Queen of Hearts Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 9

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Is love weakness?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Jared S. Gilmore, Meghan Ory, and Robert Carlyle.

Season 2Episode 9: Queen of Hearts


Once Upon a Time efficiently takes care of to progress the story, while also extra time to focus upon the key relationships at the heart of the program in their mid-season wintertime ending. It’s virtually as if the writers are functioning down a laundry list of unsolved story indicate hastily complete before we go on to the following chapter. We discover that Cora ended up in Heaven after she was eradicated with the looking glass by Regina, becoming the Queen of Hearts (a very apt name considering her aggressive predispositions when it involves ripping them out of individuals’s breasts); that Hook can get rid of hearts due to a delight placed upon his hook by Regina; which Cora as well as Hook (in addition to a tiny area of the Enchanted Forest) were shielded from menstruation’s effects due to a protection spell cast by Cora right prior to menstruation hit. On top of that, the program additionally discovers time to focus and also create its core personalities: namely Regina, Cora as well as Emma, while additionally supplying respectable display time for all the significant gamers. Nevertheless, inevitably it concludes on a wholly irritating cliffhanger, certain to make audiences tune in after the Winter months break.

In the Fairy tale land of old, Regina employs Hook’s assistance to take care of her rotten mother, Cora. Why Hook, you ask? Predominantly due to the fact that he burglarized Regina’s castle and also menaced a restricted Belle, in the foolish hope that she could have some beneficial info that would assist him eliminate Rumple. Regina charms Hook’s … hook and also sends him through Jefferson’s hat to eliminate Cora. However, as soon as getting here in Heaven, Hook discovers that he is unable to remove Cora’s heart as she does not keep it in her body, as well as is persuaded to sign up with Cora’s side when he discovers that Regina’s curse will clear all of them of their memories. Returning to the Enchanted Woodland, Hook offers Regina with Cora’s “dead” body, and Regina admits, when she is alone, that she had to have Cora killed since her love for her mom is her best weakness, and also she needed to have no weaknesses to pass the Dark Curse. Apparently encouraged off killing her daughter, Cora rather decides that her daughter will certainly need her in the future, therefore shields an area of the Enchanted Forest from the Dark Curse’s effects to make sure that, once it is broken, she can return to Regina’s side and also sustain her.

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Gold is figured out not to permit Cora in to Storybrooke, and also targets upon Regina’s insecurities to employ her help too. Regina, to her credit rating, does attempt to withstand Gold, mentioning that she wishes to transform for Henry, as well as she does stand up to Gold’s needling around how, with Emma gone, Regina will be Henry’s only parent. The oblique point for Regina is the need to shield Henry from Cora, so the craven pair set off to the mines as well as swipe the magic from the rubies that the towers over found. They after that utilize this magic to curse the captivated site that is opening at the Wishing Well, so that any person who tries to pass through it will certainly perish.

In the Enchanted Woodland, our band of heroes alight upon Rumple’s old prison cell in the hopes of discovering the squid ink that they can use to defeat Cora, yet are instead entraped by Cora, who utilizes Aurora as her puppet. Cora takes the compass and deserts the group in the cell, leaving them without hope of retreat. Cryptically, Emma has located a scroll in the cell that just states her name over and also over, convincing her that there was nothing truly unique regarding her, but instead that Rumple manufactured her and controlled the circumstance from the start. Disregarding Emma’s blatant and also time consuming self pitying story, Snow understands that the scroll is the ink, as well as utilizes some tricks she observed from Cora to blow the ink off, destroying the cell bars and also allowing them to get away.

Mulan, Emma and also Snow catch up to Cora as well as Hook at Lake Nostros, which Cora has magically recovered as well as has actually efficiently turned into a website. In the taking place battle, Mulan manages to get Aurora’s heart back, while stimulates fly between Emma and also Hook as they essentially have sword sex (???), but Emma efficiently manages to take the compass and also knock out Hook. Meanwhile, Cora has Snow precisely where she desires her, as well as aspires to take her heart so that she can present it to Regina, yet Emma jumps in the method as well as gets the force of Cora’s heart-ripping strike. Bizarrely, Cora is incapable to eliminate Emma’s heart and is rather knocked in reverse by a powerful magic, enabling Snow and Emma to get the compass and leap into the open portal. In other places, Mulan efficiently pushes Aurora’s heart back into her body (due to the fact that evidently we can do that?) and the two make a decision to locate Phillip’s spirit.

