Child of the Moon Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 7

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Ruby has a hard time to control her wolfish nature during the moon, as well as a harsh murder sets Storybrooke on side.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Rabin, Jared S. Gilmore, Meghan Ory, and also Robert Carlyle.

Period 2Episode 7: Kid of the Moon


So I am back to do an additional review/recap of Once Upon a Time however I am trying the dictation feature on my iPad so let’s see the number of odd means my sentences elephant. Anyhow pressing on with the main meat of the article. This week on When was a Ruby-centric episode which I constantly appreciate since Meghan Ory is merely wonderful.

The Past

In the past Snow White and also Red Riding Hood took care of to fight off the evil queen is males as well as escape. Nevertheless in the battle Red’s cape creates a tear as well as she is worried that it will not stop her from turning throughout the full moon. They consent to separate for the evening and also meet up the adhering to early morning. As Red leaves Snow, she is being enjoyed by a mysterious man in the shadows whose eyes glow a mystical yellow colour. The following early morning the guy shows up as well as swipes red cape from her. She provides chase to the guy as well as after a short tussle he reveals himself to be called Quinn which he is a monster as well. Quinn acknowledges that Red is an inexperienced werewolf and he assures her that he is able to instruct her concerning her craft so she can manage herself when she shifts. He leads her to a subterranean neighborhood of werewolves and also Red finds that her very own mom, that she formerly believed to be dead, is their leader, Anita. Anita describes to Red that Granny lied to her entire life and that she abducted Red as a child to avoid her from finding out about her real identity as well as heritage. Anita comforts Red that she has the ability to control her monster side with a degree of approval that the wolf is a part of her. With this she handles to persuade Red to eliminate her cloak.

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That night Anita clarifies to Red that the reason she can never ever remember what she has done as a wolf is because she does not recognise the wolf as a component of her very own identity. If she managed to reconcile her wolf side as well as human side, then she would certainly have the ability to retain control when she makes the shift. The following morning, Red has the ability to remember her experience as a wolf and also no more really feels terrified of that component of her. Then Snow gets here, having actually been concerned regarding Red’s whereabouts when she went away. At first, the werewolf pack want to eliminate Snow. Nevertheless, Red takes care of to discuss that Snow is, as a matter of fact, a good friend. Equally as Red has completed explaining to Snow that she is mosting likely to continue to be with the pack to make sure that she can find out more about being a wolf, the Queen’s guys get here and they promptly eliminate Quinn. Despite the fact that the monsters successfully managed to eliminate the Queen’s guys before they do any other damage, Anita still condemns Snow for bringing the guys there and also she advises Red to eliminate her. Red rejects so Anita develops into a wolf to do it herself, forcing Red to transform to shield her friend. She mistakenly kills Anita by knocking her backwards into a skewer as well as she holds her mommy in her arms as she dies. Anita accuses Red of transforming her back on her family members as well as choosing Snow but Red attests that she can pick herself because she is not a killer. Red as well as Snow hide Anita and also Red informs Snow that she didn’t lose her family members or turn her back on it, but instead that Snow is the only person that has approved both sides of her and also therefore is her family.


The episode begins with the significant discovery that the dwarves have lastly found the rubies required to create fairy dust. The Mom Superior instantly advise David to maintain Jefferson’s damaged hat risk-free so they can bring Snow and also Emma back to Storybrooke. It does not take a brilliant to work out that something is mosting likely to take place to that hat.

Ruby is acting strangely. She rejects a date with Billy the tow vehicle driver since she is worried about the effect of the moon on her, especially as she can not locate her cloak. After 28 years of not turning into a wolf Ruby is fretted that she will certainly be not able to control herself, so Gran produces a cage for Ruby and locks her inside. The complying with morning, Gran finds that the cage has actually been ruined and she as well as David find Ruby in the timbers with zero recollection of what happened the evening before. David is called away to a deserted lorry around as well as when they investigate they find that Billy has been torn right into two items. Ruby is bereft and instructs David to arrest her. Nonetheless David declines believing her to be innocent and rejecting to make the very same mistakes that he had actually made when Mary Margaret was implicated of murdering Kathryn.

