The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 11: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

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Emma as well as Sidney try to reveal Regina’s corruption, while the secrets bordering the fatality of Snow’s daddy and disclosed.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle

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Period 1Episode 11: Fruit of the Toxic Tree

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The Enchanted Forest

The Genie (Giancarlo Esposito, otherwise referred to as Sidney Glass/The Magic Mirror) is launched from his lamp by King Leopold as well as grants him three desires. Leopold uses his wish to release the Genie, and afterwards uses his second dream to give away the third a good idea to the Genie. Leopold brings Genie back to the castle as well as presents him to his little girl, Snow, and his wife, Regina. At Leopold’s birthday celebration, he declares Snow to be the fairest in the land and also the best present that he can obtain. Regina really feels denied and leaves, to be adhered to by the Genie. He offers her a mirror to allow herself to see her in the same way that he does: as the fairest of all. King Leopold locates both the mirror and a diary entrance by Regina exposing feelings for the male who gave it to her, and also instructs the Genie to locate the guy that has actually stolen Regina away from him.


While the Genie contemplates what to do, Regina’s daddy Henry gifts him a box, which he asserts will free Regina. Bringing it to Regina, they locate the materials to be fatal serpents from the Genie’s residence country. Regina plans to dedicate self-destruction by utilizing the snake’s venom, but the Genie suggests that they rather utilize the serpents to kill the King. The Genie does the action, even disclosing to the King that he offered Regina the mirror in his passing away moments, and after that exposes to Regina that he has actually eliminated her hubby and they can currently be with each other. Regina exposes that it was constantly her objective for the Genie to kill the king, and that the serpents were particularly chosen to be traced back to him. The Genie uses his wish at that moment: to constantly be by the Queen’s side and also to look upon her face constantly. Right away, he discovers himself entraped in a mirror, ending up being the Magic Mirror.


The tornado from the previous episode has destroyed Henry’s castle and he desperately searches for his book in the sand below. Regina appears and introduces that she plans upon removing the castle as it is a security risk. At Nana’s Sidney informs Emma that Regina terminated him from the paper, which she embezzled $50,000 and wants her aid to reveal Regina’s corruption. Emma concurs, as soon as Henry uncovers that the book is missing out on when the castle is taken apart. Sidney and also Emma pursue Regina to the timbers, but lose control of the auto when Emma’s brakes stop working. They face Mr. Gold, who admits to offering a plot of land to Regina. Emma as well as Sidney then uncover a plan for a structure in the mayor’s home. At the council conference, Emma reveals everyone the data as well as charges Regina of building a second home in the woods. Regina subsequently introduces her plans to build a brand-new playground for Henry and the various other kids in Storybrooke, before disclosing to Emma that if she continues to see Henry, she will get a limiting order. In private, she then many thanks Sidney for tricking Emma, as well as for cutting the brakes in her auto. In the coffee shop, Henry frantically attempts to make a note of every one of the tales that he can keep in mind from the book prior to he forgets them. At the very end of the episode, it is disclosed that the Unfamiliar person has the book.


  • Here I am once more, to once again provide a round of praise to Raphael Sbarge’s representative. That guy is obtaining attributed in a great deal of episodes that he isn’t in, as well as getting paid. He is occupation objectives. Seriously however, it’s honestly baffling that made the decision that Archie must be lead cast is insane, because they don’t use him correctly from the very beginning. What also was their intent in the first place?
  • I’m not entirely particular exactly how we are implied to really feel regarding Sidney from this episode. In fact, if anything, he in fact shows up even worse below than when he was just the Magic Mirror. His backstory reveals that he is, actually, worse than I gave him credit scores for. What sort of person kills the man that gave them freedom, also if they do want to bang his other half? It’s just not okay! I’m specific that the main takeaway is in truth upon how efficiently Regina manipulates the people around her, but still.
  • Although Regina entirely tricked Emma right into thinking that she was making use of state funds to develop her very own building out in the timbers, I am confused as to what playground, precisely, prices 50 thousand dollars? Is that an usual amount to invest in a play area? More importantly, just because someone is mayor of someplace does not give them the capacity to unilaterally accept structure, even if it is a public service that she is constructing. You can not simply invest town funds on whatever you seem like, Regina, and Emma calling her out at the meeting was completely appropriate and also, sure, she had not been proper regarding what Regina depended on, but even if she’s building a play ground doesn’t immediately mean that she wasn’t incorrect for just walking around and also spending people’s cash without any consent.
  • Emma and also Henry being separated makes me sad, but ideally it does not last also long.
  • Very bit in the way of development for Mary Margaret and David below, other than they are still assembling in key, following their kiss as completion of last episode.
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