The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick

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Emma ends up being a lot more identified to figure out the mystery behind the enigmatic Stranger, while David guarantees to break off his partnership with Kathryn, with devastating consequences.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, and Jared S. Gilmore.

Season 1Episode 13: What Occurred to Frederick

The Enchanted Forest

King George’s men search for Charming, who has taken off from his marital relationship to Abigail. Abigail takes care of to aid Captivating getaway from King George’s men, and also describes that she does not desire the marriage to go ahead either. Rather, she requires Charming’s help. Abigail shows Enchanting a life-sized golden statuary of Frederick, that she describes tried to safeguard the King from an ambush, yet in the process transformed himself to gold by touching King Midas, because of his curse. Abigail describes that a lake nearby has water with magic that would certainly turn around Frederick to his all-natural state, but that none have actually returned from the lake active. Charming agrees to the goal.

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Lovely as well as Abigail make their method to the lake, as well as Enchanting decides to challenge the animal that lives within it alone. When at the lake, the monster shows itself, exposing that it is a beautiful siren. Enchanting knows the deception of the alarm, yet still she develops into Snow and also tries to seduce him. Charming manages to reject the alarm, however she then attempts to drown him forcibly. Enchanting escapes as well as kills the siren making use of a dropped blade. He returns to Abigail with water that recovers Frederick to life.

Enchanting advances his mission to locate Snow. He meets Red Riding Hood, who informs him that Snow left to go seeking him and also discusses that she enjoys him, despite the fact that she told Lovely she really did not. (We formerly saw Charming turn up below in 7:15 AM). Charming deduces that Snow have to have been forced by King George to finish things. He draws Red onto the equine and also both retreat from King George’s guys.


Kathryn tells David that she has been approved right into legislation college in Boston and also intends to take it as a clean slate for the pair of them. David chooses a walk as well as meets Mary Margaret, who he informs he will certainly select over his other half. Mary Margaret firmly insists that David inform Kathryn regarding them as well as let her entrust to most likely to Boston by herself. David breaks up with Kathryn, yet informs her that they are not reconnecting, and comfortably excludes Mary Margaret, leaving Kathryn ruined as well as not aware of David’s affair.

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Kathryn counts on Regina and also informs her about David leaving her and also Regina produces photos of David’s affair with Mary Margaret. David tells Mary Margaret that he came clean with Kathryn concerning their relationship, yet this is contradicted when Kathryn gets here as well as slaps Mary Margaret at her college, claiming that David existed to both of them. Mary Margaret discovers that the news of the affair has travelled around the entire town and everybody is treating her in a different way. She faces David concerning why he wasn’t truthful with Kathryn. He states that he wished to spare her sensations and also really did not desire anybody to be injured. Mary Margaret reacts that currently everyone is harmed, and breaks off their connection.

Kathryn returns to Regina, and apologises for exactly how cross she was with Regina for exposing David’s event. She claims that she is mosting likely to transfer to Boston alone, which she was never truly crazy with David. She’s composed letters to both David and also Mary Margaret, telling the two of them to be with each other, as she might see their joy from the pictures that Regina took. Regina sheds the letters that Kathryn sent. Kathryn triggers to Boston, but her automobile winds up in a ditch. The college fitness center teacher (Frederick’s Storybrooke equivalent) finds her automobile, yet Kathryn herself is missing out on.

Somewhere else, The Stranger exposes to Emma that he is called August Cubicle. We also see him restoring Henry’s publication. He takes Emma to an old well, and claims that the water from there have corrective qualities and “will certainly restore what was shed”. Later on, August leaves guide inside the red metal box that holds it underneath Emma’s vehicle, which she locates. She returns it to Henry, who takes it as a sign that points are going to enhance.


  • Today on: Where is Raphael Sbarge? He is not right here. He is still giggling, and also counting his coins. We are fools to him. He spits upon us pinheads, working for our cash. He hugs his agent. He mores than happy.
  • The continuity is starting to get rather complicated back in the Enchanted Woodland, isn’t it? This flashback takes place after Snow says that she doesn’t like Captivating and also after Lovely cancel the wedding celebration, however before he encounters Red in that episode, and also before Snow drinks the potion that makes her ignore Captivating.
  • It’s fairly interesting to see the contrasts in between Enchanting and David right here. You can see specific commonalities taking place: both in the Enchanted Woodland, as well as in Storybrooke, Charming/David is encouraged to maintain people happy. He picks to go on the mission for Abigail to stop her suffering, as well as does not disclose his event about Mary Margaret so that she does not have any kind of unnecessary pain. However, in this 2nd situation, these actions are likewise rather selfish as well as made without consulting her, who is also impacted by this choice. It additionally really feels a little cowardly to have made this decision, although he claims that it was to safeguard her feelings, I think truly it was to make sure that he really did not really feel poor for having actually caused that pain, considering he was currently damaging her heart anyhow. That seems far more selfishly encouraged than what he has actually commented upon.
  • I entirely understand what Snow is saying right here about David having actually made a selfish choice and also injuring a great deal of people, and that he had not been assuming with both of them in mind, which is a huge offer. He certainly can not be trusted to be a group player, or a minimum of screwed up on this event. It’s a little bit irritating though, since you have the nearly specific understanding that David as well as Mary Margaret will certainly return with each other, which rather damages the truth that she is defending herself here, understanding that she already has actually done so to David in previous episodes, and then gone right back. Besides, what’s the factor in all of that pain triggered if she isn’t also going to take advantage of it by the end? She didn’t even quite give David the opportunity to explain and even try to make it function, which appears a little ludicrous taking into consideration every one of the work that they have actually put in. A chastisement, possibly, yet completely separating seems somewhat extreme.
  • I question whether the well that August revealed Emma is substantial in some way? He does point out that it will restore what is shed, so perhaps that well contains some sort of key to just how to damage menstruation?
  • Regina truly is lobbying for David as well as Mary Margaret to be isolated, isn’t she? Naturally they cause rather of a danger to her, but I marvel that rather than making Kathryn vanish (which I’m specific has something to do with her), she hasn’t simply killed David by this factor (she would not kill Snow; she dislikes her too much to eliminate her).
  • August most definitely seems to understand something concerning the Enchanted Woodland. Why else would certainly he be fiddling with Henry’s publication? I additionally wonder whether he’s made a duplicate of guide, so that he recognizes it, or whether he has put some new pages in there?
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