The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 15: Red-Handed

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It’s Ruby’s turn in the limelight this episode, as she tries to strike out on her own far from Granny. On the other hand, the investigation into Kathryn’s loss discovers a cooling locate.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Eion Bailey, and Jared S. Gilmore

Period 1Episode 15: Red-Handed

The Enchanted Forest

We open up the past story with a pleased, teasing Red Riding Hood, with her love Peter, before she is whisked far from the home window by an irritated Gran. A group of villagers are meaning to hunt a gigantic wolf that is responsible for killing their sheep. Red wants to go, however Gran desires her to remain inside, with her cape on, even when they are within as well as have secured their protections.

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In the early morning, Red uncovers Snow White in the poultry cage, that concealed inside during the night. Red supplies to help her, though Snow gives her the name Margaret Mary, seeing as she is a fugitive at this point, and does not yet know if she can rely on Red. While getting water from the well, they see that the well is filled with blood, with a corresponding trail of blood as well as cadavers spread over the snowy ground.

At a town council meeting, the citizens pledge again to strike the wolf and destroy it once and for all. Granny cautions them of an experience with a wolf that she had as a youngster 60 years back, which eliminated her household as well as left her completely scarred. She testifies that there is no other way that anyone can kill the wolf. Even in spite of this alarming caution, Red as well as Snow make a decision to look for the wolf alone, as Red aspires to stop her Nana from keeping her trapped for safeguarding her.

Snow as well as Red find the wolf prints, but find that they turn into human prints as they seek them. Even more concerning, they lead right to Red’s home window, leading them to believe that Peter needs to be the wolf. Red meets Peter to inform him that he’s a monster, as well as he begins to feel wracked with guilt over the guys who he thinks he slaughtered. They tie Peter up with metal chains, and Red assures him that he will certainly stick with him through the evening. On the other hand, at Nana’s, Gran locates Snow impersonating as Red with her cloak on the bed. Snow guarantees Granny that Red is risk-free, as she has Peter locked up, yet Gran seems much more worried regarding Peter than Red. Without a doubt, we soon see Peter linked to a tree, frightened, while a big wolf, who he is addressing as Red, breakthroughs upon him.

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Nana describes to Snow, as they track down Red, that she was developed into a werewolf by the wolf that eliminated her household, as well as this curse has actually been passed along the family to Red. The cloak that she puts on was created by a wizard to stop her from turning, and also Gran has kept this trick from Red her whole life. Snow and also Nana find Red delighting in Peter’s remains, whereupon Gran shoots her with a silver-tipped arrow and also Snow places the cape over her, reverting her to human kind. In the beginning, she is puzzled at where she is, prior to responding in horror to her very own activities. The girls leave into the timbers, while Gran promises to fend off the hunting party.


After his apprehension at the end of the previous episode, Emma eventually decides to allow David go, given that there is yet to be any type of evidence that a criminal activity has been dedicated. Meanwhile, at Nana’s diner, Ruby is influenced by tales of August’s trips and surrenders her task. While walking, Mary Margaret and Emma run into Dr. Whale being a little a creep to Ruby, that is waiting by the roadside with her things, anxious to take a trip far from Nana’s. They take her house while she figures points out.

The following day, David and Mary Margaret run into each various other at the area that Kathryn went away, and also Mary Margaret comes to be progressively concerned at him regularly repeating that he’s seeking his better half and also not actually registering her presence, also when she is telling him that she believes him to be innocent. In the sheriff’s office, Ruby is trying to find work, and also unintentionally stumbles upon one when she addresses Emma’s phone, as well as Emma understands that she would certainly be a great aide. Mary Margaret reveals her problems over David to Emma.

Ruby finds David passed out in the forest, with no memory of anything that has actually taken place to him since he left the constable’s station the previous day. Dr. Whale indicates that he can have been rest walking throughout the entire time. Emma advises Ruby to search near the toll bridge to see if she can locate any kind of clues, as well as she manages to uncover a box in the sand. She is frightened at the components, and also supplies it back to Emma, prior to deciding that she isn’t suitable authorities job. She goes back to the diner, as well as talks with Granny, claiming that she wants to find out as high as feasible concerning the restaurant to make sure that she can look after it when Granny retires.

