Broken Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 1

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Mr. Gold develops an imaginative means to get revenge on Regina, and also brand-new characters Aurora, Phillip and Mulan fight against a wraith in the Enchanted Forest.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Jared S. Gilmore, Meghan Ory, as well as Robert Carlyle

Broken Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 1 photo 1

Period 2Episode 1: Broken



In New York City, one more unfamiliar person receives a postcard delivered by a dove. The postcard simply reviews “Broken”, while the picture upon it is of Storybrooke.

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In Storybrooke itself, the newly freed fairy tale characters embrace and celebrate being back together. Nobody is a lot more content than Snow and also Charming, who are relieved to finally have their little girl, Emma, in their lives, despite the fact that Emma is considerably even more cagey over the experience, and doesn’t intend to talk about it. A mob of townspeople descend upon Regina’s estate, eager to obtain vengeance for the curse that she enacted upon them, but they are come by Emma. They put Regina behind bars for her own defense. Gold had assured Belle that he wouldn’t kill Regina in revenge for Belle being secured as a prisoner in Storybrooke’s asylum for 28 years, however he still marks her with a wraith’s talisman, and uses his Dark One blade to mobilize a wraith, which will eat Regina’s soul. When Belle learns that Gold has proactively deceived her, although he protests that he himself is not eliminating Regina, she leaves him. When the wraith assaults, Snow manages to fend it off utilizing alcohol and also a lighter to produce a weapon. Though David attempts to recommend that they leave Regina to her destiny, Emma has made a pledge to Henry to safeguard Regina, as she is still Henry’s mom. They create a plan to utilize Jefferson’s hat to move the wraith to the Enchanted Woodland where it can not hurt anybody, as they think that the Enchanted Woodland was ruined when the Dark Curse was cast. The strategy succeeds, yet just when Emma helps Regina to activate the magic hat. The portal created not only takes the wraith right into oblivion, however additionally Emma, causing Snow to willingly enter after her. The portal shuts prior to David can follow either of them, and also he cares for Henry, that informs Regina that he wants nothing to do with her up until she brings Emma and Snow back to Storybrooke once more. Elsewhere, Belle returns to Gold, telling him that she’s returned due to the fact that he is still a beast.

The Enchanted Forest

Royal prince Phillip awakens Princess Aurora from her cursed rest with true love’s kiss, before the pair, and their companion Mulan are struck by a wraith. They handle to drive it off, yet Phillip grabs the fallen talisman, noting him with the wraith’s mark. When the team make camp, Phillip deserts so that the wraith doesn’t hurt the others. Mulan as well as Aurora work out that he is missing out on, and seek him. Though Mulan offers to take the mark from Phillip to ensure that he and Aurora can be with each other, Phillip voluntarily provides himself to the wraith, his last words as his heart is drawn from his body being “I love you”.

It is then revealed by the firm that they are in the Enchanted Forest after the curse. Mulan explains to Aurora that while she was asleep, everyone was iced up in time for 28 years until time resumed, which allowed her as well as Phillip to continue on their quest to discover her. Mulan additionally reveals that the Dark Curse affected various other areas of the Enchanted Forest, but for some factor, the location they were in was protected. As a result of menstruation, the land is now ravaged and also harmful, as well as a safe haven has actually been established out of the survivors of menstruation. Before both can make their means there, however, they uncover Snow and also Emma unconscious under some debris, and connect the wraith’s arrival to them.


  • Gold targets Regina with a wraith’s mark as revenge for Regina’s capture of Belle.
  • They free Storybrooke of the wraith by utilizing Jefferson’s hat, however Emma and also Snow obtain drawn through the site also.
  • The wraith alarms Aurora, Phillip and also Mulan, as well as eliminates Phillip partly of the Enchanted Woodland that was untouched by the Dark Curse for unidentified factors.
  • Emma and Snow have gotten here in the Enchanted Forest.


