The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 18: The Stable Boy

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Regina’s strategy to ultimately obtain her vengeance versus Mary Margaret is coming together, while the reason behind their fight is revealed.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Eion Bailey, Jared S. Gilmore, and Robert Carlyle

Period 1Episode 18: The Steady Child

The Enchanted Forest

A young Regina trips her steed, while her daddy watches, but her mom scolds her for doing so. When Regina tries to stomp away, her mommy, Cora (Barbara Hershey) drags her back with magic, and also Regina whines at her making use of magic to control her, however assures to be great. Later that night, Regina meets Daniel, the secure kid, and kisses him. Daniel is determined that Regina informs her moms and dads of their love, but Regina is bothered with her mommy’s magic and also the injury it could do to them.

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Then, a girl loses control of her equine close by and also Regina saves her. The young girl informs Regina that her name is Snow White. King Leopold pertains to say thanks to Regina for conserving Snow, and after that recommends marital relationship to her, as she is the very first person to have actually taken an interest in Snow. That night, Regina proposes to Daniel, clarifying the circumstance she finds herself in, as well as suggests that they escape with each other. Snow captures both as well as flees, triggering Regina to seek her. Snow needs to know why Regina was kissing Daniel, and also Regina confesses that it’s since she likes Daniel and not her papa. Regina makes Snow promise to maintain the trick, and also Snow agrees, comprehending that true love is something special as well as magical.

The following day, Cora talks to Snow regarding the range in between herself and also Regina. Snow informs her that to fix it, she needs to let Regina marry who she wants, as she does not love King Leopold. Snow, not wanting Regina to lose her mommy in the same way that she did, informs Cora about Daniel. Regina prepares that evening to run away with Daniel, but Cora shows up. She informs Regina that she will certainly not stop her, as well as Regina gratefully hugs her. Cora gets near to Daniel and also rips out his heart and also squashes it, killing him at the same time. Regina wishes to know why Cora has actually done it, as well as Cora explains that it’s because this is her satisfied ending, stating that love is weakness.

Regina is after that suitabled for her bridal gown, and also Snow informs her about how she informed Cora regarding Daniel, believing that Regina is currently going to get married to Daniel rather than Leopold. Snow White asks Regina if she is mad, yet Regina claims to be happy as well as informs Snow that Daniel fled and that she is now weding Leopold, due to the fact that they are going to be a family members with each other. Unexpectedly cold as well as impassionate, Regina asks Cora once Snow has actually gone whether she was the reason for the wild horse. As Regina leaves, she bitterly spits that she needs to have allow Snow die on the equine, not aware that it was actually Cora’s manipulation responsible for Snow’s discovery.

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The precise terms of Regina as well as Gold’s contract come to light, disclosing that a week before Kathryn’s disappearance, Regina meant to mount Mary Margaret. In exchange, Gold desired the battery charges dropped against him. At the same time, in real time, David locates Emma and tries to apologise for believing Mary Margaret capable of murder, yet Emma tells him that at this stage, Mary Margaret needs a miracle to be proclaimed innocent.

Regina threatens that, admission or otherwise, Mary Margaret will be leaving Storybrooke. Mary Margaret is adamant that she will speak to the district lawyer, as she is safe and secure in her virtue. However, the DA in question is Albert Spencer (Alan Dale), who is King George’s Storybrooke counterpart. He succeeds in flustering Mary Margaret to the extent that she admits that she desired Kathryn gone. Mr Gold terminates the examining early, unhappiness with Spencer’s hostile line of inquiry.

Emma is hopeless to show Mary Margaret’s innocence, and also is encouraged by August to look back over the key elements of the case. At the place where Mary Margaret’s jewelry box was discovered, they discover a fragment from a shovel. When Regina is in the shower, Emma and August burglarize the garage as well as discover a broken shovel, which the missing fragment affixes onto. Emma returns the following day with a search warrant, however uncovers that the shovel has been changed, leading her to implicate August of informing Regina.

