The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 20: The Stranger

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August desperately attempts to get Emma to think. In the Enchanted Woodland, Geppetto agrees to save Snow White’s daughter, yet he wants something in return.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Eion Bailey, Jared S. Gilmore, Raphael Sbarge, and Robert Carlyle

Season 1Episode 20: The Unfamiliar person

The Enchanted Woodland

After combating a storm on their raft in the ocean, Geppetto awakens on the coast without Pinocchio. He discovers that Pinocchio, who gave Geppetto the only life vest to make sure that Geppetto can live, is lying lifeless as well as face down in the water. While he cries for the loss of his kid, the Blue Fairy shows up and guarantees Geppetto that Pinocchio can still be saved, utilizing her wand to transform Pinocchio right into an actual young boy. She ensures Pinocchio that he requires to stay take on, genuine and also unselfish in order to continue to be an actual child. Days later, the Blue Fairy informs Geppetto of the Evil Queen’s curse, and jobs him with producing a wardrobe to protect the saviour making use of the last enchanted tree in the world. Though he is entrusted with producing a wardrobe that will certainly permit Snow, Captivating as well as their unborn little girl to be shielded from menstruation, Geppetto consents to create the wardrobe just if Pinnochio be permitted to go through also. This creates heaven Fairy to exist to the other participants of the Battle Council, informing them that the closet will just be able to carry one.

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When Snow brings to life Emma prior to the curse, heaven Fairy educates Geppetto that Pinocchio can no longer go because Snow requires to look after her little girl. Geppetto, however, is busied with Pinnochio’s destiny and rather puts Pinnochio right into the wardrobe, transporting him to the real world. When Pinnochio tries to return to the wardrobe, to travel back to the Enchanted Woodland, he is pushed back by a wind that indicates the arrival of infant Emma.

In a Boston foster residence, Pinocchio looks after child Emma. Among the various other youngsters drops by with cash money taken from their foster moms and dad as well as it suffices to purchase the foster children bus tickets away, but they can not take Emma as they can not look after her. Pinocchio apologises to Emma, and after that leaves with the various other children.


Emma wants to work with Mr Gold to build a case versus Regina to acquire protection of Henry. August, nevertheless, advises her that a guardianship battle will not defeat Regina, as well as she needs to think of the larger image. He attempts to encourage her to take the day of rest to make sure that he can reveal it to her, but she declines. At Nana’s, Henry tells Emma that somebody has actually altered guide to add in an additional tale, however it is left without an ending. August seriously phones Mr Gold for aid with Emma, as well as stumbles as he goes out of his room, disclosing that his leg has relied on wood, as well as verifying his identity as Pinocchio. August regrets with Mr Gold about exactly how Emma is as well focused on getting custody of Henry, and that he requires Mr Gold to nudge her in the direction of him, which Mr Gold consents to. When Emma involves Mr Gold for help, he declines her case, causing Emma agreeing to seeing the big picture with August.

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August promises to inform Emma his story, taking her on his bike to a diner on the side of a roadway, telling her that this was the diner where she was found. He discloses that he was the 7-year-old child that located her, and also leads her right into the timbers to reveal the specific area. Emma doesn’t believe him, as the newspaper record claims that she was found on the side of the road, but August reveals her the tree that brought her into this world, and also tells her that she was swaddled in a blanket with her name embroidered upon it. As this had not been in the newspaper report, Emma thinks his story that he found her. August takes place to expose that he is Pinocchio as well as informs her that he was the one who changed Henry’s publication, which guide’s finishing includes her thinking. Emma thinks that August is outrageous and goes to leave. August breaks down hurting when he follows her, yet when he reveals her his leg, she can not see the timber, yet instead a normal human leg, additional cementing her idea that he is crazy. August additionally discusses that turning into wood just occurred when Emma entered Storybrooke, advising him of the pledge he made to look after her. Emma is determined that she doesn’t want the duty of saving the whole community. August tells her that she is Storybrooke’s only hope, to which Emma retorts, “After that you’re all screwed.” When August returns to Storybrooke, he runs into Marco as well as offers his aid in his workshop for no pay. Meanwhile, Emma asks Henry whether he wants to leave Regina, and also she begins eliminating of town with Henry to start a new life with each other.

