The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 17: Hat Trick

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Emma discovers herself in temporal risk when she tries to find Mary Margaret, while The Wickedness Queen has some service in Wonderland.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Jared S. Gilmore, and Robert Carlyle

Season 1Episode 17: Hat Method

The Enchanted Forest

Jefferson and his child are playing hide-and-seek in the woods, however discover the Queen’s carriage waiting outside their home when they return. Jefferson commands Grace to stay concealed in the forest up until he concerns locate her later, as well as sees what the Queen desires. She wants one last favour from Jefferson, in exchange for Poise having everything she might perhaps desire for, yet Jefferson rejects, as his previous task price Poise’s mother her life, as well as he does not want to leave her without a father. The Queen reluctantly leaves.


At the market, Poise sets her heart on a white rabbit from the plaything delay, which Jefferson can not afford. The toy seller is actually the Evil Queen, that has disguised herself to draw Jefferson back into helping her. Indeed, despite the fact that Jefferson makes Elegance a homemade white bunny, which she is greater than satisfied with, he agrees to do one last task for the Queen. He wants her assurance that his little girl will certainly want for absolutely nothing, which the Queen offers him. Jefferson after that produces a stovepipe hat, which he spins. As it spins, it expands to a huge size, enabling the Queen and also Jefferson to enter, where they uncover a chamber surrounded by doors. Approaching a mirror, both of them walk through, Jefferson clarifying that the mirror will just allow 2 people back with, as that is the number that entered it.

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Both alight in Wonderland as well as find themselves at the Queen of Hearts’ bush puzzle. The Queen blazes with the labyrinth making use of magic, revealing the building at the centre, where she takes a little box. She and Jefferson narrowly run away, as well as return to the mirror. Though Jefferson intends to jump via the mirror promptly, Regina places a small amount of mushroom into package, disclosing that her dad had actually been miniaturised and positioned within package. She describes that the Queen of Hearts had actually constantly watched her as a risk, and was holding her father as take advantage of, which the Queen was now removing. Regina and also her father leave via the mirror, leaving Jefferson not able to follow as well as he is recorded by the Queen of Hearts’ men.

The Queen of Hearts regulates that Jefferson be beheaded, which he is, though he lives. Upon uncovering that he entered Heaven using a hat, she appoints him to make another, to ensure that the return trip can be implemented. Jefferson does not believe this to be feasible, as a hat without magic will not work as a site, but the Queen of Hearts insists he should make one that works. He is later seen bordered by stovepipe hats, hysterically murmuring that he requires it to function, living up to his monicker of “The Mad Hatter”.


Henry locates that Mary Margaret’s cell is vacant, and also praises Emma, believing that this is part of her plan to safeguard Mary Margaret from being framed, yet Emma realizes that this is the worst possible point due to the arraignment that happens in the morning. With Mary Margaret lacking from it, it makes her a fugitive despite whether or not she is innocent of Kathryn’s fatality. While driving to find Mary Margaret, Emma runs into a strange guy on the road, that throws himself off it when she drives close by. Emma quits as well as discovers that he is hopping, so offers to take him house. He provides his name as Jefferson, and also explains that she was out seeking her pet dog. She provides him back to his residence, which is a mansion, and when he is still hopping, she stipulates aiding him inside your home where he supplies her with tea as well as a map of the area, asserting that it will certainly assist her situate the pet. Emma consumes alcohol the tea and also immediately feels lightheaded. Prior to she loses consciousness, she notifications that the guy has actually shed his limp.

When Emma wakes, she is bound and also gagged. She utilizes the tea cup that she went down to complimentary herself, and after that tries to find a getaway. None of the home windows unlock, so she creeps out of the door. Seeing Jefferson ominously sharpening a pair of scissors, she sneaks right into the following door along, where she finds Mary Margaret tied to a chair with a gag on. She frees Mary Margaret, that discloses that the male captured her in the timbers. Just as both females leave the area to run away, Jefferson discovers them and holds a weapon to them.

