Into the Deep Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 8

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The conflict in between our heroes and Cora heats up in the Enchanted Woodland, as Cora releases a heap of reanimated remains and also abducts Aurora to secure the compass.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle.

Season 2Episode 8: Into the Deep


Blimey, that was an episode as well as a half! The storyline in the Enchanted Forest is obviously coming to a head, and also I wouldn’t be amazed if Emma as well as Snow weren’t back in Storybrooke prior to as well long, yet this is additionally among those dazzling episodes where the authors become a bit more speculative. In this situation, it entailed just one storyline throughout: the mission to stop Cora from getting to Storybrooke, and also there were no problematic recalls to emulate. Express joy! Consequently, I can’t even separate this recap right into various sections, as whatever slots in so perfectly with each various other!

Captain Hook lastly reaches the bottom of the Beanstalk, to be fulfilled by Cora, that requires the compass. She is much less than pleased to uncover that Emma has the compass, specifically when he had actually swiped Cora’s security spell in order to climb it. Cora makes it clear that she doesn’t desire anything more to do with Hook as well as, rather than killing him, she will certainly penalize him by leaving him in the Enchanted Woodland, incapable to get his vengeance on Gold. Cora after that appears at the survivors’ camp as well as makes use of among her hearts to reanimate the uncaring remains of the dead survivors.

Emma as well as Snow question Aurora over the kid Henry in her desires, and also Aurora confirms from a picture of Henry that Emma shows her that it was him that she saw. Emma locates it puzzling that Aurora as well as Henry remain in the same dream together, however Snow explains about the results of a resting curse, and that she had actually encountered the very same place after Regina had actually cursed her. Aurora is somewhat mad for Snow not disclosing this details quicker (though I could have vouched this is exactly what Snow had told her a number of episodes before). They determine that Aurora requires to go back to sleep to ensure that she can talk with Henry. Aurora does so, as well as informs Henry that she is with his mom and granny and they need his aid.

Henry awakes, and passes on the info to David and Regina that Emma as well as Snow are still to life, though they are under danger from Cora. Regina gets the aid of Mr Gold, reminding him that, though he does not such as Regina, Cora’s return would certainly be bad for the both of them, due to Gold’s sensations for Belle offering him a weak point.

Mulan notices that Aurora has burns on her arm, as well as confronts her about it. Though Aurora passes it off as brushing against some poisonous substance ivy, Mulan doesn’t believe that Aurora should return to the Netherworld as it is also unsafe. Aurora, nevertheless, is eager to have the chance to aid somebody else, instead of regularly being assisted, and also is determined that she will certainly do it, regardless of Mulan’s sensations on the issue.

Henry is determined to connect with Aurora once again, so they prepare Henry to rest as well as take a trip again to the Inferno. Gold informs Henry a tale regarding how Snow and Charming had shocked him in the past, and also shows that on this occasion it was the ink and also not the quill that had provided him helpless. He reveals that there is even more ink, which will certainly do something comparable to Cora, in his prison cell in the Enchanted Woodland.

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Aurora as well as Henry satisfy in the smoke as well as flames once more, though they have a hard time to communicate via popular fire. Before Aurora has the ability to exercise what Henry is stating, she is drawn upwards into a void and wakes up in the Enchanted Woodland again, discovering that she, Mulan, Snow as well as Emma are under fire from Cora’s zombies. Aurora and Mulan leave with each other, but inevitably Mulan is knocked to the ground as well as Aurora is taken.

Henry stirs up with Regina, Lovely as well as Gold and also reveals that he couldn’t pass the message to Aurora as she was pulled from the desire prior to he can do. Regina and also Charming are alarmed to find a nasty melt on Henry’s lower arm.

Aurora is put behind bars in the pit by Cora, and also stays steadfastly dedicated, even when Cora indicates that there is nothing for her in assisting Snow and Emma, as she does not have a life back in Storybrooke. Aurora maintains that she deserves to have a brand-new life, even though she misses Phillip, however there is no way to bring him back. Cora tries to seduce Aurora onto her side by revealing that the spirits of those taken by wraiths are moved to one more globe instead of being damaged. Aurora sees through the ploy, as well as insists that she will certainly not betray her pals, despite the amount of guarantees Cora makes. Aggravated, Cora uses her magic to toss Aurora versus the wall surface, rendering her unconscious.

Cora sends a raven to Snow, Mulan and also Emma which reveals that Aurora will be killed unless they supply the compass to her by sundown. Mulan is persistent that they need to return the compass, yet Snow shows that, if they handle to make even more of Mulan’s sleeping powder, then she can travel to the Netherworld and interact with Henry, allowing them to come up with a much better strategy to keep the compass as well as see to it Aurora is secure.

