AHS 1984 Episode 6: You Can’t Just Kill Everyone

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Rating: 7 out of 10.

American Horror Story reaches its hundredth episode, as Brooke encounters yet one more threat to her life.



American Scary Tale 1984

Episode 100

Starring Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Cody Brush, Matthew Morrison, Gus Kenworthy, John Carroll Lynch, Angelica Ross and Zach Rental Property


With its hundredth episode, American Horror Tale 1984 ultimately runs away the confines of Camp Redwood to establish the scene for the remainder of the period. Leaping forward to 1985 at first, we see the results of Richard Ramirez (Zach Suite) and Jingles’ (John Carroll Lynch) flight into the sunset. As it takes place, Jingles has ended up being sick of the on-the-road murder spree way of life and also chooses to turn Ramirez in, leading to Ramirez being selected by Mexican citizens that have recognized him from the paper. It is nearly astonishing, had it not been the real worry of The Evening Stalker in August 1985. And also all prior to the opening credit scores as well!

Complying with the opening, we jump further forwards in time to 1989. A great deal has actually altered in the life of the core actors. Montana (Billie Lourd) as well as Xavier (Cody Brush) are busy murdering every person that dares tread on Camp Redwood, much to Ray’s (DeRon Horton) chagrin. It seems rather an abrupt change of pace for Xavier, that battled on the side of good till his last, yet the discovery that being virtuous has no bearing upon end result has actually seemingly drunk his ethical structure. At The Same Time, Trevor (Matthew Morrison) incredibly survived his brush with death and also, instead of disclosing Margaret’s (Leslie Grossman) murderous spree, chosen to blackmail her rather. This has actually caused an exceptionally dissatisfied marriage as partners do not have to indicate versus each other, yet hey they are both abundant, so you gain what you plant.

Margaret is earning her riches through the repurposing of popular homicidal websites as tourist destinations. Her most current organization venture, of course, entails Camp Redwood where she intends to organize a songs event over Halloween. In addition to irritating the resident ghost coterie at Camp Redwood, the news additionally gets to Jingles, that is currently securely worked out into a brand-new life in Alaska, total with a better half and a child, naively trying to leave his take care of Satan made to save his life.

Likewise worrisome on the news is the destiny of Brooke, that is set by her time in prison. She proudly announces to Ramirez that she “gutted that bitch [Montana] from the inside out, and currently she remains in heck, licking Satan’s spheres!”, and frankly rejects Ramirez’s mythological forecast using her protection in Satan’s name by informing him to “fuck off”. Life behind bars for a crime she has actually not committed has actually developed a steely resolve within her, and she mosts likely to the website of her lethal shot, informing Margaret on the other side of the glass that she will certainly burn for intending to see her die. Trevor, regardless of understanding of Brooke’s innocence, in a similar way not does anything to aid her, but instead sees mutely and also dispassionately.

Nonetheless, permanent ends appear to have a tough time sticking this season. Ramirez, trapped in his very own prison cell, uses a Satanic routine to possess a warder and get away the jail. In Alaska, Jingles comes home to discover his partner brutally killed and also his boy in a closet with an invite to Camp Redwood’s songs celebration in addition to him. Jingles avoids to challenge Ramirez at Camp Redwood. Meanwhile, having actually been efficiently injected and also pronounced dead, Brooke is rolled into another area and infused once again. This time, she splutters back to life and also stays up to see the nurse uncover herself as Donna (Angelica Ross). And that recommends today, individuals.

A songs celebration at Camp Redwood, with murderous ghosts, three serial awesomes, plus Brooke, Donna and also Trevor in the mix. What could potentially fail?


If Montana, Xavier, Ray as well as Chet are all ghosts, why aren’t all of the various other sufferers of the initial Camp Redwood bloodbath?

What has Donna been up to for 5 years?

Why on earth does Trevor have such damaged reasoning?

Mark’s Maundering Musings

So having actually evaluated Trevor as being “pure of heart” recently, we have now seen him blackmail and after that marry a serial killer for cash, and also placidly watches an innocent woman obtain a dangerous shot. I’m extremely irritated regarding this growth.

I think it’s very risk-free to say that Margaret’s comeuppance is coming, with Brooke, Donna and also all the ghosts of Camp Redwood gunning for her. With many problems at play, nevertheless, the best dispute at Camp Redwood is going to be a bloodbath. Everyone seems to dislike everyone, and also fifty percent of them are already dead!

As delightful an episode as this was, I need to confess that I was expecting something a little bit extra remarkable for the hundredth instalment. I was anticipating returns from previous personalities, some sort of crossover ambiance (though, undoubtedly, it completely would not make much feeling at this point in the tale) but it was a fairly common instalment.

I’m very uncertain what the twist could be coming with throughout of the season. With three episodes still ahead, there’s got to be something a lot more fascinating than a ruthless melée in the grounds of Camp Redwood, right?

Next episode

Brooke and also Donna are on a roadtrip, and Brooke once more winds up in mortal peril. What’s new?

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