Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: and it’s not hard to see why

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He’s a superstar, and he desires you to know it: Everybody’s Speaking about Jamie is simply incredible.

Everyone’s Discussing Jamie


Having actually opened at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield in February 2017 before moving to West End in November, Everyone’s Discussing Jamie is motivated by the BBC documentary Jamie: Drag Queen at 16. It tells the tale of Jamie New, a 16-year-old school child who imagines becoming a drag queen. While he has a great support system in the form of his buddy Pritti, his mommy Margaret and also her buddy Ray, he also deals with resistance in the form of schoolteacher Miss Bush, bully Dean and his own daddy.

So what makes this show so extraordinary? I indicate, first of all, the truth that it exists is pretty cutting edge. It includes a protagonist who wants to be a drag queen, as well as this essentially drives the story. Another excellent feature of Jamie is the truth that he’s gay, however that this isn’t the emphasis of his story throughout the musical. Moreover, it’s a main character who comes from a council estate, from a bad history and also is, currently, a POC. The reality that a mainstream West End production has this kind of representation is all type of remarkable, for beginners.

Secondly, the efficiencies by the whole cast are extraordinary. The cast is headed by Layton Williams, that plays Jamie with a fierce, sassy bravado that is juxtaposed by quiet susceptability in various other moments. While he struts around the classroom in opening up number You Don’t Even Know It, he hesitates and also ponders in The Wall surface in my Head. It’s brave of a manufacturing to have a primary personality who isn’t perfect, and also we see Jamie make the sort of impetuous decisions that we could have made at that age too. There’s a particular moment in Act 2 where Jamie epically misplaces his rage in the direction of his mother, which collectively makes the target market question what he’s thinking. Not just does he act, however he executes the heck out of all of his numbers, showing off about and also owning the phase in ridiculously high heels. He is loud, brash as well as full-scale extraordinary.


Delivering a just as, if not more-so show-stopping efficiency is Rebecca McKinnis as Jamie’s mother Margaret New. She sings not simply one yet 2 heartbreaking solos, among which concentrates upon her wishfulness for a turnaround of her own ton of money, while the various other has to do with the sacrifices one makes in the solution of devoted motherhood. Her vocals are both rising and also affecting, and her efficiency is tearjerking as we see the altruism of her activities towards her kid.

Sabrina Sandhu represents Jamie’s best friend Pritti, whose solo in Act 2 is certainly a standout minute of the entire show. The nuanced simplicity with which she plays the role makes her an engaging personality and the journey she makes throughout the musical is delightful.

Now we pertain to the celeb castings: Faye Tozer of Steps popularity is fascinating as the acerbic Miss Bush, supplying brilliant vocals as well as a guaranteed efficiency. She assimilates seamlessly with the rest of the cast. On the various other hand, Bianca del Rio is somewhat of an interruption. Entailing a small rewrite right into being an American, she depicts retired drag queen Hugo, whose alter-ego is Loco Chanelle. From the first track, it appears that this is not a spellbinding calibre of performer. Nevertheless, she was definitely a hit with the target market, being met with a round of praise whenever she walked on stage (despite whether it is suitable). Regardless, I can not assist yet question that without the shine of celeb standing, would any person in their ideal mind hire her to play this function? If the lure of celebrity castings assists maintain the program running, nonetheless, I mean that is the rate that has to be paid.

The set is delightful and scene adjustments imaginative, though I did see that a few of the established pieces, particularly the desk, are quite noisy and also can be distracting during some of the performances. Moreover, the appeal of a dancing number throughout If I Met Myself Again is somewhat decreased by the evident clumping of feet as they satisfy the flooring, which you would certainly have assumed would have been thought about at this phase.

The music, created by The Really feeling frontrunner Dan Gillespie Sells incorporates uplifting, toe-tapping and also high power numbers with grief-stricken as well as reflective ballads that are sure to have you humming all the way residence. At the same time, the book and lyrics supplied by Tom MacRae is brimming of humour and heartwarming moments.

One component of note is that some characters that are slightly more eliminated from Jamie can encounter as two-dimensional, specifically the characters of Miss Hedge as well as Jamie’s father. While to me, I agree with the choice to make Jamie’s dad rather two-dimensional due to his missing function from Jamie’s life, I never really seemed like I recognized Miss Hedge’s inspiration by the end of the program, and also my confusion regarding why a professions educator is the one in charge of arranging an institution Prom, and also why she appears so identified to defeat Jamie down from pursuing his dreams.

Basically, the wonderful and appealing performances, combined with the established and original choreography and rating make Everybody’s Discussing Jamie a definitely superb night of amusement. If you have not currently, you require to see this.

You can find tickets for Everybody’s Discussing Jamie below. Faye Tozer is playing Miss Bush until 3 August. Bianca del Rio is playing Loco Chanelle till 29 June.


I discover the character of Jamie’s mother extremely engaging. She is so helpful and caring of Jamie, as well as her songs are crazy.

Pritti’s tune is wonderful. It behaves just how a musical which does not consist of a romantic subplot still finds time to explore platonic and also parental love is such a genuine and also moving method.

At the efficiency I saw, Ray was played magnificently by Melissa Jacques who understudies the roles of Margaret, Miss Bush and Ray. Understudies/swings will certainly never cease to amaze me. Just how they keep in mind a lot and can step onto the stage to do multiple roles is crazy, as well as they obtain so much less credit history for doing so much more! Injustice !!!

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