The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 4: The Price of Gold

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Cinderella makes a regrettable handle Rumpelstiltskin as well as Emma attempts to assist an at risk girl getaway from Storybrooke.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, Jamie Dornan and Robert Carlyle

Once Upon a Time

Season 1Episode 4: The Price of Gold

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The Enchanted Woodland

Poor Cinderella (Jessy Schram) is almost to obtain a desire from her fairy godmother, when Rumpelstiltskin damages the fairy and steals the stick. In exchange for enabling Ella to escape her residence, she has to authorize a contract: something he reminds her of at the ball celebrating her wedding celebration to Royal prince Thomas (Tim Phillipps). Rumple makes it extremely clear that the appropriate settlement is her firstborn child.


Ella promptly confesses the deal that she has made with Rumple to her other half, as well as they enlist the assistance of Captivating, Irritated and The Blue Fairy to capture Rumple using an unique quill that will certainly immobilise him. Ella summons him, on the pretence of authorizing another deal. Claiming that she is, actually, expecting with twins, she guarantees him that, for the other child, the plants and also wide range of the kingdom need to be improved. Certainly, Rumple is frozen upon authorizing the contract, allowing him to be captured (which aids discuss why he remained in Enchanting as well as Snow’s dungeon in previous episodes). However, Thomas vanishes, according to Rumple’s alarming warning that he can not be gone across, though Rumple himself claims not to have done anything. He merely clarifies that magic has a rate, and that she will not see Thomas until that financial obligation is paid.

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Graham provides Emma the chance to become his deputy, prior to Emma experiences 19-year-old Ashley Boyd (Schram), that is lamenting the future for her and her baby. Emma sympathises, as she understand what it resembles to have an infant at a young age, and thrills upon Ashley the relevance of organizing her very own life, instead of listening to the thoughts and also point of views of others. Relatively motivated, that evening Ashley get into Mr. Gold’s pawnshop and also steals a contract from his secure. Mr. Gold catches her, but she handles to run away.

Mr. Gold gets Emma’s help to track Ashley down. From Ruby, Emma uncovers that Ashley had an ex-boyfriend, Sean, that she should probably see. Emma discovers that Sean’s daddy is preventing both from being with each other, as he does not want his kid with an expecting teen. Emma finds out that Ruby has actually lent her automobile to Ashley, to allow her to leave Storybrooke for Boston, but they find the auto accident just past the city, and also Ashley starts to deliver.

Ashley delivers in the medical facility to a child girl, which Mr. Gold gets here to gather. Mr. Gold accepts surrender his claim to the infant offered that Emma owe him a favour, which Emma acquiesces to. Sean gets here and rejoins with Ashley, naming their youngster Alexandra. Emma agrees to end up being Graham’s deputy, and also we discover that Graham is making love with Regina.


  • Although seemingly the backstory in this episode is of little consequence to the overall narrative worrying the Dark Curse, it is evident that the writers are attracting parallels in between Ashley/Ella as well as Emma, since Emma is just one of the few characters who does not have an Enchanted Forest story to broaden her own tale.
  • Poor Ashley has been expectant for 28 years. Her back should truly injure.
  • The fact that Ashley and Sean get with each other, staying clear of the entire “happy closings don’t happen below” guarantee, is just more proof that Emma’s presence in Storybrooke, in addition to advancing the timeline, is damaging menstruation’s hang on its inhabitants.
  • To this end, exactly how has Regina not observed these things occurring? Of 28 years of everyone living in a dreamlike state, surely she should see something unusual taking place to the citizens. I suggest, she attempted to eliminate Emma at first, yet she appears to have actually quit that, at least temporarily. I suppose having Henry in the picture, whose sensations Regina cares about, makes it somewhat challenging for Regina to deal with Emma efficiently, specifically in a world without magic.
  • A star turn is pulled by Robert Carlyle right here, as he enjoys the mischievous and also wicked nature of Rumpelstiltskin. The makeup style on him is additionally wonderfully scary, transforming him into this creature that appears to have crawled out of the ground nearly. He certainly shows up even more sinister than the Evil Queen does, running in even more tricky and also confusing ways compared to the Evil Queen’s machinations.
  • Emma’s favour to Gold fills me with fear. Considering it is fairly apparent that Gold keeps his past memories, I can only think of that he wants to turn menstruation to his benefit in some way.
  • It’s an embarassment that we do not truly see quite from Ashley/Ella after this factor. She has a really well established backstory, and Jessy Schram lugs an awful great deal of this episode on her shoulders. It’s an embarassment that she had this character advancement before, claim, Ruby/Red Riding Hood has, as she is still significantly on the perimeter of procedures.
  • Mentioning perimeter, this is the second episode in a row that collection regular Raphael Sbarge, who plays Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, is absent. While he has more of a duty in the adhering to episode, I have the sense that the authors aren’t fairly certain what to do with a therapist personality. He isn’t constantly easy to compose into a scene in the same way that Mary Margaret or David are.
  • I am unsurprised that Graham and also Regina are resting together, as essentially Regina has the whole community under her thumb, and also it is her curse, so why would not you be banging the attractive sheriff? I am somewhat let down in Graham though, and also anxious to know just how Emma’s going to react to this discovery.
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