Here are a few of my favourite things: 100 Blog Posts

Here are a few of my favourite things: 100 Blog Posts photo 0 film

I can not think that I am creating my hundredth post on this website. Not the very least because I have actually been unable to continually stick to a regular for anything. Having claimed that, I did manage to stay up to date with Music Theater Mondays for some time, but how am I indicated to blog concerning music theater if I have not seen any type of excellent music theater to share? Anyhow, I digress. According to common. It is insane to think of how much I have can be found in blogging given that January. It has actually been a crazy 8 months, and also I feel like I have generated so many thoughts and also viewpoints about the content that I’m seeing. whether that is a regular recap/musing regarding some programs, or routine film and also musical theatre evaluations. I feel like over the course of that time, I have actually concerned sharpen those skills as well as I have actually been really feeling significantly a lot more positive with my testimonial creating since then.

There’s still a long method to go. I would love to be able to share more of my own innovative work on right here, not the very least to aid myself practise my innovative writing. It has actually been far too long, and it’s something that I’m extremely passionate about.

Here are a few of my favourite things: 100 Blog Posts photo 1

Having said that, I was hugely stuck on what to create for my 100th post. I knew that I had to acknowledge it in some way, and commemorate the journey that I have actually come on. The blog site is still so recent that I didn’t feel like I needed to reflect on my preferred messages until now, as it’s just been a few months considering that I wrote most of them in the first place. Additionally, I currently recapped my summertime of television programs only a few weeks ago so I wasn’t going to share all of my likes in TV. The number of open web browsers on my computer system is salacious, all variations on “100 checklists” and “100 post”. Ultimately, none of them truly sang to me, up until I found: 100 Favourite Points.


So here we go, my 100 favourite points. Anticipate music theater, publications, movie as well as arbitrary non-sequiturs.

Here are a few of my favourite things: 100 Blog Posts photo 2
  1. Curling up on the sofa.
  2. That initial sip of Pepsi Max on a blisteringly warm day.
  3. Listening to songs on your earphones past midnight, where it seems like you’re the only one active.
  4. Wearing clothing fresh out of the tumble dryer.
  5. The type of joke that you can not say properly since you are as well busy laughing.
  6. Companionable silence.
  7. Long drives.
  8. Hugs.
  9. Vocal singing for as long you neglect what speaking seem like.
  10. That moment in music theater where your hair stands on end.
  11. Pleased rips.
  12. Interest.
  13. Canines.
  14. Anything Anna Kendrick does. I mean anything.
  15. The Famous 5.
  16. The Worst Witch.
  17. X-Men.
  18. Medical professional That.
  19. Charmed.
  20. The miss in your action after a fresh hairstyle.
  21. Discovering a set of jeans that fits perfectly.
  22. Disney World.
  23. Epcot.
  24. The one place of air conditioning at Hollywood Studios.
  25. The audio that virgin snow makes when you very first step on it.
  26. The feel of fall leaves underfoot.
  27. The wonderful alleviation of a cold breeze on a hot Summer’s day.
  28. Those stunning summertime evenings which bring your cares away in the late sunshine.
  29. Heathers: The Music
  30. Natural leather bound editions of publications.
  31. Stationery.
  32. New York City City.
  33. Haim’s Something to Tell You.
  34. My Disneyland sweatshirt.
  35. Greek folklore.
  36. The scene in Physician Who where the TARDIS and also the Doctor say goodbye/hello.
  37. Spending time with my family members.
  38. Xmas music.
  39. Cornwall.
  40. Clear nights.
  41. Toasted marshmallows.
  42. Getting a text from a person you haven’t learnt through in a while.
  43. Blackadder.
  44. Checking out in silence.
  45. Tidy sheets evening.
  46. The scent of the road after rain.
  47. My guy.
  48. Birds singing outside the window.
  49. Staying up all evening talking.
  50. Dancing like no one is viewing.
  51. Dreaming.
  52. Harry Potter.
  53. Finland.
  54. 6!
  55. The feeling of achievement when you nail the vocal run you have actually been practicing.
  56. Winnie the Pooh.
  57. Charm as well as the Monster.
  58. The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  59. Torchwood.
  60. Little Mix.
  61. Taylor Swift.
  62. Ariana Grande.
  63. Beyoncé.
  64. Sara Bareilles.
  65. Broadway.
  66. Central Park.
  67. That first summer after Pokémon Go appeared, as well as instantly everybody was outdoors strolling.
  68. Pokémon.
  69. Telephone call with my bro.
  70. Hearing my mum inform me she’s proud of me.
  71. Cherry bloom.
  72. Sing-along musicals.
  73. Cluedo.
  74. Final Dream VIII.
  75. Bernard.
  76. Sliced up apple with sugar.
  77. Doing accents.
  78. Making individuals laugh.
  79. The psychological whiplash after ending up a good publication.
  80. Organisation.
  81. Typography.
  82. Colonial Revival Architecture.
  83. Binge-watching a TV show.
  84. Italian Gothic Design.
  85. Period dramas.
  86. Having a nickname.
  87. In jokes.
  88. Sundowns.
  89. Back to the Future.
  90. Star Wars.
  91. Worthless.
  92. Hamilton.
  93. Waitress.
  94. My work.
  95. Youngsters.
  96. Disney princesses.
  97. The early periods of Glee.
  98. Weaved sweatshirts.
  99. Real smiles.
  100. Myself.

So there we have it. I wish that I take care of to locate even more time in the future to be blogging about myself. I wish to be discussing my much-loved parts of my vacation to Disney Globe quickly enough, as well as the places I hope to take a trip to in the future.

Over the following few weeks, it’s my plan to be posting once a week. I am undecided what day of the week I mean to be uploading (omitting my recap messages). Pretty soon we ought to have:

  • American Horror Story wrap-ups.
  • The Excellent Place recaps.
  • Charmed wrap-ups.
  • A regular testimonial (Film/Musical Theatre/TV)
  • Intermittent personal posts.
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