Mary Margaret weeps in her cell and Regina shows up to celebrate and specifies that this is what Mary Margaret should have, as well as also admits that she understands that she did absolutely nothing wrong. Emma talk with Mr. Gold, who informs her there is still time for him to save Mary Margaret. Irritated, Emma wrecks the tulips that Sidney generated to her, and finds that there is an insect within them, and that Sidney is collaborating with Regina. Emma shows August the bug, as well as apologises, at which point Ruby screams in alarm. Emma as well as August run to her aid, as well as uncover Kathryn resting on the ground, very much active.

In Short

  • Snow was controlled by Regina’s mother to reveal Regina’s secret connection with Daniel, the stable kid, leading to Regina’s mommy killing him.
  • Regina outlined with Mr. Gold to frame Mary Margaret as retribution.
  • Emma and August discover proof that Regina planted Mary Margaret’s jewelry box, yet she eliminates the proof prior to Emma can make moves against her.
  • Kathryn lives, and has been found.


  • Let’s play Where’s Raphael Sbarge this week? This week he occupied knitting. So far, he has made a little hat for a cricket.
  • This is a charming indicate find out about Regina’s tragic backstory and also her feud with Snow White. It’s so odd just how every one of these decades of bitterness have all covered back to this occasion. I question whether Regina even still really feels the loss as well as the love from Daniel or is just so eaten in her bitterness as well as temper at Snow for living her own life and also fulfilling her own love, considering that she was robbed of that herself. It’s also so regrettable that this happened, as Snow, while her activities ultimately did lead to the loss of Regina’s happy ending, were also controlled out of her by Cora. Real bad guy behind the Wickedness Queen’s tale is, actually, her mom, so I wonder whether this will certainly ever before get checked out. It’s likewise interesting that hereafter event, from what we see, we do not have any conception of Regina condemning her mommy for the activities. It’s virtually like Regina knew of that monster, as well as had actually accommodated for it, but it was the unanticipated variable of Snow interfering that triggered the most displeasure. I virtually want that Regina’s backstory had actually been peppered a little bit a lot more throughout the collection in little pieces, aiding us to fully comprehend the love story between Regina as well as Daniel to make it that a lot more mentally influencing for the audience when Cora kills him. It’s so difficult to do justice to an epic romance within the restrictions of a 40-minute episode, fifty percent of which is focussed upon the Storybrooke elements.
  • Regina confronting Mary Margaret as she sobs was an absolutely stunning item of acting from both Lana and also Ginnifer. The outright scary in Mary Margaret’s face when she understands that Regina is actively sabotaging her, as well as wishes to see her be punished for activities she did not commit is area on, as well as Regina’s discomfort and also rage is visceral.
  • The major feature of this episode is to allow us understanding right into Regina’s personality, as well as it is available in spades below. The entire competition in between Snow and Regina goes to last exposed, and it is totally easy to understand. I’m unsure if any one of us would certainly quite most likely to the extremes that Regina has actually done, however I expect we also do not have the same means to execute the same activities.
  • It’s likewise commendable that now that I’ve seen the heartbreaking origins that Regina comes from, I just wish to see her gain her delighted closing. I question whether Regina will in fact get any fulfillment from eliminating other individuals’s. Besides, she existed for 28 years in her bubble, with every one of the various other fairytale animals without their memories and also suffering, as well as yet it did not rather bring her the contentedness that she plainly shows with Daniel. Plainly she has a various suggestion of what a satisfied finishing will search for her, yet actually in vengeance she’s hoping somehow to balance out Daniel’s loss, and it does not seem working.
  • The improvement that we see Regina go through because last scene to the controlled as well as measured Wickedness Queen persona is definitely spectacular. You can see the hurt as well as the delicacy behind the forced voice. It is so well done, and lends such a dazzling understanding to Regina and also her personality.
  • Additionally, a great aspect of this episode is Barbara Hershey as Regina’s mom Cora. Firstly, I ask yourself how she came to have magic in the first place. You can additionally see where Regina learned whatever, as the version within her life. They clearly have not obtained the most effective relationship, however there are great deals of common components between the two of them. I hope that Cora crops up once again– she doesn’t seem in Storybrooke, so there must be more to the story that we have actually not yet seen, considering we already know what happened to Regina’s daddy.
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