In other places, in this episode, Mary Margaret prepares to return to work, where she confronts Regina over mounting her, though eventually stating that she forgives Regina, as she needs to be sorely lonely if she can just acquire joy by messing up others’ lives. This makes Regina wish to transfer Henry far from Mary Margaret’s course, yet Henry informs her that she mounted Mary Margaret. Regina is surprised and also wishes to know if Henry absolutely believes what he is saying, and also Henry claims that he does. He claims that she is the Wickedness Queen which Snow White and also Royal prince Charming will certainly wind up together, which goodwill accomplishment over evil.

At the same time, Regina attempts to seduce David in a desperate attempt to ruin his and Snow’s connection, but she stops working.


  • Geppetto made use of the magical closet to conserve his boy, Pinocchio, from the Dark Curse, and tasked Pinocchio with taking care of Emma up until she was old enough to damage it.
  • Pinocchio inevitably abandoned Emma, maturing to end up being August.
  • August comes clean regarding the complete tale to Emma, who does not believe him.
  • Terrified at the responsibility of being a “saviour”, Emma runs away Storybrooke with Henry.


  • Let’s play Where’s Raphael Sbarge this week? He exists today, though only in voice kind.
  • It’s an extremely enjoyable payback to the August enigma, along with providing some additional context to the concept that only Emma could go through the wardrobe as we saw in the pilot.
  • Could August’s wooden affliction come from the fact that he’s not acting in the way that he had concurred with heaven Fairy? He ensured her that he would certainly be brave, honest and unselfish, but his actions because getting here in the mortal realm haven’t specifically mirrored this. With Emma’s existence in Storybrooke compromising the curse, then maybe he simply needs to show these top qualities once more to stop his wooden affliction?
  • I can not assist yet feel that Geppetto was incredibly self-indulgent below. Certain, most of us have households to protect from menstruation (I state, as if I were involved in menstruation in any way), but eventually he removed Emma, Snow and also Lovely from the life that they must have shared with each other as a family members, just because he was stressed over what was mosting likely to occur to Pinocchio. Likely, Pinocchio would certainly have just been a real boy in his cursed kind or, at the very least, when menstruation had been damaged, there would certainly have been some magic that could have made him active one more time. So do not be self-indulgent Geppetto.
  • Likewise, I’m confused as to how Geppetto thought of such an affected Italian accent. When he was a small child he did not talk by doing this, nor did his moms and dads, who were developed into dolls. And also he certainly really did not learn it from Jiminy, who increased him. To ensure that’s a bizarre selection, and that’s all I’m going to say on that. It likewise asks the question why Pinocchio doesn’t talk in an Italian accent, considering this Italian man elevated him. Understand accents, individuals. I grow weary.
  • Some really intriguing growth from Emma right here. Though she starts initially by claiming that the entire thing appears crazy, I assume the most frightening thing for her right now is the truth that she is being relied upon, which is something that she is not utilized to doing. Emma is used to trusting herself as well as going anywhere she pleased. She is not used to depending on other individuals, as they have continually let her down, so it is an alien sensation to be required as well as to be tied down in the way that is being expected of her here, and it behaves to see her withstanding this phone call and also this destiny. It defies the trope in a way. Many individuals are so eager to be that number, yet Emma wants to be extensively relieved of the responsibility.
  • There has actually been some large for Emma in her connection in the direction of Henry. While she aspired to leave his life in the pilot and also to leave him behind in this new life, she sees to it to take him with her before she leaves, revealing that she is ready to be a mother– or at the very least thinks that she is– and also agrees to make that commitment, even if a whole town relying upon her appears frightening. This is additionally picked up by Mary Margaret, as Emma strives to liberate Henry from Regina’s clutches.
  • I liked Mary Margaret turning the tables on Regina, as well as calling her out on her pettiness here. Regina didn’t quite recognize what to do with being pitied. She’s used to being despised, but being deemed lower than instead of simply bad is something that is so wonderfully deactivating.
  • Regina’s scheme to attract David stinks of despair. She can see every little thing crumbling around her, but her gambits are running out. It’s such a pity. The Dark Curse can have been a chance for Regina to reset her presence and do her life over with a fresh start, as well as do things as she desired she had done. However, she ruined the whole experience by being intent upon destroying the lives of those that had actually mistreated her in the past.
  • 2 episodes left now! Just how will that curse be broken, as well as will Henry as well as Emma in fact flee Storybrooke?
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