Gold heals Henry’s burns, and also Charming and also Regina make it clear that Henry ought to not take a trip back, as it is also harmful. Lovely realises that if Aurora is not there, after that Snow will certainly go rather, because of her past experience with the curse. Enchanting recommends that he should be put under the resting curse so that he can contact Snow, even though Gold advises him that he might never wake up if Snow does not return from the Enchanted Woodland.

Aurora stirs up in the pit to discover Hook standing over her. Though she is wary, he says that he is going to assist her to run away from Cora due to the fact that she double crossed him. He informs Aurora to inform Emma that their offer to visit Storybrooke still stands. Aurora many thanks Hook and runs from the pit.

On their means to find the poppies to make the resting curse, Emma asks Snow regarding the Netherworld. When Snow exposes that it is a dark and lonesome area, Emma begins to feel guilty for having send out Henry there, yet Snow scolds her, mentioning that she should really feel guilty, for beginning the disagreement with Regina that created the curse to begin with, however that the regret is not valuable because they need to get points back to regular. Eventually, Emma determines that Regina is the one at fault for the circumstance they discover themselves in.

Mulan manages to make the sleeping powder as well as uses it to send Snow right into a deep rest. On the other hand, Regina has actually prepared another sleeping curse, which she and Gold provide to Enchanting using the needle of a spinning wheel, yet not prior to providing Enchanting Henry’s pendant, which will secure him while he remains in there. Enchanting discovers himself in a pitch black location with just a torch, while Snow discovers herself in the burning room, calling out for Henry.

Charming’s pendant starts to glow and also he drops it. When he chooses it up, he notices the temperature of the floor as well as realises that he gets on top of the intense room. He makes use of the lantern to break through the floor as well as falls under the area, where he uncovers Snow. Lovely manages to tell her about the ink in Rumple’s cell, which they can use to stop Cora. Snow knows that Charming has been put under a sleeping curse, and also attempts to kiss him to awaken him, however they realise that they aren’t in the real world so it does not work. Enchanting assures her that he has faith that she will certainly return to Storybrooke and also conserve him. Snow begins to fade as she stirs up in the Enchanted Woodland, leaving Charming behind in the Netherworld.

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Snow promptly wants extra poppy dirt so that she can be rejoined with Enchanting, however Emma discloses that all of it has actually been utilized, however that they need to concentrate upon going back to Storybrooke to ensure that Snow can conserve him effectively. At that moment, they know that Mulan has actually taken off with the compass, and they chase after her. Snow nearly strikes Mulan with an arrowhead, as well as both ladies battle, prior to they are disrupted by Aurora, that exposes that Hook helped her to run away.

Cora uncovers that the cell is vacant and also only Hook is in there. She prepares to cut him open utilizing his own hook, but he tells her to search in his satchel for an existing he has actually offered her.

Aurora indicates to Emma that she should have relied on Hook, which he let her go, which she assumes the reason is since he likes her. Then, we discover that the words that Aurora is claiming remain in reality Cora’s, which she is managing Aurora utilizing her heart, which was ripped out by Hook. Through the heart, Cora then learns that the team are headed for Rumple’s cell, causing her to smile.

In Short

  • Gold discloses the means to stop Cora is through ink that lies in his jail cell in the Enchanted Woodland.
  • Cora abducts Aurora prior to Henry can expose this info to her.
  • Lovely has the sleeping curse put upon him, to make sure that he can tell Snow concerning the ink.
  • Hook allows Aurora go, but not before removing her heart and also offering it to Cora, enabling them to manage her.


I feel like I have whiplash from the large quantity of story discoveries and activity that emerged in this week’s instalment. The main benefit of this episode, for me, is the removal of any sort of flashback. This enabled an appropriate expedition of the quest available. The episode didn’t seem to delay at any specific moments either, though there absolutely was more activity in the initial part compared to the 2nd.

The greatest triumph of this episode is the characterisation of Aurora. Aurora up until now this season has actually mainly been the type of princess who needs conserving, as well as additionally has actually been slightly whiny concerning either the death of the love of her life, or the nightmares that she has actually been having. It is consequently such a welcome modification that this episode really makes you root for Aurora. Regardless of these things, she is represented here as being steadfastly dedicated, unwavering and also brave. Also when she deals with Cora, locked up, and also knows that the option is death, she still does not work with her, but rather rips her, and waits her pals as they strive to accomplish their goals, although they are of no advantage to her. This is in raw contrast to Mulan, that, despite being a terrific assistance when it concerns combat, is far more anxious than Aurora is to save Aurora’s life: totally sacrificing Snow and Emma’s quest while doing so.