Albert Spencer, that is King George’s Storybrooke counterpart and formerly threatened David, comes to the police headquarters as well as charges Ruby of being the one in charge of killing Billy. David declines to hand Ruby over to Spencer, and also an upset mob get into the station. Fortunately Ruby and David have left to the collection where Bell accepts chain Ruby up and also watch over her via the night. Nevertheless Ruby determines that she is entitled to fatality sushi rather catch spell as well as she goes to face the crowd. At the same time, Granny’s tracking abilities lead her as well as David to Ruby’s cloak and also a murder tool in the type of an axe in a vehicle signed up to Spencer. The mob, led by Spencer, manage to corner Ruby, who is in her wolf form and Spencer tries to kill her with a gun yet Granny disarms him making use of a weapon. David discloses Spencer as the murderer before the angry mob, triggering him to flee. Ruby as well as David manage to reach him, however not prior to he damages Jefferson’s hat in a fire. David inevitably determines not to eliminate Spencer. Back at Snow’s level, Ruby assures David that they will certainly locate another means to bring Snow and Emma back, prior to she leaves her cloak with him and also runs cost-free as a wolf.

Elsewhere, Henry continues to be haunted by his troubling dreams. After one, Regina awakes him to uncover an actual burn on his hand, so summons Mr Gold to check out him. Gold clarifies that the dreams are an adverse effects of the sleeping curse. During a sleeping curse, the spirits of the victim travels to a netherworld (a globe between life and death) throughout of the curse. When resting again, the sufferers may discover themselves once more in this realm. Gold can not stop Henry from taking a trip there, yet he does offer Henry an amulet that allows Henry to control his actions in the various other globe. When asked what the catch is by Regina, Gold discloses that this, for Henry, is free. The next time Henry sleeps, he effectively takes care of to soothe the fires as well as assure the various other occupant of the inferno: Princess Aurora.

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The Enchanted Forest

Aurora continues to imagine the intense space. Henry shows up as well as manages to put out the fires as well as assure Aurora from her panic. Presently, Aurora wakes up as well as tells Snow and Emma that there was a boy in her desire, that stated “his name was Henry”.

Simply put

  • In the past, Red learns to manage her wolf side with the aid of a wolf pack led by her mother.
  • Red mistakenly eliminates her mother when she switches on Snow.
  • Ruby stresses that the first full moon given that the curse has damaged will trigger her to blow up once again.
  • Albert Spencer (King George) murders Billy to mount Ruby as well as challenge David.
  • David and Gran discover Spencer’s deceptiveness, yet he handles to damage Jefferson’s hat, removing the approach for bringing Snow as well as Emma back to Storybrooke.
  • Aurora as well as Henry meet in the inferno.


Once was clearly feeling rather bloodthirsty this week. Prior to I get correctly into the meat of the episode, let’s spare an idea for bad Billy– the adorable Storybrooke iteration of Gus (the cute computer mouse in Cinderella)– who was played by the cigarette smoking Jarod Joseph (thankfully he’s in You Me Her; another program that you should have a look at BTW). Not only is the loss of such a beautiful face on our screens a misfortune in itself, yet the way he was killed off was absolutely brutal. He was halved with an axe by one more human personality. That’s horrible! That’s horror-level story lines, and it’s never ever correctly attended to within the episode that King George/Albert Spencer is simply a straight-up psychopath who cut a living individual in fifty percent with an axe ?! That’s dark. Not just this, however there was Anita, Red’s somewhat savage monster mother, who was savagely spiked upon a spike; Quinn, a slightly nondescript participant of the pack, that was shot with an arrow and after that several participants of the queen’s guards whose necks were broken. I don’t mind the program getting a bit edgier, but that was maybe way too much? I really do draw the line at boldy slicing someone in fifty percent with an axe while they live.

