The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 12: Skin Deep

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Mr. Gold goes after vigilante justice when he is burglarized, while Rumpelstiltskin makes a deal with Belle in the Enchanted Woodland.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle

Period 1Episode 12: Skin Deep

The Enchanted Woodland

The Ogre Wars are surging in the Enchanted Woodland, which isn’t working out for Sir Maurice. Rumpelstiltskin is summoned and he agrees to aid Maurice in exchange for his child, Belle. Belle’s fiancé Gaston and her daddy turn down the proposition, but Belle overlooks them as well as approves the deal.

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Taking Belle back to his castle, Rumple provides her a checklist of tasks. At the mention of having to skin the youngsters he hunts, Belle goes down a teacup in shock, though he discloses that he was just joking and also does not seem to mind the damaged cup. As time proceeds, Muss up as well as Belle grow better, and also Belle even discusses to Crumple some youngster’s garments that she has actually found in the castle. Crease admits that it belonged to his boy, as well as states that he shed his kid, like he lost his other half.

Gaston gets to the castle to right Rumple, but he transfigures him right into a rose and also presents him to Belle. Belle confesses that her relationship with Gaston was not one substantiated of love, however instead arranged, and also she describes that she left her residence because she wanted to do something heroic, as there are not very many chances for a woman in this period to be brave. On the back of this, Rumple asks Belle to enter into community to get some straw for him to spin. She is rather surprised that he counts on her ahead back, but Rumple responds that he does not expect her to return.

While walking right into the town, Belle experiences the Wickedness Queen, that discusses to Belle that real love’s kiss will certainly break any kind of curse, after Belle confesses that the guy she is leaving, as well as loves, is eaten with evil. Belle returns to the castle, and also admits that she wasn’t going to return up until something changed her mind. She kisses Rumple, at which he starts to transform back into a common male, yet he quickly breaks off the kiss and also charges Belle of remaining in league with the Wickedness Queen to remove him of his powers. Crease is encouraged that no one will ever before genuinely like him and tosses Belle in the dungeon while he ruins every one of his properties. Also in his rage, however, he can not bring himself to destroy the chipped teacup.

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At some point, Rumple commands Belle to leave his castle, claiming that his magic and his power is more important to him than his sensations for her. Belle rejects this, as well as responds that he is too much of a coward to believe that she could like him. She leaves, alerting him that he will certainly regret his selections, which all he will have left is an empty heart, and a chipped mug.

Later on, the Evil Queen arrives at the Dark Castle, whereupon Rumple informs her that her deception with Belle stopped working, and that she will certainly not acquire more power than him. The Wickedness Queen educates him that she had no input in Belle’s actions (which isn’t strictly real). She after that tells Rumple that when Belle returned home, she was avoided because of her association with Rumple as well as due to Gaston’s disappearance. She was then hurt as well as locked up by her papa and also she committed self-destruction by leaping out the tower jail. Crease is ravaged, as well as puts the damaged mug on popular display screen, grieving his loss once the Evil Queen has left.


Mr. Gold repossesses Moe French’s van on the day preceding Valentine’s Day. Following this, Emma examines a robbery at Mr. Gold’s mansion, where he claims that Moe was liable. Emma handles to recover the majority of the products, yet Mr. Gold asserts that something else is missing out on and also he desires it to be recouped. Gold starts to take issues into his own hands to locate Moe, when Emma is not working fast enough for him. He kidnaps Moe, connects him up in a shack and also he defeats him, demanding to recognize where the missing out on object is. Pretty quickly, nevertheless, his ranting become cries of “she’s gone” and “how can you”, and so on, which Moe is totally confused by. Emma shows up and handles to quit Gold. Gold thinks that Regina made Moe swipe from him, which she needs to know where the last stolen product is. Emma is forced to apprehend Mr. Gold for attack. Gold reminds Emma of the favour that she owes him, however he does not utilize it to run away apprehension. Regina appears and also claims that Emma can see Henry for half an hour if she can have an exclusive browse through with Gold throughout this moment. Once alone, Gold asks Regina if she has the missing product. She validates that she does, and that she did it to learn if Mr. Gold kept in mind the occasions in the Enchanted Woodland. Regina handles to make Mr. Gold confess his real name as Rumpelstiltskin, and also he even describes Regina as “Your Greatness”. Regina returns the chipped mug to Gold, after that goes to the medical facility. While at the health center, she enters an underground psychological ward, in which we can see Belle entraped within. It shows up that the Wickedness Queen had actually lied about Belle’s destiny all those years back.