Emma speak to David as well as Mary Margaret regarding the contents of the box, which was a human heart, as well as consisting of finger prints. David instructs Emma promptly to apprehend him, scared that he might have hurt Kathryn during one of his power outages, yet Emma exposes that the fingerprints rather belong to Mary Margaret.


  • Finally! An episode about Red Riding Hood! How did it take this numerous episodes for this wonderful woman to be the centre of an episode? I imply, certain, she’s not component of the normal cast, yet how can we have an episode everything about Cinderella, as well as even one everything about Leroy/Grumpy, before we have one concerning her? Who wouldn’t wish to learn more concerning Red Riding Hood’s change ego, in which she gowns strongly provocatively? There’s so much to unload there. Alas, Ruby is yet an additional one of the characters that has a tendency to obtain lost in this set program (see additionally: Belle).
  • I enjoy the adjustments that they have actually made to her backstory as well. As opposed to making Red the lolloping, silly woman that is not able to inform her grandma from a wolf, she has some surprise deepness and power. No, quite literally power, given that she can turn into a wolf as well as dismember people. It’ll interest see how this creates within the recalls, and whether she manages to acquire more control over her powers. It’s additionally excellent that they’ve really contextualised the red coat, instead of it just being a rogue fashion selection.
  • Meghan Ory is just delightful, isn’t she? She’s so fascinating to enjoy, I adore her in every scene that she’s in, even if she’s not the focal point. A lot of strong performances to like in this show.
  • It behaves to see an additional element of Snow’s backstory showing up here, also if she isn’t the prime focus of this story. We start to understand how she involved end up being the practical as well as proficient vigilante we see when she confronts David’s carriage in Episode 3, as we are currently filled out on the occasions that occurred after the Huntsman let her go as well as refused to eliminate her. It’s additionally wonderful to see her have a real friendship.
  • It’s additionally fascinating to see when Snow and Red initially fulfill, having actually seen Red have a tendency to Snow in the Enchanted Forest while she was in concealing previously.
  • Nana still has her marks in Storybrooke, which evidently injured more on a full moon.
  • I’m certain that it’s deliberate that Ruby is dressed more conservatively at the end of the episode. I’m not specific if I completely acquire into the entire “she wears lots of makeup so she’s damaged so when she quits putting on great deals of make-up she’s arranged her life out”, however it does appear to be a relatively deliberate choice that when Ruby is maturing, she is using better suited as well as sensible clothes, with even more soft and subtle makeup.
  • Every little thing’s home heating up with Kathryn’s loss, isn’t it? I’m still not entirely certain where this is going, or who precisely is attempting to disrupt points similar to this. It appears so insane for it to be Regina behind all of this, as well as yet definitely it has to be, unless I’m missing out on something crucial. It’s frustrating, for sure, but I expect something needs to pad out the season to quit menstruation from being broken too rapidly.
  • I’m also very interested as to what is triggering David’s lapses in memory. I truthfully can not remember this from my preliminary viewing. Is this a real adverse effects of his remaining in a coma (in which instance, practical?) or is whoever is responsible for Kathryn’s loss tinkering him somehow to make him look unstable? Or is it simply a full coincidence.
  • My head is beginning to injure with the variety of various storylines I need to stay up to date with these fairytale character backstories. I feel like I require among those authorities cork boards with the string as well as the photos. It’s intense. This is kind of why I fell out of love with the program, due to the fact that it just ended up being fairly difficult to exercise what had actually occurred with every single actors participant. Weekly you’re adding an additional layer up until everyone has actually lived an unrealistically eventful life and also your head feels like antidote. I have actually just about exercised where this all fits in with Snow’s story. So I believe that this is prior to she satisfies Captivating, and after that is in hiding, prior to she returns to locate Enchanting, as well as inevitably informs him that she does not enjoy him, and after that he goes trying to find her, however she is with the dwarves and also has actually taken a remedy that has actually made her forget about him. I think that that’s where I’m up to with Snow’s backstory. As you were, folks.
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