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He compels Emma to tie Mary Margaret back up and then takes Emma right into a craft space. Emma wishes to know why Jefferson has actually been snooping on her, as his telescope had actually been directed at the sheriff’s station. Jefferson reveals that he assumes Emma to be unique, as he was compelled to live the same day on repeat for 28 years up until she pertained to community. He asserts that she brought magic to Storybrooke, however Emma thinks that he is crazy. Jefferson describes to Emma what he wants, which is for her to make a hat for him that “works”.

Emma realises that Jefferson thinks himself to be the Mad Hatter, as well as goes about persuading him that this is just a tale. She likewise questions what the hat is for, which Jefferson describes is to take him house. He also describes to Emma that his daughter, Poise, is now living with a various family, with the brand-new name Paige, as well as it’s torture for him to witness it. When his back is turned, Emma assaults Jefferson with the telescope as well as mosts likely to save Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret after that manages to kick Jefferson out of the home window, however he has actually vanished when both get here outside.

Emma takes Mary Margaret back to the police headquarters, asking Mary Margaret to trust that she will obtain her from it. She confesses that up till that factor she has actually been alone, till she satisfied Mary Margaret, who she calls her family. When Regina reaches the police headquarters, she discovers Emma’s parking space empty, but remarkably finds Mary Margaret gladly in her cell. When leaving, she demands to know of Mr. Gold why Mary Margaret was still there, exposing that the key belonged to Mr. Gold’s plan. He explains that Emma is a lot more clever than they thought feasible. Regina exposes that she has negotiated with Mr. Gold to obtain outcomes, and also he guarantees that he will get these results at the accusation.

At Henry’s college, Emma spots Paige (Jefferson’s child) as well as asks to see Henry’s publication, where she finds Jefferson as well as Grace inside it. Emma asks Henry if she can hang onto the book while he mosts likely to institution, and he excitedly concurs.


  • Let’s play Where’s Raphael Sbarge this week? He is having a cup of tea with Eoin Bailey, as well as Josh Dallas, and also sobbing on their shoulders as to why he never ever reaches do any job.
  • Even though Enchanting was similarly absent from this episode, I did incline whatsoever. The story of Mary Margaret escaping apprehension and also prosecution was greater than engaging sufficient to hold my passion, as well as the actual temporal risk that Emma located herself in.
  • It appears that Emma is obtaining much closer to thinking. Not only has she opened her heart, as she discussed to Mary Margaret– even calling her family members (which is much more delightful thinking about Mary Margaret is, really, her mommy)– however she is also voluntarily flicking with Henry’s publication. The importance of detecting Jefferson as well as his child within it (though the real visual similarity in between the photos and also Sebastian Stan’s actual face is extremely little), considering that Jefferson had not seen the book, seems to be attracting her closer to thinking that this difficult story could really be the truth.
  • I question what happened between the Queen of Hearts as well as the Queen in the past?
  • One component that I consider to be a plothole– having checked out Alice’s Journeys in Paradise, is the truth that heaven caterpillar is not, as a matter of fact, giant, however rather that Alice then within the story is not as huge as she is implied to be, having actually eaten an outrageous quantity of arbitrary things that she’s located in Wonderland thus far as well as altering her physical size. It is unusual, consequently, that Regina and also Jefferson appear right here at such a tiny size, yet I expect I am being nit-picky.
  • Why did the Queen demand to eliminate the leverage that the Queen of Hearts have against her? Was the Queen of Hearts trying to prevent Regina from being able to cast the Dark Curse? Also, if Jefferson was transported to Storybrooke, does this mean that menstruation also got to Paradise? Or did he get away Wonderland somehow? Or is the Queen of Hearts’ equivalent somewhere in Storybrooke?
  • It is definitely not the last we have seen from Jefferson, afterwards getaway.
  • Here we begin to obtain explicit verification that Regina is actively trying to get Mary Margaret jailed for Kathryn’s murder, even growing the essential so that she would be a fugitive. Nevertheless, I still doubt that Regina would have eliminated Kathryn herself. Nevertheless, if she could kill individuals, then certainly she would just eliminate Enchanting as that would certainly hurt Mary Margaret extra? Sure this is a rather practical means to eliminate her and destroy her as well as David, however it’s still very convoluted. She has much way too much time on her hands, clearly.
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