Somewhere Else, Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby had a lady’s evening out on Valentine’s Day. As soon as there, Ruby attempts to convince Ashley to find one more individual as Sean is always functioning, however Ashley is just interested in being with Sean. Mary Margaret comprehends completely, because her enchanting complexity with David additionally maintains them apart. Sean shows up, on a break from job and proposes to Ashley, which she approves. David following shows up to provide Mary Margaret her Valentine’s Day card, however he unintentionally provides her Kathryn’s card instead. Mary Margaret tells David that they can not continue similar to this, and that they require to locate one more means, which isn’t slipping around behind Kathryn’s back. She informs David to go home, apparently finishing their event– for now, a minimum of.


  • Where is Raphael Sbarge in this episode? In the house, in a tub, giggling while bathing in cash.
  • Finally, my preferred Disney princess is right here! Belle: the great, smart and also independent Belle is below. The delay is most certainly worth it, and it’s fascinating that they’ve inserted Rumple’s story into the Charm as well as the Monster story, in the component of the Beast. It’s interesting to delve into that aspect of his subconscious, as he plainly does not view himself as worthwhile of love. In addition, we additionally see him desperately clinging onto power in choice to individual connection, thinking that individual link and love is a weak point. Perhaps this is why he was so anxious to supply Snow with a remedy to forget about Charming, and his experiences with Belle have coloured his reasoning behind why love is such a weakness.
  • I’m not sure if the David and Mary Margaret content was completely necessary today, yet it’s nice to see Mary Margaret adhering to her principles, even if it is woefully late.
  • Ultimately, we have actual verification that Gold remembers his time in the Enchanted Woodland. I have actually believed for quite some time, yet it’s been challenging to see within his own actions, until this confirmation. With this out in the open in between Gold and Regina, I wish that this doesn’t open up any avenue of the two of them interacting. Hopefully Gold desires this curse finished for himself also, seeing how drawn he is to power as well as besting Regina generally.
  • Gold is going to strike the roof when he discovers that Belle is still to life, and that Regina has held her slave for many years. I am worried for Regina once that’s visible.
  • I mean, utilizing your kid as a tool is great Regina, however 1) why would Emma fall for this? She clearly simply does not care as well as 2) there have to be video cameras because sheriff’s office that would enable Emma to exercise what had actually gone on between the two of them.
  • Still no advancement on the Unfamiliar person front, despite the fact that we understand that he has the fairytale publication in his ownership. Most likely, if he has this, after that he must know how essential it is, so what is his bargain? I want to find out– and also swiftly please!
  • The length of time was this Ogre War? I’m going to think that it must be a different Troll War? Since that war was the reason that Rumple came to be the Dark One to begin with. I’m presuming that this experience with Belle occurs after Rumple tricked Jiminy Cricket. Since Belle appears the same age in Storybrooke, while locked up, it seems that little time has actually passed in between when Rumple as well as Belle have their time in the castle with each other and when the Dark Curse was cast. This means that because ending up being the Dark One, it has at least had to do with 80 years, taking into consideration Geppetto’s age now, contrasted to his age when Jiminy Cricket became a Cricket. No matter, it’s a lengthy ogre battle. I can’t assist but really feel that perhaps they could have developed an additional bad guy to be at war versus? Also, you would have thought that Rumple would certainly have efficiently destroyed all of the ogres thinking about that they were the reason his youngster was practically conscripted right into service.
  • Speaking of Baelfire, Rumple verifies right here what I believes in those previous episodes, that he in some way takes care of to lose his boy. Nevertheless this takes place might aid to clarify why Rumple is so consumed with power, as he really feels that he perhaps has very little else.
  • Self-confidence is most definitely a recurring issue for poor Rumple. In the past, when he was afraid, he was conditioned to think that he was worthless and that no one would certainly want to have anything to do with him. Ever since, he went after power as a way of him getting out of that situation, and also currently he is convinced that those who intend to obtain near to him are attempting to take away that power. It’s a bit of a tricky mind cycle he has obtained himself right into, and I can’t quite place my finger on the source of this idea spiral. Probably the factors behind his kid’s death could aid to describe it.
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