Review | ‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Episode 1: Everything’s Okay [Spoiler-Free]

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Lucifer|Period 4

In spite of changes in network, Lucifer demonstrates its spirit remains the very same.

Season 4, Episode 1 “Everything’s Okay”

Starring Tom Ellis, Lauren Graham, Kevin Alejandro, D. B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Scarlett Estevez, Rachael Harris, Aimee Garcia as well as Graham McTavish


It’s paradoxical that for a television programme totally based around the adventures of the literal devil in cahoots with LAPD, there can be such a fairy tale bordering its manufacturing of late. Lucifer was terminated by its initial broadcaster Fox in May 2018, specifying that it had actually underperformed in their scores estimations, though was unbelievely gotten by Netflix simply a month later on for a ten-episode fourth period. But just how will the program be changed by the transfer to Netflix? Will it come to be a lot more serialised? A lot more abrasive and also dark? Extra hot and shocking? Will the writing change? Will the imaginative instructions modification? Is the reduced episode count a great indication or a negative indication? A lot of questions coming from the revival, particularly thinking about the manufacturing of the least variety of episodes for a period (Period 1 had 13, Period 2 had 18 and also a tremendous 26 for Period 3).

In this light, the return title, therefore, is fascinating and pythonic. “Everything’s Okay” it announces.

It is true to its word. Despite the change in broadcaster as well as episode matter, and most likely what the programme can escape far from the restraints of network tv, Lucifer stays extremely regular. There was the fear that, with Chloe (Lauren Graham) lastly finding Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) real identification, there would certainly be an adjustment in the dynamic that develops the heart of the program, however with Chloe’s go back to LA, she and Lucifer fall back right into their old habits with a disconcerting simplicity. In addition, despite the messy plot points that surrounded both Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) and also Puzzle (Lesley-Ann Brandt) in the direction of the end of the monstrous 3rd season have been subtly reset to absolutely no. The entire program has sustained rather of a soft-reset back to starting room, taking pleasure in the procedural element of fixing a secret of the week.

The best episode places Lucifer and also Chloe’s relationship front as well as centre, focussing upon Lucifer’s fear as well as anxiousness over Chloe’s reaction to his news. His anxiety and also requirement is apparent, and it’s nice to see him in such a vulnerable setting throughout the instalment. This is additionally resembled within the harsh Labyrinth, from whom we see a psychological deepness in plain contrast to her assassin persona. Ella (Aimee Garcia) remains to be a shining light within the program, demonstrating that a female character does not need to be bold, astringent or intriguing to be intriguing as well as compelling.

While most of the episode feels like a return to Lucifer of old (though we do see a bit more of Lucifer than we have actually done previously– thank you, Netflix), the final scene introduces a substantial mystery surrounding Chloe. It is difficult to see without watching the rest of the season, yet the minimized episode matter as well as raised communication that includes writing and shooting a collection in its whole before broadcast is highly most likely to have a substantial influence upon the cohesiveness of this story arc being become aware.

“Whatever’s Okay” is an encouraging beginning to the 4th season of Lucifer, reintroducing us to the personalities we like, as well as establishing some intriguing tension to follow.

The 4th season of Lucifer is streaming on Netflix currently.

Television Testimonials

Lucifer|Period 4

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