Henry efficiently handles to encourage Regina to reverse whatever she did the portal, predominantly by continuously whimpering about exactly how goodwill always accomplishment over evil and also just how she intends to alter, as well as all of that stuff. So, Regina soaks up every one of the magic from the portal, permitting Emma and also Snow to safely come through. For her trouble, she is rewarded by Henry completely neglecting her to make sure that he can noisally proclaim “Mum!” as well as frog leap onto Emma. Snow hurries off to restore Enchanting from his curse, dragged there by Ruby (who had been immediately yeeted throughout the forest by Gold, however apparently is totally cool concerning that). Emma takes the opportunity to face Gold over her deep insecurities over whether she is unique, forcing Gold to verify that while he anticipated her fate, he did not regulate it. In other places, Henry accepts Regina and declares his belief in her and how she is altering, prior to immediately completely abandoning her to go as well as have a congratulatory dinner with Emma, the Charmings et cetera of the people of Storybrooke, without even a backwards glimpse or bye-bye. I imply, truthfully, the lady just secured all of you from Gold (ensured everyone will forget about Gold’s function in this entire debacle as well as simply focus upon Regina) as well as enabled them to take a trip back to Storybrooke and also this is how she is paid back? And also, certainly, Gold can not resist the urge to turn the knife, by telling her that, “perhaps following time they’ll welcome you to supper”. Savage. Gold continues to be the worst.

As a threatening closing, while we see the pleased band of lately rejoined heroes shuffle recklessly down the middle of a road to Nana’s restaurant, Hook’s ship appears coming up, bring Hook and Cora to Storybrooke using his petrified magic bean. Because allowing a pleased resolution lie simply wouldn’t be ideal.

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This episode did a tremendous work with stabilizing its three storylines. While the return of flashbacks after the wonderful last episode had not been always essential or welcome, these at least helped to fill out some narrative spaces as well as address some burning plot-related inquiries in a satisfying way. Additionally, the pursuit to avoid Cora’s arrival in Storybrooke, both in Storybrooke and also in the Enchanted Forest was full of action and also stress, while likewise taking care of to suit some sufficient character moments.

Regina and also Emma were the main characters to be aided by the personality development in this episode. Via the recall, we remain to learn more about Regina’s complex connection with her mother. While we thought we understood whatever there was to recognize, as last we saw Regina had eradicated her mom via a looking glass to eliminate her from her life, we currently involve understand that Cora is Regina’s weak point: that Regina’s love for Cora is a frailty that she can not allow. It’s additionally practical for us to understand that was the perception of love that Cora cultivated in Regina, and goes some method to clarify Regina’s attitudes towards the others in Storybrooke. Truly, throughout the entire time there, the only meaningful connections that Regina has actually made is with Henry. Besides that, she has not allow anyone else in. In the present day story, we see Regina’s susceptabilities radiate through. She is clearly distressed about Henry’s shifting commitments as well as his sensations towards Emma as a danger to their very own link, and she obviously values Henry’s continued faith in her and also her innate goodness. Regina is additionally eager to avoid Cora from travelling through right into Storybrooke, not trusting herself, considering her love, to be able to defeat her and also safeguard those around her from Cora’s awful actions. It’s inevitably this principle that stimulates her into shutting the website, so it suggests great advancement and dedication in the direction of her assurance to Henry that she doesn’t promptly give right into Gold’s proding around removing her competition for Henry’s focus.

Emma also gets some significant growth. We continue to see her feeling of uncertainty and pain at the idea of being the Saviour, taking the opportunity within Rumple’s cell to see the most awful and reconceptualise herself as just a pawn in Rumple’s game. We saw this thought pattern back in season 1, as Emma battled with the concept of being in charge of a town in the first place, so it was practical for this plot line ahead back again. Furthermore, we additionally find out that Emma’s capacities as the Saviour prolong beyond simply damaging the Dark Curse, as her immunity to Cora’s powers shows a deeper and also a lot more extensive level of magic at play.