This was definitely an extra aggravating aspect of the episode. I love the toughness of Mulan and Aurora’s friendship (despite the fact that Mulan remains to play it off as a result of the guarantee that she made to Phillip), as well as the fact that Mulan is hopeless to save her, but I also really felt that she was being created right into a function to be as bothersome as possible in this episode. Not just does she motivate Aurora not to head to the Netherworld to help Emma as well as Snow, yet she then proactively swipes the compass to return it to Cora, although that there are a myriad various other possibilities to complimentary Aurora as well as likewise restrain Cora. The truth that the highly competent warrior character is the first one to cave to a risk is a little confusing. While I will certainly translate it to be a signal of her devotion and also love for Aurora, as well as wishing her to endure, I still feel like this is an extremely psychological and spontaneous decision for a character like Mulan to make.

Captivating as well as Snow ultimately having a scene together was absolutely welcome, though I need to admit by this factor I am dramatically tiring from the “I will constantly locate you” line that appears to be chucked out whenever they speak. While the scene was carried out well by both Goodwin as well as Dallas, as well as their chemistry is undoubtedly ridiculous, these cliched lines do limit the pleasure of those scenes, I have to be honest.

Inevitably, this episode actually hypes up the exhilaration for the winter season finale coming quickly afterwards. The cliffhanger at the end was totally unexpected and a reputable twist to the tale, leaving me on the edge of my seat for next week regarding just how they will inevitably defeat Cora (if, certainly, they will).

Other thoughts

  • I continue to adore Colin O’Donoghue as Hook. The entire character is fascinating and I appreciate how he is continually depicted in shades of grey. There’s something audacious and unpredictable concerning him, and also it’s somewhat impossible to anticipate what side he is actually on. Sure, he is terrible and has dedicated terrible acts, and also he is intent upon achieving his vengeance versus Rumple, so for those factors we know that there is a specific evil-minded touch within him. Nonetheless, we have actually additionally been exposed to sides which suggest that he’ll actually straighten himself with anybody to get himself to Storybrooke. He is not wedded to Cora, he merely swaps sides relying on who he assumes he can assist win. He is an opportunist, most importantly, and when the time pertains to swap sides once more, I am particular that he will do so. I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s part of his strategy with Aurora’s heart.
  • Mentioning which, considering that when can Hook take people’s hearts? I do not believe that he is magical? So what is that everything about?
  • In relation to that spin, it would certainly be such a pity if Aurora did, inevitably, pass away as an outcome of her heart being removed, especially after such an episode investing, as it did, in her character.
  • The battle sequences in these episodes were wonderful. The editing and the enthusiastic as well as energised performances by all involved really elevated it into something even more amusing and engaging than it might or else have been.
  • I doubt what is happening with the victims of Cora’s raid on the survivors’ camp. This part of the script appeared like it was just bringing in zombies for the sake of it, due to the fact that I thought that, if the survivors were, in fact, dead, after that Cora needs to have taken their hearts and squashed them. Nevertheless, that’s exactly how we have actually seen personalities die previously. The real removal of the heart isn’t what eliminates the person, however instead the crushing of it. So, if Cora had not squashed the hearts, but instead kept them, then why were every one of these bodies on the ground and not still running about? A weird idea that does not really harmonize our understanding of the magic concerning removing hearts, so I’m going to comfortably remove that from my memory to help me fix up all of those aspects.
  • I was slightly puzzled regarding the entire “we can’t send [insert name here] back to the Inferno”, as Aurora and also Henry are essentially not able to regulate themselves mosting likely to the Netherworld, so as ethically conscionable as it may be to say that Henry can not go back to the Netherworld due to the fact that it is too unsafe, he will actually still go there anyhow, so you could as well utilize it to your advantage at some time.
  • It’s strange that Emma unexpectedly picks this episode to determine to be guilty over not believing Henry. It seems an unneeded addition to the episode, just to set up some tension between Emma as well as Regina, which will certainly be irritating. We already know, as well as have actually faced this suggestion last season with the idea of Emma as well as Regina at loggerheads and the damaging result that has upon Henry. I suggest, certain, she’s the Wickedness Queen and has actually destroyed Emma’s life, however also, if you’re not mosting likely to do anything to her, after that you just need to pass it, due to the fact that you can’t kill her because she’s Henry’s mum.


An action-packed instalment of Once Upon a Time that flaunts an excellent cliffhanger twist that makes certain to make customers listen to the following episode.

You can watch In the past Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is also offered on residence media and also other digital platforms for purchase or rent.

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