The Good Place recap: Suspicious Minds

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A go to from the Bad Location sows the seeds of suspect in Eleanor’s mind.

The Good Area
Period 4

Phase 43: Tinker, Dressmaker, Demon, Spy

Starring Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, D’Arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto and Ted Danson

8.5/ 10

We do not need to wait long for solutions over who it was travelling in the direction of the Good Place. After a dreadful game of magic pictionary, Glenn from the Bad Area shows up at the train station, with news: Michael is not Michael, however instead Vicky disguised as Michael. Or so he asserts.

Initially, Eleanor believes Michael over Glenn, believing that this subterfuge is related to the troubles that they have been having with the experiment. She decides to play in addition to the ruse in an attempt to reveal the true video game that the Bad Place is playing. Glenn’s proof isn’t very conclusive, as his pictures of Vicky in a Michael suit can simply be Michael to begin with. Glenn declares that he was responsible for making the Michael fit, though he has no concept what it is to be made use of for, besides for proding Michael at the end of last period.


Michael reveals that he was called by the Bad Place, but existed around, entirely smashing Eleanor’s count on him over his lies. Eleanor begins to believe that Michael’s strange behaviour may be behind their absence of success, such as his wish to have a slumber party as opposed to working after the tragic pictionary incident. When questioning Michael, he exposes that his failure was real which he existed to Eleanor regarding acting. With his internet of lies remaining to unfold, the dwindling residues of Eleanor’s belief dissipate.

Glenn exposes that the switch with Michael have to have been when Chris– the devil that posed as Linda– was returned on the train to the Bad Place, as he after that saw Shawn and also Chris celebrating a sabotage when they returned. Eleanor believes that Michael’s rejecting of the weirdness of Linda damaging so swiftly is indicative that he is Vicky, so they insist that Michael eliminate his suit, as either he will be Vicky below or whatever devil Michael in fact is.

Michael, however, refuses to take his very own fit off, saying that the remainder will certainly never ever consider him similarly once more. Evidently, he’s a 6 thousand foot high fire squid with arms, teeth, fire, a lengthy neck, scent and also a great deal of juice (a lot juice).

Janet has improved a lie detector for devils. When they use it on Glenn, he blows up around Mindy’s living room. Michael discloses that Glenn isn’t actually dead, however will instead reform over the coming months and also go back via the whole cycle of demon development, which obviously goes like this: “larva, slug monster, creepy little lady, teen boy, huge sphere of tongues, social media sites CEO, and after that ultimately, demon”. Eleanor does not believe that Glenn’s demise is a solution, as she is still faced with not trusting Michael.

While out on a walk, she runs into Chidi, that is going crazy over the pictionary incident in which he unintentionally produced a deformed steed because of his image. Eleanor utilizes her knowledge of Chidi to obtain him to consume and also make him feel better. When she returns, she indicates that she requires to call the court to reset the experiment, with various humans and also Chidi back on their side, as she is unable to trust fund Michael and that will certainly wreck the whole experiment.

Michael states that he is mosting likely to blow himself up, to get himself out of the picture, as having Chidi as the subject is the most effective means of being successful. Before he has the ability to, nevertheless, Jason disrupts. He puts Mindy and also Derek’s magic sex cuffs on Janet, exposing that she is really Bad Janet. Jason recognized because when he called her “woman”, Janet did not react with “not a girl”. He knew when Michael said there was nothing he could say to persuade Eleanor that he was truly Michael, which reminded Jason that there is something Janet could say to encourage him that she was really herself, and she didn’t claim it. Evidently, Bad Janet marbleised the genuine Janet when Chris was being returned to the Bad Area.

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Tahani mention that this describes the spate of misfortune they have actually had, such as her recommendations with John, as well as damaging up with Jason and also normally running out character (as kept in mind by me for a number of episodes, you rate). According to Bad Janet, Janet is in the Bad Location being tortured.

Jason and Michael head off in the red Location to rescue Janet, while Tahani and Eleanor stay behind to continue the experiment.

Mark’s Maundering Musings

Well, we called it! Janet had not been really Janet during! This is great information, and also makes total sense, considering the large quantity of snark that she has actually been working up these past few weeks. Likewise, the concept of Janet being bewildered by running an entire village appears odd, thinking about that’s what she was performing in the original Great Location in Season 1.

Jason being pivotal in this realisation is additionally charming. The fact that he noticed something so simple in Janet’s manner that may not otherwise have been gotten is stunning, and his extremely earnest as well as honest “not a woman” at the end is so pleasant.

Michael was in a similar way prone in this episode, once more showing just how much his pals indicate to them, not desiring them to see him in different ways.

I am regards really hoping that they get Janet back quickly. I’m with Tahani: I can not birth the thought of her being tortured in the Bad Location.

Brent is additionally still the worst, taking care of to be racist as well as sexist in the room of the whole minute he remains in the episode. He is likewise apparently continuously bugging Janet, asking to discuss her job, though he has quit claiming “Daddy likey”. So there’s that.

Line delivery of the week

I know how you really feel, dog. I was yelled at my entire life. People were always like, “You really did not spend for that.” as well as “Exactly how do you beg?” “He’s flatlining. Clear!”


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Michael: Argh! I’m very upset concerning this advancement!

Eleanor: I’m major, male. This is taking place.

Michael: Oh. I’m mad regarding this advancement.

Eleanor: What goes ideal with pig urine?

Jason: Coconut rum.

Jason: I understand what to do. It resembles what that man who exploded claimed … Shawn’s a bully. And also occasionally the only thing a bully understands is a type the mouth. I’m gon na drop there, I’m gon na punch him in the mouth as well as I’m gon na get Janet back.

Eleanor: Seems like somebody has a strategy.

Jason: Dope. Uh, where is he? What’s the plan?

Michael: Let’s go obtain our girl.

Jason: Not a lady.

Tahani’s Name-Drop of the Week

Well, he could be our close friend. Or he could be a lying charlatan that just appears like our close friend. The classic Mary Kate Olsen.

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