The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 21: An Apple Red as Blood

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Regina mosts likely to drastic lengths to remove Emma from Storybrooke, while Snow attempts to complimentary Lovely from King George’s clutches.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Eion Bailey, Jared S. Gilmore, Raphael Sbarge, as well as Robert Carlyle

Season 1Episode 21: An Apple Red as Blood

The Enchanted Woodland

Having actually recorded Prince Charming (see Episode 16: Heart of Darkness), King George decides to behead him. Just in time, the Wickedness Queen saves Captivating by changing the approaching blade right into water, and exchanges Lovely for every one of the treasures that Midas would have offered King George if he had actually married Abigail. Meanwhile, Snow views with the dwarves and also Nana, when Red reports that the Queen exists. Regardless of the fact that they scent a trap, the band make a decision to go on with the plan anyhow. Captivating attempts to negotiate his life with the Queen instead of her taking Snow’s, however the Queen does not accept his proposal.

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Snow manages to storm the castle yet when she gets to Charming’s cell, she finds just a mirror showing him inside. They briefly manage to chat, at which point Lovely discloses that he’s been transferred to the Queen’s palace, prior to the Queen disrupts and demands a parlay with Snow without any weapons. Regardless of the warnings of the remainder of the group, Snow goes anyway. They satisfy at the stable where Cora killed Daniel, as well as Regina shows her Daniel’s grave, revealing that Daniel died as a result of Snow damaging her promise, and also she can not forgive Snow, although she took care of to kill her dad. At this point, the Queen offers Snow an apple. She explains to Snow that, if she eats the apple, she will certainly be entombed within her very own body, loaded with remorse at her actions, yet Charming will certainly live. Nevertheless, if she does not consume the apple, then Lovely will perish. Lovely, in his cell, really feels a sharp pain as Snow bites into the apple and falls to the ground.

Red, the dwarves as well as Nana locate Snows body as well as notification that she has no breath, while the Queen laughes to herself in her tower, triumphant at last.


In the here and now, Regina and Henry consume supper in silence when the buzzer rings. When Regina addresses it, she finds Emma there, in addition to the various other townspeople, stating they are there to kill her. Turning around, she identifies Henry holding a rope. The townspeople connection Regina to an apple tree in the centre of community, advocating her life. Emma discusses that this is retribution for Regina removing everyone else’s joy. David provides Emma a sword, which she swings at Regina’s head, whereupon Regina awakens as well as realises that she was having a problem. She goes to examine Henry, as well as it satisfied, even though he has in fact left pillows underneath his covering to fool her and hide his lack.

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At the same time, Henry desperately begs with Emma not to leave Storybrooke, also going to the lengths of pulling at the guiding wheel, convincing her that she needs to remain to break menstruation. Ultimately, Emma returns to her apartment or condo in the early morning and also discovers an angry Mary Margaret, who is upset at Emma for not having bid farewell. Upon learning that Emma meant upon taking Henry also, Mary Margaret expands a lot more angry, informing Emma that she needs to do what is best for Henry. Henry lastly discovers that menstruation is in fact genuine when August reveals him his wooden arm, and correctly reasons that he is Pinocchio. At the same time, Emma discovers that she has no custody instance versus Regina, particularly considering that Henry’s participation at college has decreased given that Emma’s arrival, in addition to the multiple instances where he has actually been in unsafe scenarios around her. Archie also mentions that a safekeeping fight in between Regina as well as Emma would only injure Henry.

Regina has observed that the apple tree is passing away, which persuades her that menstruation is deteriorating as an outcome of Emma remaining in community, so she goes to Mr Gold. She wants Mr Gold’s assistance in eliminating Emma, although she understands that she can not eliminate Emma without breaking the curse. Mr Gold rejects to a handle her, as he knows that as soon as menstruation is damaged everyone is mosting likely to be against Regina, so Regina relies on Jefferson for aid instead. She wants him to use the hat to return to the Enchanted Forest to ensure that they can utilize something magical to throw away Emma. Jefferson agrees on the clause that he can be reunited with his child as well as have his double life erased from his head. Both he and also Regina effort to make the hat operate in Regina’s secret crypt, yet both fail. Regina tearfully generates the ring that Daniel gave to her in the Enchanted Woodland, as well as Jefferson discloses that it may have adequate magic in it to make the hat job. The ring does not make a portal open yet Jefferson tells Regina that it is possible for him to reach with and order something from the Enchanted Forest, so he asks Regina what she would such as. Regina advises Jefferson to get the apple from Snow White after she had actually eaten it. Jefferson succeeds as well as commends Regina, who educates him that he will obtain his desire as soon as Emma takes a bite of the apple. In order to see to it that Emma does consume it, Regina cooks it right into an apple turn over.

Emma mosts likely to discover Regina about Henry, and tells her that she’s leaving Storybrooke, yet that she still wishes to belong to Henry’s life, so she requires the two of them to get on. Regina offers Emma the apple turn over as a parting present. Emma comes clean with Henry regarding leaving and that she has actually negotiated with Regina. Henry notices the apple turnover on the side and asks Emma where it originated from. Emma reveals that Regina gifted it to her, and Henry is insistent that Emma not consume it. Desperate to make Emma believe in menstruation and also what he is saying, Henry takes a bite of the turn over, as well as promptly collapses.

In other words

  • The Wickedness Queen toxins Snow White using an apple.
  • Regina uses Jefferson to obtain the apple from the Enchanted Forest.
  • Determined to eliminate Emma, she cooks an apple turn over as well as offers it to her.
  • Henry consumes the turn over and falls down.


  • Let’s play Where’s Raphael Sbarge this week? He’s … God he’s here … once again … blimey, he has to be worn down. All this acting.
  • Emma has quite a journey in this episode. She understands that she’s not fairly suited the duty of saving a whole community (not that she thinks it to be the situation, anyhow, however it definitely offers her a huge case of cool feet). I think one more important element is the fact that Emma leaves Storybrooke in order to do what’s finest for Henry. While she makes a decision that eventually what is best for Henry is for him to stick with Regina, the reality that she’s even taking this point of view demonstrates how far she has actually come from the start of the collection, where she is proactively making decisions which hurt her for his own good. In addition, she additionally desires visitation rights, and an inclusion within Henry’s life.
  • I enjoyed seeing Mary Margaret being strict with Emma. She was angry, as well as appropriately so. The wayward Emma, who couldn’t clear up initially of the series, has been lacking because she came to be Sheriff in the community, as well as to leave without saying goodbye was a substantial betrayal taking into consideration how far she and also Mary Margaret have actually come as buddies and as an unit.
  • I’m unsure whether the concept of Emma being eliminated breaks menstruation is something that we knew before, that makes me believe that it’s not true. Is it possible that Gold has just told Regina this so that she doesn’t kill Emma as well as jeopardize the strategy to really damage the curse? That seems more probable to me, because truthfully, I have actually never ever listened to that concept posited in the past. I’m additionally perplexed regarding when Regina learned that Emma actually was Emma, as in Enchanting and Snow’s little girl. Did I miss that?
  • I wonder how they will conserve Henry? True Love’s Kiss breaks the Resting Magic, so I wonder whether Emma would certainly count for that? Besides, the act of True Love in Frozen was a sisterly act of love, so I mean an adult act of love could likewise work similarly here? Alternatively, I wonder whether menstruation will intentionally be damaged so that Regina can utilize magic to deal with the issue. Since magic addresses all problems, I think.
  • Here we go youngsters: It’s ending TIME!
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