The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 14: Dreamy

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We discover the entirely unnecessary backstory to Leroy’s fairy tale equivalent “Wonderful”… wait … Dreamy?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle.

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The Enchanted Woodland

An awkward fairy, Nova, imagines ending up being a fairy godmother, though her current task is a fairy dust carrier. As she starts her trip, she accidentally drops some fairy dirt onto a dwarf egg, creating this egg to hatch out very early and appear various to the remainder of his … litter? Brothers? Who recognizes. Anyway, he is Fanciful– though, we know him as Leroy/Grumpy, so I suppose there’s going to be some heartbreaking backstory right here. Twist up. Anyway, it turns out that dwarves are not born, however instead are hatched in sets of 8. Their work is to mine, as well as they each are provided enchanting axes which provide their name. Apparently, the pickaxes never exist. He is called Dreamy, while his brothers are Stealthy, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, and also Bashful.


A year later, Nova is collecting several of the fairy dust that the dwarves mine, where Dreamy acknowledges her. He says that he desired for her prior to he hatched. Nova makes the error of placing the bag of fairy dust on a conveyor that brings about an incinerator, but Dreamy handles to fetch it, for which she is unbelievably thankful. Nova states that she is going to view the fireflies, wishing that Dreamy will include her, yet he doesn’t take the hint.

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Wonderful is told that dwarves do not love (which is why no female dwarves exist. I imply, that’s heteronormative, however penalty. Obviously no gay dwarves exist either. Or any kind of dwarves who have fulfilled any type of various other creatures? Outrageous) however he is persuaded by Belle that he should consult with Nova. Together, they intend to escape and also see the world with each other, however they are stopped by the Blue Fairy. She encourages Dreamy that the best thing for Nova is if Dreamy isn’t in her life any longer, which their partnership is doomed, and also Nova will certainly lose her wings. Intending to secure Nova as well as her chances of achieving her dreams, Fanciful leaves her. He returns to the mines and also, in his temper, handles to break his axe. He is offered a brand-new one, which now names him “Grumpy”.


Mary Margaret, determined for people to start liking her once again, is trying to market candles made by the religious women in honour of the Miner’s Event. She is additional pain when Leroy informs her that the only person the neighborhood despises greater than him is her. He determines to help her, nonetheless, when Sis Astrid accidentally invests every one of her cash on helium and he guarantees to sell all of the candles to offset it. Mary Margaret notices that Leroy is interested in Astrid though, as she is a religious woman, it will not happen. He responds that is no various to her seeking a family man, and the two commit themselves to marketing, however they are not able to market significantly as a result of their absence of likability in the neighborhood. Leroy supplies to sell his boat to Mr. Gold for Mr. Gold offering the nuns some freedom on their rent, yet Gold increasingly dislikes the religious women and also refuses. Nearly at their wit’s end, Leroy has a concept. He breaks the power transformer for the whole community, making sure that everyone requires to buy candles. The candle lights sell out, and also Leroy becomes Astrid’s hero. Despite the fact that the graffiti on Mary Margaret’s truck, branding her a “Vagrant” is still noticeable, the community starts to approve her one more time.

Somewhere Else, Emma Swan begins to explore Kathryn’s disappearance and also begins by doubting David. He claims that he has actually not seen her and he assumed that she had actually headed to Boston as she prepared to. Sidney, who wishes to obtain a tale as well as his setting at the paper back, uses to help Emma. Regina sends out Sidney throughout some phone records from David, which he shows to Emma. This shows that David did talk with Kathryn on the day that she went missing out on, in direct opposition to what David told her. Emma takes David in to the sheriff’s terminal, to make sure that he can inform her whatever.


  • Today on: Where is Raphael Sbarge? He has been using his extensive sabbatical to address globe hunger. Everything is calm. Well done Raphael.
  • Interesting to note: Eion Bailey (August) is currently attributed as a series normal from this episode onward, even though he does not actually appear in this episode.
  • I’m going to degree with you people, I think this could be the worst episode thus far. It’s literally so unneeded. Really little of consequence occurs right here, and also I could have done without a week of finding out all about Leroy’s backstory. Literally that needs that? Does it include anything more to the story whatsoever? What’s even worse is the fact that Nova essentially simply shows up in this episode. She never appears once again. So what was the point in dedicating a whole episode to her and also Grumpy’s doomed love story? None whatsoever. It kind of took the story back a couple of weeks to just showing a live-action Disney remake, with fun spins for the audience. And also we have actually been doing so better than that, guys. Even the episodes prior to where we learnt more about random guest characters, like Hansel as well as Gretel or Cinderella, it still furthered the stories of our personalities in the present story. Right here, really little adjustments. So it’s aggravating.
  • Kathryn’s disappearance story is grumbling on perfectly. I’m suspicious by Regina’s procuring of the telephone call logs, though. It looks like maybe she is evasion those or hing on some method. I do not understand. I do not trust fund that woman. Sue me.
  • Yeah, I have extremely little to say concerning this episode. It’s not a good one. That’s all, carry on.
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