The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 5: That Still Small Voice

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Henry locates himself in danger when he looks for proof of menstruation, while Jiminy Cricket makes a disastrous choice in his attempt to leave his dubious parents.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, Raphael Sbarge, Jamie Dornan as well as Robert Carlyle


Season 1Episode 5: That Still Tiny Voice

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The Enchanted Forest

In his young people, Jiminy Cricket is required by his moms and dads to participate in their cons. Although he wishes to damage devoid of the household company, he still finds himself embeded this way of life well right into his the adult years. On the inspiration of a young boy, Jiminy check outs Muss up to aid him be without his parents, and also is gifted a tonic.


Later that day, Jiminy and also his parents are ripping off a pair in exchange for a tonic that will certainly make the unsusceptible to a fictional afflict. Nonetheless, Jiminy soon finds that the tonic his moms and dads handed over remained in reality the one that was talented to him by Rumple, which he did intentionally. Jiminy goes back into your home to discover both changed right into dolls, their hands chillingly clasped with each other. Jiminy uncovers that this pair are the moms and dads of the little young boy he had satisfied earlier, and also in his desperation makes a dream that summons the Blue Fairy. She transforms him into a cricket, and informs him that he has an opportunity to help somebody in the future, beginning with the young boy, who is called Geppetto.

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When Emma places on her deputy badge for the very first time, the planet starts to shake with a surge. A sinkhole has opened up at an abandoned mine shaft. Regina tries to stop anybody from going even more, furtively filching a piece of glass as she does so. She stress Archie to persuade Henry that his beliefs in the fairytale stories are incorrect.

Archie does as he is told, which upsets Henry, triggering him to go missing out on again. Henry is convinced that responses concerning the curse are to be found down the mine shaft, as well as starts to discover it, discovering, as he does so, a similar item of glass to the one that Regina concealed earlier. Archie complies with Henry into the mine shaft, but an aftershock causes a collapse that obstructs the major entrance, leaving both of them caught. Locating an elevator shaft, they are on their means to security when Marco attempts to blow up the main entryway, creating the lift to drop.

While Henry and Archie review his stress with consistently being told what to do in his life– in a lot a similar way to his fairy tale counterpart– Emma locates the top of the lift shaft as well as saves the pair. Archie makes it clear to Regina that he will continue to see Henry, however that if she conflicts, he will certainly declare her an unfit mom. Regina takes care of the item of glass that she has been holding on to, as well as we see it clanging down onto Snow White’s glass casket, concealed somewhere underneath the town.

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret continues to develop a connection with David at the healthcare facility. Despite the fact that Kathryn, his spouse, is also checking out, David states that the only thing that feels familiar and comfy to him is Mary Margaret. Coming to be progressively unpleasant with her attraction to David, provided the visibility of his spouse, Mary Margaret surrenders from her volunteer setting at the health center.


  • It’s Archie’s turn for some personality growth this week, as we begin to appreciate him as slightly more than simply surroundings. It’s a wonderful moral of the story, of a personality coming into their very own in their the adult years, which I’m sure is relatable to a lot of the target market themselves.
  • Archie’s pet is a Dalmatian called Pongo, which is wonderful, though I’m unsure whether that is anything besides an easter egg.
  • Jiminy’s storyline has a terrific balance to it, as well as a fantastic description for why he became a cricket: out of his longing to be totally free.
  • It’s fascinating that, although we have actually so far seen her as the Evil Queen, Regina chose to have Henry. She selected to embrace him. She has so much love for him, which is coming to be progressively noticeable via her intense worry for him below. She looks completely helpless, caught in this globe without magic, in which she is entirely uncontrollable and unable to help her child.
  • In a similar way, Emma seems especially stressed over Henry. Obviously, she would certainly be a beast not to feel some kind of fear for a youngster that was trapped in a mine, but it’s starting to find across as even more mother’s, which is plainly on Archie’s mind too, considering his alarming caution to Regina over that he would certainly back in a protection fight.
  • The dolls being present in Mr. Gold’s pawn store is a wonderful, if a little macabre, touch.
  • Just what is below the mine? We can see that Snow White’s coffin is here? What else lies there, waiting to be found? Did Regina know about the existence of these artefacts? Is that why she was so anxious for everybody to stay away from the site?
  • Why exactly did Emma placing on the deputy badge cause the sinkhole to open? Very questionable timing.
  • David as well as Mary Margaret appear to be obtaining better, possibly to the factor of kissing and also regaining their memories, however Mary Margaret’s principles has resulted in her building up extra walls in between the two of them.
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