Tiny Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 13

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Who would like to know regarding the backstory of Tiny, the Titan? … No, really did not think so.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Jared S. Gilmore, Meghan Ory, as well as Robert Carlyle.

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Period 2Episode 13: Tiny


Sadly, Once’s thirteenth instalment of the second period, “Tiny” has many of the concerns that “In the Name of the Brother” possesses: particularly, focussing for much too long on the backstory of a personality that the target market really aren’t purchased, and barely progress the main plot of the period. At the end of the day, Tiny’s terrible fairytale backstory is that he didn’t feel like he fit in with the titans, so travelled to the human beings, obtained deceived by David’s twin brother James (yes, I ‘d entirely forgotten about that bizarre story factor too), and also Jack (yes, that Jack. Yet, get this: Jack is short for Jacqueline. Why? Since the authors simply can not resist adjusting fairytales as well as adjusting them, despite just how ordinary the change may show up to routine mortals like ourselves). Via this trickery, the various other giants were killed, besides Tiny, as well as all of the giant’s magic beans were destroyed. Inevitably, the episode merely sets up Tiny, as well as the dwarves, as growing a plant of magic beans, allowing the citizens of Storybrooke to go back to the Enchanted Woodland.

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The only other components of note are the reality that Belle still has no memory of who she is, even when Ruby sees her and tries to connect with her. As opposed to disclosing any one of the truth to Belle, and clarifying the circumstance, Ruby rather completely refutes Belle’s cases that she saw Gold making use of magic, as well as in a similar way Ruby attempts to brush off Greg to convince him to leave town. Nevertheless, he later on talks with Belle and admits that he saw Gold holding flames in his hands. So, that little danger to the privacy and safety of Storybrooke continues to impend big.


  • Tiny the giant has a terrible backstory that no one is emotionally purchased.
  • Cora brought him to Storybrooke so that he can grow magic beans.
  • Charming as well as Snow put him to work growing magic beans for the side of great.
  • Emma, Gold and also Henry head to New York to locate Bae.

Other thoughts

  • I can’t assist however seem like this magic bean story will go awry in some way. In spite of Snow’s insistence that they’ll stop Cora from obtaining her hands on them, they have actually rarely been specifically effectual at quiting Cora up until this factor, so I doubt they will certainly be successful below.
  • I seem like Regina is simply picking reasons to be angry right here. She went off by herself anonymously and also was uncontactable intentionally. Due to that lack of contact, Henry and also Emma have actually headed off on Gold’s mission, as well as Regina is frustrated that she was not spoken with. I mean, disregarding the reality that Emma had not been allowing Regina alone with Henry also before Cora was back around, it would certainly make complete sense that Emma would take him with her as well as obtain him far from Cora. She’s plainly currently decided which side she is on, however I wish she would bear in mind the wish that she head to protect Henry from Cora to begin with, also intent upon considering murder.
  • It was a wonderful duty turnaround to see Gold beyond Storybrooke as well as battling. His duplicated boxing of the wall surface in the washroom, and also his realisation that his magic has no impact below: his clear feeling of being overwhelmed on the airplane all show that this outside world is putting into viewpoint the nefariousness of the real world.


Yet another diversion en route to Bae and Gold’s get-together.

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