The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 9: True North

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Emma faces her very own past when she aids two youngsters track down their father before they are positioned into the foster system.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle

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The Enchanted Woodland

In the Enchanted Woodland, Hansel and also Gretel cope with their dad. He gifts Gretel a compass to make sure that they won’t be separated, however when they return from locating kindling, he is nowhere to be discovered. While they look for him, they encounter the Evil Queen, that catches them. She ensures them that she can assist them find their papa, yet first they must fetch an item from the Blind Witch. They have to get in the Blind Witch’s gingerbread house to get the Evil Queen’s leather satchel, yet without eating anything. Though they break in without a hitch, Hansel takes a bite of a cupcake, which wakes up the Blind Witch. Unable to see, she is able to detect them by scent, and also secures them up and also prepares to roast them. Ultimately, both youngsters take care of to press the witch into her very own oven and get away. The Evil Queen, who is enjoying from her magic mirror, sends out a bolt of fire via the mirror to ignite the witch’s stove, roasting her alive.


When the doubles return the satchel to the Queen, the components of the bag are revealed as an infected apple. The Wickedness Queen offers Hansel as well as Gretel a house, but they want to go back to their daddy. She sends them back out to the woodland, and summons her brand-new detainee, who is Hansel and also Gretel’s papa. She asks why they denied the life of luxury that she supplied them, as well as he reacts that they are family members, and that family will find each other. Figured out to avoid this from occurring, the Wickedness Queen sends out the dad to the dungeon.

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In the Storybrooke pharmacy, Henry encounters a young girl called Ava. While originally quite taken with her, it takes place that she as well as her sibling, Nicholas, were using Henry to permit them to shoplift. Regina as well as Emma get here to deal with the scenario, and Emma finds that Nicholas as well as Ava are living without their parents and also with little food, which is why they were stealing. Emma establishes herself the job of finding the children’s dad, to stop them from going into the foster system. Regina phones social solutions, which prepares to put the youngsters in 2 separate homes in Boston. Despite the fact that Regina regulates Emma to supply them to Boston, Emma continues to search for their father.

The kids provide her a compass that belonged to their father, which Emma presents to Mr. Gold. Through this, Emma locates Michael Tillman, the garage technician and also tells him concerning his children. He reveals concern that he can hardly maintain running the garage, let alone the twins. Emma prepares to take the twins to Boston, although Henry warns that nobody can leave Storybrooke. Certainly, the car damages down prior to they can leave, and Michael shows up to tow them. Emma pleads him to see the youngsters, discussing that she could not leave Henry after finding exactly how he was living. Michael approves the kids into his life when he sees them once more.

Back in your home, Emma shares Henry’s concept with Mary Margaret, that she is Snow White and as a result her mommy. Although Mary discovers it enjoyable, she still has a little bit of a response when she sees Emma’s covering, though rejects it as nothing. Henry additionally asks Emma about his father, and she informs him that he was a trainee fireman, that she was unable to tell about Henry due to the fact that he died while conserving a family members from a burning building. She later on confesses to Mary Margaret that this was total fiction, which Henry must never ever recognize the actual story of his papa.

When Henry arrives with a pumpkin pie to say thanks to Emma for informing him about his papa, a stranger shows up in the area on a bike. He asks Emma for a location to stay.


  • Although at first glance this feels like a truly random backstory to listen to in this episode, it gives us fantastic understanding right into Emma’s character. She is plainly reluctant to divide the twins, and also does not want them to enter into the foster system if it can be stayed clear of. We can see her clear feeling of abandonment as well as the lack of location she felt as a kid as she struggles to get Ava and also Nicholas’ father to take them in. It’s reassuring, in a manner, that although time can not be turned around to fix this hurt for Emma, she is still getting in touch with her mom, although she does not understand it.
  • It’s an interesting area of the backstory for the Evil Queen. We understand that this happens after she has currently got rid of Snow White from the castle, as well as is now planning to poisonous substance her, which will lead in the direction of where we saw Snow as well as Charming in the extremely first scene of the pilot. Clearly Hansel and also Gretel solve that feature narratively, yet the various other devious acts that the Evil Queen carries out wonder. She obtains extremely little from separating that household. So why do it? Well, I think the reason that the Evil Queen does this runs out a feeling of bitterness. She plainly wanted Hansel and also Gretel to reside in her royal residence with her, thinking that the wide range as well as the comfort that the stately home supplies would offset the lack of daddy. Evidently, she does not really take into consideration or acknowledge love, yet she also wishes to really feel that sense of friendship as well as being required as well as in charge of other animals. This wish for a child has been seen before in the Wickedness Queen, for this reason why she even has Henry to begin with. A non-maternal human wouldn’t adopt a youngster, even if she profanes, and that’s something that we must not overlook regarding Regina: she actually does wish to be liked and needed as well as admired. When they deny her in this way, she wants them to endure for having actually hurt her. Which isn’t precisely reasonable, however I expect power has gone to Regina’s head simply a bit.
  • Not very much development on the Mary Margaret/David front right here, again, yet ideally that picks up soon in the following couple of episodes.
  • Who is the mysterious stranger on the motorcycle? They seem enigmatic, which implies that they need to be essential. After all, Emma is the only various other arrival in Storybrooke in its history, and also she is mosting likely to damage the curse, so is he considerable or attached to the Enchanted Woodland somehow?
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