Episodes about Ruby are absolutely fantastic. Meghan Ory plays the part with such wonderful genuineness, and also you can tell an actual difference between the virtue of her Enchanted Woodland counterpart compared to the extra ensured and also certain nature of her existing state. There was a fascinating expedition of her additional backstory below, however I can not assist however feel that this is an awful quantity of trauma for one personality to undergo. Not just did she tear apart her initial sweetheart directly when she changed into a wolf, now she is additionally responsible for the death of her mom too? That’s a lot of luggage for one personality to lug, and I don’t mind that, yet only if it is followed through appropriately, and also taking into consideration that this is the very first episode to dramatically featured Red Riding Hood considering that I think of episode 16 of last series that does not inspire me with self-confidence that this will ever before be referenced once more. Another point that bothered me was the assertion of Red’s that Snow is her household. That’s charming, as well as a great growth, as well as I’m glad of that. Nonetheless, that just isn’t shown somewhere else in the program. Snow and Red barely interacted in the one episode that they have been without menstruation, and Mary Margaret and Ruby scarcely engaged throughout Period 1. This is not the exact same effect as when Emma as well as Mary Margaret proactively built their partnership throughout Season 1 up until Emma declared Mary Margaret to be her family members (not least since she actually was). That is character advancement done right. But you can not retroactively make this relationship more crucial than it in fact is, because it just hasn’t been shown anywhere else. Fingers went across that if this is the narrative path that the writers are going down that they show this amazingly boosted partnership in between Snow and also Red in the past.

This episode, in spite of the winning efficiency by Meghan Ory, looked like a step backwards narratively from what we have been enjoying in Period 2. The trappings of Period 1 were that it fell under a “story of the week” layout with which fairy tale are we visiting retold this time around? This very much felt like that. Where the recalls work is either to project the story forwards, which I felt worked in the last episode. Understanding of Emma’s past, and also the identification of the mysterious stranger from the premiere, does push the story forward, as well as it helps us to recognize one of our central characters. I am not sure whether this flashback offers the very same narrative function. It’s drawing away, as well as it assists us understand Red’s character more, yet inevitably it is just filler. Red’s character is not as significant as the various other ones– which is really unfavorable considering just how much I like her. She does not affect the storyline similarly that Gold, Regina, David, Snow and Emma do. This is additionally true of Belle, that just seems to be essential when she is impacting upon Gold’s story, or interfering in the various other personality’s stories. Currently the “large” storyline is getting Snow and also Emma back from the Enchanted Woodland, and also this episode did extremely little to increase that specific plot line. While we had the revelation of the discovery of the rubies in the mines (apparently fairy dust originates from diamonds?), and also Spencer damaged the hat, which is a bothersome trouble, extremely little else helped to improve this narrative trajectory. It is unsatisfactory to have to cast someone’s unfortunate backstory off as “unimportant”, however it sadly is. Ultimately, in the grand tale of Once, this was simply a filler episode. With any luck, the show soon goes back to balancing more stories within one episode, as I really took pleasure in as well as was captivated by the better feeling of speed when we had a purposeful peek right into the recalls, Storybrooke as well as the Enchanted Woodland all at once.

I really felt that some of the writing this week had not been as solid as usual too, specifically within the Enchanted Woodland story. Some of the discussion was absurd. The explanation that the werewolves’ hideout was some kind of structure that had actually “penetrated the ground” was genuinely absurd. Like, I actually complete on laughed seeing it. That’s not just how buildings work. Particularly not buildings which are entirely well kept. If that room had in fact penetrated the earth, then that state of disrepair would have been shown in the state of the structure. The cliched speech that the werewolves did when one of them died was additionally way too much, it was difficult to take seriously. The whole “stroll into the pale light of the moon”, I imply really? No thanks.

Various other thoughts

  • It behaves to see the explanation behind Henry’s and also Aurora’s common desire. I pictured it would certainly be because of both of them having been under the resting curse. It after that occurs to me that it was somewhat foolish of Snow to not realise the link earlier. This is certainly going to play into the story to cost-free Emma and Snow from the Enchanted Woodland in some way, I simply question how that is going to be accomplished.
  • It behaved to see Belle featured in this week’s episode, and also her relationship with Ruby being explored much more. I like their relationship and them as a pairing, as well as it behaves for Belle to be constructing her identification away from her connection with Gold.
  • Have we known prior to the diamonds make fairy dust? Are they fairy rubies? Totally baffled by that, personally.
  • Better use of CGI in this episode contrasted to the last one. The existence of physical sets certainly made the wolves work much better than the last episode, which likewise relied upon big CGI scapes. The show in basic works better when it uses actual places and also collections, in comparison to eco-friendly screen. It’s just too much work with a network tv budget.


A dark as well as awesome mystery centring around the underused personality of Red Riding Hood. A drawing away hour, however the show needs to get the speed on the major storyline quickly, before it starts to go stale.

You can see In the past Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is likewise readily available on residence media as well as other electronic platforms for purchase or rental fee.

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