We Are Both Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 2

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As Regina battles with being a moms and dad, we discover her own partnership with her mommy in the Enchanted Forest of the past.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, Meghan Ory, and Robert Carlyle

Season 2Episode 2: We Are Both

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The Past

Regina attempts to escape her marital relationship to King Leopold, though she is come by her mommy Cora’s magic. Regina is hopeless to be complimentary, though Cora argues that the power that she will be given as Queen is flexibility. Regina resists the concept of becoming her mother, as she fantasises regarding murdering Snow, and also her papa tells her concerning a man that helped her mother find out magic. This influences Regina to take the book of spells that her mom received from the man as well as uses it to mobilize Rumplestiltskin. Regina explains to him the battle she is having with her mother, and also he gifts her a looking-glass, which is a site (most likely to Wonderland). As she prepares to get married, Regina tries to press Cora into the mirror, yet Cora safeguards herself with magic, capturing Regina with an enchanting restraint. With the assistance of a phantom of Rumple in the mirror, Regina takes care of to use magic to push Cora via the mirror right into whatever exists beyond. Free finally, Regina leaves once again, yet is visited Rumple, who requires to understand if she liked using magic. Regina accepts that she did, as well as Muss up offers to educate her about magic and also, in exchange, she will certainly owe him a favour …


Charming is frantically searching for out exactly how to return Emma and also Snow back from wherever Jefferson’s hat sent them, yet with Regina not proffering anymore information concerning the hat, and the Blue Fairy powerless without fairy dirt, he reaches a small stumbling block. It likewise takes place, by means of an experiment run by the Seven Dwarves, that going across over the city restricts cause going back to their Storybrooke identifications specifically, as has taken place to Sneezy.

Gold declines to aid Regina win back Henry, however does give to her guide that Regina drew from her mommy in the past, informing her that she is becoming extra like her very own mom. Gold then aids Enchanting discover Jefferson making use of a locator spell, however is furious to learn about the effects of crossing the city border.

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At the conference where Enchanting had actually intended to tell the community just how they were mosting likely to move on in these times, Regina shows up and also shows her magic, yet she is visited Henry, who agrees to go house with her. Captivating has taken care of to situate Jefferson, that does not think that there’s any type of means for him to help, as he thinks the Enchanted Woodland to be damaged. When Jefferson flees, Captivating is visited Red, that educates him that Regina has Henry and that the people are attempting to leave Storybrooke to remove their pain at being displaced from their loved ones as well as their old residence. Lovely repel to stop them, and explains to them the importance of those memories, and also both of their identifications. The speech suffices to convince the homeowners, and also they go back to Storybrooke again.

Regina, at the same time, has actually resorted to magic to keep Henry in your house, entrapping him with tree branches when he attempts to get away out of the home window. When Lovely gets here to liberate Henry, Regina is looking mournfully at her mom’s publication of spells, and she provides Henry over willingly, informing Henry that she wants to transform which she shouldn’t have tried to compel him to remain utilizing magic. Regina confesses to Captivating that the Enchanted Woodland still exists, but she has no suggestion how to arrive. Regardless of trying to distance herself from her mother, Regina can not bring herself to ruin the book of spells.

Geppetto, who has actually been trying to find Pinocchio as well as has actually been leaving posters with time– not aware that August is Pinocchio– is finally told by Henry where to discover him, yet Geppetto locates Pinocchio’s area deserted.

At the same time, in the Enchanted Forest, Emma and also Snow are brought to the refuge camp by Mulan and Aurora. They attempt to get away, yet are tossed into the pit. Snow is knocked senseless in the getaway attempt, as well as while Emma attempts to awaken her, she is amazed by a voice, that offers aid. As she arises into the light, she is exposed to be Cora, though she just introduces herself as “a pal”.

In other words

  • Regina first utilized magic to rid herself of Cora’s influence.
  • Crumple offers Regina the opportunity to learn magic.
  • Regina attempts to use magic to bring Henry back to her, yet understands that she does not want to become her mother, and relinquishes him to Captivating.
  • Emma and also Snow are locked up by the survivors in the Enchanted Woodland, where they encounter Cora.


  • It was excellent to see Red taking even more of a management function in Storybrooke, specifically while Enchanting is attempting to obtain Snow back. A wonderful demonstration of her skills, and excellent to see her having a little bit much more to do.
  • I enjoyed the symmetries made between Regina and also Cora’s characters here, completely to the specific very same approach to limit their youngsters. It’s additionally wonderful to see Regina making the choice to range herself from the selections that her mother made, which created the level of resentment and disgust as they did within Regina. It is weird, nevertheless, that Regina seemed to learn the ethical as well as share the view two times within the very same episode. The fears she had far in the previous concerning coming to be like her mommy are fears she now likewise is reminded of, and also yet in the past she still inevitably made the choices that made her like her mother. I intend it was guide of spells that offered her to remind her of the proportion between her as well as Cora’s behaviors and controlling natures, which might go some way to explain the advancement she experiences in the here and now.
  • As for Regina’s back slide in the past, I question what events resulted in Regina ultimately going back to get wed to King Leopold, as she prepared to run away and also quit her vengeance on Snow up until Rumple’s intervention. I do question whether, considering Rumple is attempting to develop the Dark Curse to ensure that he can get to Bae, if he proactively adjusted Regina into coming to be the Evil Queen to ensure that she can pass it. She was certainly read to leave and also not give in to her lure to specific retribution upon Snow, until Rumple stepped in.
  • It’s nice to see some development for Charming while Snow isn’t about. Enchanting, besides his number of central episodes last period, hasn’t enjoyed much development. David Nolan definitely did not have very much to do apart from his relationship with Mary Margaret, so it behaves to see him taking the function as leader of the community, in addition to him trying to rescue Snow as well as Emma.
  • The scene with Regina explaining to Henry her feelings, and also not wanting to make use of magic to make him love her was actually effective. Remarkably acted. You can truly see the genuineness with Regina, and also it makes you realise just how much of her various other behaviour is a veneer and a mask to hide this authentic side. She actually does love Henry, and also she does have that yearning which caring side, specifically in the direction of family, so it was nice to see this shown, even if Regina did not ultimately choose to quit magic (which is totally a smart choice. I do not assume that she would last very long without her magic, so it’s essential for self protection, but I do not think that magic itself is a corruptive impact, despite the fact that we haven’t in fact seen any excellent individuals in the program who have magic).
  • I am fairly keen on just how this season, with its several areas in the present story, in addition to the flashbacks, feels a little much less anecdotal and a lot more serialised. The overarching story of attempting to obtain Snow as well as Emma back currently feels even more deliberate than trying to damage the curse did last season, so I’m absolutely enjoying this much more than last period. It’s wonderful the purposeful character growth that we can now see from the lead characters now that they remember their fairytale selves.
  • I like how contextual this flashback was. It didn’t feel unneeded, or “gosh we’ve got to have a flashback this episode, swiftly!”, however it slotted in fairly nicely as an exploration of Regina’s current self and also just how she got there.
  • I think it was a good decision to sideline Emma as well as Snow in this episode. They were such substantial parts of the last season, and having them to the side permitted a better exploration for Charming as well as Regina, along with Red to a lesser degree. It’s nice to see every one of these parts well shared out, though I was let down not to see Belle in the episode in any way. It would certainly behave for her to take even more of a duty outside her connection with Gold relocating forwards.

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