  • Let’s play Where’s Raphael Sbarge this week? Oh my god, people, we do not need to any longer! He’s not in the regular actors! Lastly, someone in pay-roll natural cottoned on to his cash making schemes. Honored be.
  • Mentioning the routine cast, two even more actors participants have been included: Emilie de Ravin as Belle, as well as Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood, which is fantastic information for me as I love both of their personalities and can not wait to see some more from them.
  • Speaking of brand-new personalities, Aurora as well as Mulan have likewise been presented, and I currently love them. Aurora is tenacious and independent, while Mulan has the physicality and strength to support her daring spirit, though can be rather rough. I’m not completely certain if I’m fond of the whole rivalry that dropped this week with Aurora thinking that Mulan should be in love with Phillip– I indicate, they are actually the only 3 people we understand of existing in this area at this time, as well as yet they’re still managing to fight regarding a young boy. Uninteresting.
  • Speaking of irritations, I am irritated by the direction that Belle’s story absorbed this episode. I recommend Belle as well as Rumple/Gold sticking, but the entire idea that she should stay with him since he is still bad is such a damaging perception to provide. It is not Belle’s duty to “fix” Gold even if she likes him. Sure, it would certainly be nice if they could be with each other in a healthy method, however Gold has revealed over and over again that power matters to him more than anything else, so eventually I seem like Belle is simply setting herself up for failure as well as even more heartbreak and hurt. The whole principle of changing an individual is hideously romanticised and I am not here for that, no matter just how much they like each other.
  • We were back with a bang at the start of period 2! What a means to present magic to Storybrooke– with a sinister wraith spiralling around? It’s likewise adding a lot more risk to those moments in the program because, unlike with the recalls we typically obtain dealt with to, currently we genuinely have no suggestion which personalities are going to make it with those scenarios.
  • It was fascinating that Regina really did not have her magic back initially till Emma touched her and turned Jefferson’s hat with her, so I ask yourself whether Emma provided her an enchanting increase somehow, as she really did not appear to have any type of struggle holding David back with vines, neither did she seem stunned that this took place either.
  • I am captivated by Dr Whale. We haven’t seen any kind of Storybrooke recalls about him, however he’s clearly rather vengeful, as well as Lovely does not recognise him either. I fear that he could be malicious somehow.
  • I loved the format of this episode, having 2 concurrent stories however them not being flashbacks was so refreshing. The format of a flashback as well as current storyline in each episode is occasionally draining pipes, so it behaved to see this a little switched over up, as well as I hope that the program has the self-confidence to do this regularly, as it can obtain a bit stale. Now that Emma and also Snow are in the Enchanted Forest, I really hope that we can remain to check out both areas without leaning way too much on flashbacks: I feel like we know sufficient about our recognized characters, essentially, and also don’t need to have far more exposition on that particular front.
  • It’s so aggravating that there can not even simply be a minute of elegance within this program. While I am excited to see what happens relocating forwards, and also how Emma and also Snow are going to discover their way back from the Enchanted Woodland, it’s actually annoying that there couldn’t have actually been one episode where everybody was just back with each other and delighted before another thing happens that interrupts every little thing.
  • I really appreciated the get-together in between Snow, Charming and also Emma. It was thoroughly practical for exactly how Emma is really feeling. While Snow and also Lovely just wish to leap directly into them being family members– considering that they have actually been expecting this as well as accumulating to this throughout their cursed presence– Emma is not surprisingly much more cautious, and can not conjure up a domestic link out of no place. From her point of view, Mary Margaret as well as David were just her good friends simple moments back, and now she needs to totally reconceptualise them into being her parents, as well as the fact that Emma has actually been managing the emotional ramifications of their abandonment her whole life. Even if they are now right here, and also her maturing far from them had not been actually since they really did not want her does not eliminate that story of pain and loss that she has actually really felt while maturing. Explaining the circumstance doesn’t reverse that trauma, so I suched as the way that Emma was type of shut down to that discussion and also didn’t wish to involve with it.
  • The plus side of Emma and Snow being transferred to the Enchanted Forest with each other does give them ample time to fix up these multiple identities and also relocate forwards together. It’s likewise intriguing pairing Henry with David, 2 personalities we have actually hardly seen interact, as well as it will interest see how David will certainly cope without Snow/Mary Margaret about, especially with a town to rebuild. A minimum of having Snow out of the way will rather boil down the displeasure between her as well as Regina as the town moves forwards. It may have been interesting for it to have been Emma and David that had gone through to the Enchanted Forest with each other, as they are two characters we have not seen engage horribly much in Storybrooke, so it would be nice to see their familial connection be bought a little bit extra moving forwards.
  • Henry’s having a little a whiplash of emotions in this episode, which is somewhat frustrating. I enjoy the reality that he still shows love towards Regina and also, although he has actually invested the majority of the last season whining that she is the Evil Queen, he ultimately doesn’t desire her to pass away due to the fact that he is his mum, despite Emma aware additionally. This was a rejuvenating modification, and also absolutely complicated matters, especially for our heroes. It would certainly be totally out of character for Snow as well as Captivating to punish Regina (although she definitely is worthy of some type of penalty) however the Henry of it all makes it harder, and also compels the personalities to actively challenge these tricky situations. It would behave to see even more of Regina being adult in the direction of Henry, like we saw in the previous season finale. However, Henry’s abrupt change at the end of the episode, and the presumption of the most awful in Regina was fairly a modification, back to last period’s individuality, and also I discover that a bit jarring as well as frustrating.
  • I am interested by that this strange brand-new complete stranger is. I claim new complete stranger because we had the exact same scenario with August before, in the last season. That postcard is significant. I assume that the message saying “Broken” implies that the curse is damaged. When it comes to who sent it, the only legitimate presumption I have is August. The chief reason for that being that he is the only resident of Storybrooke, other than Emma, who may have connections in the higher world, therefore allowing him to have fulfilled he or she. When it comes to the identity of this guy? Absolutely no suggestion, yet I would certainly presume that he is linked to August or connected to Emma, because both of them have in fact had lives away from the Enchanted Woodland and also Storybrooke. I’m unsure what the circumstance with August is, nevertheless, because he wasn’t in this episode at all, regardless of being turned into a creature throughout the initial period finale. I feared to see if the curse breaking, and magic returning, might have indicated a rebirth, yet he is no longer on the primary cast listing, so it doesn’t look completely appealing. If it’s at least referenced, nevertheless, I will at least have a sense of closure all right?!
  • I really have no suggestion what to even expect of the following episode. Probably, Emma and also Snow will certainly find the shelter of the survivors in the Enchanted Forest, as well as possibly the here and now threats that are still there. Within Storybrooke, it’s any person’s assumption, today that Regina has her magic back, she may be trying to discover additional ways to make other individuals’s lives miserable, unless she takes Henry seriously as well as at his word as well as is trying to obtain Snow and also Emma back.

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