Some gorgeous efficiencies today, as well. Any type of episode that focuses upon Barbara Hershey continues to be delightful, as she obviously relishes the duty of Cora. The chemistry between her as well as Colin O’Donoghue remains to be captivating to watch. On Colin O’Donoghue, his charming rogue’s flirtation with Jennifer Morrison’s Emma substantially warms up in simply minority moments that these two share on screen, establishing the scene for a possible love in between both, which has been teased since their trip up the beanstalk with each other earlier this season. Lana Parrilla additionally continues to act her socks off, kicking it out of the park in both amount of time this week. Despite her dreadfully distracting Wickedness Queen clothes this week, Parrilla managed to peel back the steely veneer that usually exemplifies the personality to express her susceptabilities worrying her mom. In the present day, the feeling of pain shown by Regina when Henry and the others go off to dinner and leave her behind is truly emotional, and also is making big strides to represent Regina as a sympathetic character: no mean feat considering her myriad base acts throughout the program.

Simply put

  • Hook met Cora when Regina sent him to kill her.
  • Cora shielded herself and also Hook from menstruation so that she might sustain her child when the moment came.
  • Snow as well as Emma take care of to subdue Hook and also Cora and also go back to Storybrooke.
  • Cora and also Hook additionally procure to Storybrooke.
  • Aurora (reunited with her heart) and Mulan leave searching for Phillip’s heart.

Various other thoughts

  • Some dazzling humour this week. Emma’s “Isn’t that what spell publications are? Spells in a book?” was absolutely flawlessly timed and provided, as well as apt taking into consideration Snow’s nonsensical garbling.
  • Aurora luckily survived today’s instalment in spite of having her heart removed and in Cora’s belongings. Oddly, Hook was more than happy to offer it back to the heroes, and also Mulan somehow handled to flawlessly place it back into Aurora’s body. Sadly, it appears like this might be the last we see of these characters for now. While I never actually handled Mulan in these episodes, Aurora was truly starting to establish as well as come into her own, so ideally we will certainly catch up with these 2 and also their quest to locate Phillip at a later date.
  • Hook and Emma’s sword fight can just be called aggressively euphemistic.
  • Hook’s evaluation of Belle as “quite, but pointless” sadly sums up the representation of the personality thus far. In half a season, she pretty much just appears and also consumes in every episode, and also is yet to do very much aside from the time she broke up with Gold in Episode 4, after that quickly reunited with him. Hopefully the authors get a clearer sense of what to do with her character quickly.
  • What was keeping that weird brighten floor in Belle’s cell? That fitted that? That made a jail cell and made a decision “Hey, we should have a lit floor in here?”. Literally nobody. That’s crazy.
  • Why was Belle wearing such an appealing number in prison?
  • I question where Cora is hiding her heart, and also whether this may, actually, be the secret to defeating her when the moment comes.
  • I deliver Mulan as well as Aurora. There. I stated it. As you were.
  • I am seriously annoyed that not a bachelor who skipped off to Granny’s thought to invite Regina. It’s simply act of courtesy, people. I wager they’ll still speak to Gold as well as engage with him whenever they require things, despite the fact that he too intended to destroy the site– and Emma even agreed with him that that’s what she would certainly have carried out in his situation. Yet, they remain to villainise Regina. It’s tedious, and discouraging, but I sense that it’s going to take place for quite some time to make us feel as bad as feasible for Regina.
  • Henry’s continuously changing state of mind and obligation is getting actually annoying at the moment. He sweeps in between “Oh my god she profanes, she existed to me” to “maybe you’re changing. You’re good on the within, I understand it!” to “You made use of magic, why would certainly you lie to me and also profane” to “You have actually altered. I’m so happy with you.” Like, choose a lane youngster. Either you believe in her, which is absolutely reasonable enough, or you don’t. If you rely on somebody, then you need to rely on them effectively as well as in fact trust fund them when somebody else claims that they were lying. Absolutely outrageous.
  • On that note, why did Rumple even require Regina to ensure that he could shut the site? The entire plot line focused on him using his stick to steal the magic from the rubies and then he cursed the site. Regina simply kind of stood there as well as viewed. So actually he didn’t need to problem her in any way.


Once lock up a number of story points in its mid season ending, with a rewarding settle as well as an aggravating cliffhanger.

You can view Once Upon a Time Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is likewise offered on home media and various other electronic platforms for acquisition or rental fee.

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