The Queen is Dead Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 15

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When does being great start sufficing?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, and Robert Carlyle.

Season 2Episode 15: The Queen is Dead

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Something that Once Upon a Time has prospered with is including added depth as well as layers to all of its personalities, but this is especially real of its bad guys. Characters like Rumplestiltskin and also Regina have multiple backstory descriptions and rationalisations for their wicked practices, which help us to recognize them and also make them much more obtainable to us, the target market. Formerly two-dimensional personalities like Snow White and also other Disney goodies are likewise fleshed out extra effectively, making them extra independent, smart, take on as well as combative than they have actually been presented in the past. However, the program hasn’t really played upon the idea of the “good guys” doing “bad things”. Henry, the constant voice of morality within the program, contends that great needs to play by the guidelines, while evil can do what it desires. This is what made him convince Emma out of taking on Regina last period, and also it’s a lesson that Snow seems to be finding out in this episode, as she reflects upon her perpetual condition as a pressure of excellent, and also what it has actually brought her.

The episode uses Snow’s birthday celebration as a web link in between the Storybrooke and the Enchanted Woodland storylines. Looking a long way back in time to the Enchanted Woodland, we discover the occasions bordering Queen Eva’s fatality on Snow’s birthday. When Queen Eva falls frantically ill, the house maid Johanna informs Snow of a fairy who can aid recover her mommy. Unavoidably, it becomes heaven Fairy, who discloses to Snow that the only means to save Eva is to make use of dark magic: particularly, a candle with two ends. When lit at both ends, the lighter have to whisper the name of the heart that they want to trade for the one they wish to conserve. A life for a life. Snow, however, is unable to do it, as well as has just sufficient time to apologise to her mommy, who smiles, happy with Snow’s truthfulness to herself, prior to she passes away.

In Storybrooke, Snow obtains a birthday celebration present from Johanna, having the a pretty tiara that Snow was going to put on for her birthday celebration that year. Snow reaches out as well as finds Johanna, yet is eventually sidetracked from their reunion by identifying Regina as well as Cora digging for Gold’s blade in the timber, and ends up being figured out to locate the dagger initially. Snow provides Regina one last chance to reverse to the side of excellent, by advising her that Cora doesn’t take care of either Regina or Henry, yet Regina is too full of ridicule as well as instability around her placement in culture now that menstruation has been lifted, and also the poor sight that the town has of her, so is not detered. Snow and also Charming discover the area of the dagger, after Emma convinces Gold to inform them, yet Regina as well as Cora confront the pair. Showing once again the problems of being good, they threaten to eliminate Johanna unless they hand over the dagger. Though Snow originally withstands, she inevitably gives up, and Cora and Regina take Rumple’s blade for themselves. Simply to emphasise exactly how dastardly they are, nonetheless, they toss Johanna out of the clock tower window anyhow, triggering Snow to vow that she will eliminate Cora.

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Somewhere else, Hook shows up in New york city and also stabs Gold in the upper body with his hook. As it transpires, the Hook is tipped with poisonous substance, as well as the firm ended up being desperate to return Gold to Storybrooke to ensure that he can endure. They make a decision to make use of Hook’s ship, while Gold snaps madly at Henry, criticizing him for bringing them to New york city. Plainly last episode’s prediction is weighing on his mind.

Bailee Madison is absolutely incredible in her scenes in this episode: as she constantly is when she represents a young version of Snow White. The echoing of Goodwin’s quirks, particularly when crying, are definitely area on and make her extremely believable in the role. The expedition of Snow’s goodness right here is additionally to be complimented. Heroes can commonly be born down by their morality and the need to adhere to the rules as well as do what is “right”, so it’s nice to see Snow endeavor yet, especially taking into consideration all that she is lost. Having lost both her mother and also Johanna to Cora in the name of being great, it’s tiny wonder that Snow wants some justice of her very own.


  • In the Enchanted Forest, Snow’s mom passes away.
  • She is offered the choice of Dark Magic to conserve her, however does not take it.
  • Cora as well as Regina look for The Dark One’s dagger.
  • Hook stabs Gold with poison in New york city.
  • Snow and Charming locate the dagger initially, but Cora and also Regina procure it from them.
  • Snow pledges to kill Cora.

Other thoughts

  • Henry is being a complete punk in this episode. His quip concerning “cheesy, scrumptious and also does not exist” was just totally out of line to poor Emma, and also he’s totally idolising Neal, despite the fact that he abandoned Emma and also had her jailed in the past.
  • Some fascinating details teased her concerning Neal’s past, as he demonstrates an understanding of Hook, which the Land Without Magic had not been the very first one he wound up in. Considering he recognizes Hook, and seems fairly certain in sailing the Playful Roger, it’s possible that he spent some time in Neverland.
  • It’s not unusual that Neal remains in an additional committed connection, this time with Tamara, yet it is frustrating and also disturbing, considering he knew that Emma would damage the curse in years to come and also they might have reunited. Doubly frustrating considering what he was pitching about them meeting being destiny in the previous episode.
  • Queen Eva is wonderful in all the scenes that she is in, and also it’s clear to see where Snow obtains her benefits from. Nevertheless, there does appear to be some unimaginable background in between her and also Cora, who is accountable for her death, and also appears to have an individual score to settle with her.


When continues to build stress in Storybrooke, creating character’s inspirations as we edge closer to the ending.

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