqueline roared, recalling other times within the history of the company when new blood has been generated to change older members of the personnel. Oliver assures her this is nonsense, yet you can see that the battle has just about left Jacqueline. It takes mentee Jane to advise Jacqueline, in a mixing speech, to keep why she obtained involved in the starting point. This leads to Jacqueline’s speech at her ten-year wedding anniversary event in which she announces that she is not going to pull back from a battle just because the landscape is changing.


I miss Pinstripe. Words I never ever believed that I would claim, and yet below we are.

It’s odd how Kat says “I don’t normally clothe like this” to the lady coming into her campaign headquarters, considering practically every episode thinks about some sort of ludicrously expensive wear.

It behaves to see Richard and Sutton continue to be in such a settled and communicative relationship– despite the fact that they most likely should not make love at the workplace. And definitely shouldn’t make love before a maid.

The sceptical side of me asks yourself just how much Jane is inspired by saving Jacqueline’s job and also what is best for Jacqueline or whether it’s due to the fact that Jane wants and needs her there rather.

Tia has a lot belief in Kat, it’s charming.

Tune in next week to find what happens as Jane dives deeper into investigatory journalism, Sutton continues to strive for her developer dreams as well as Kat comes to be involved within politics, while Jacqueline and also Patrick remain to battle over the most effective interests of their particular departments.

The Bold Type|Season 3

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