The Miller’s Daughter Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 16

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What does Cora want?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Jared S. Gilmore, Meghan Ory and Robert Carlyle.

Period 2Episode 16: The Miller’s Child


This could be one of one of the most awesome instalments that Once has ever graced us with. Full to the border with character minutes, massive plot advancements and also an extremely explanatory as well as fascinating fairytale flashback, it truly shows the big possibility that Once has as a program.

“The Miller’s Little girl” finally exposes Cora’s backstory, showing us exactly how she came to be the brutal, power looking for mommy of Regina. Rose McGowan plays this younger variation flawlessly, and though she does not resemble Barbara Hershey much in regards to appearances, her icy demeanour mirrors Hershey’s performance wonderfully. The hardly consisted of rage showed when Cora is required to bow to the snooty nobles that oppress her ultimately winds up being her source of power, as Rumple teaches her to spin straw into gold. This quickly results in her prospering in winning Prince Henry’s hand in marital relationship.

It’s her partnership with Rumple which is the source of much of the episode’s highlights. The scene in which Cora rotates straw into gold for the first time is highly erotically billed as Rumple nuzzles right into Cora’s neck and she amuses just how she wants her adversaries knees to split and also backs to break from bowing. It is fascinating and also illuminating, for that reason, that much of Cora’s inspiration originates from rising up and subjugating others in the manner in which she has been dealt with up till this factor. Her grudge versus Queen Eva is also exposed, as this is the Princess who trips her at the start of the episode, though there have to be even more of a tale to be told on that front.

Cora knows that her love for Rumple might obstruct of her pursuit for power, so she makes use of the abilities Rumple has educated her to eliminate her very own heart to stop her very own love coming to be a challenge.

Meanwhile, the present storyline is similarly active. Upon understanding that Rumple’s name is fading from the Dark One’s blade, Cora as well as Regina’s plan changes to Cora taking on the mantle of The Dark One to prevent Rumple’s power going away with his fatality. The Charmings collection to securing Rumple, using a defense spell around his shop, while Gold leads Snow to uncover that he has the candle that Cora attempted to obtain Snow to use to conserve her mother.

As Neal, Captivating and also Emma ward off Cora and Regina, Snow sneaks to Regina’s vault and situates Cora’s heart, before lighting the candle and also whispering Cora’s name. Cora, notified to someone near her heart, sends out Regina to shield it, whereupon Snow informs Regina that her mommy will certainly never ever like her without her heart. Just as Cora will make use of the blade on Rumple, Regina places her heart back in, and also Cora passes away in her arms.

There are numerous brilliant parts to this episode. Not just is the growth of Snow’s character to not just murderer, however additionally to her cold-hearted control of Regina to guarantee her mommy’s death highly intriguing to watch, but Gold’s progressive decline is psychologically shared. His phone call to Belle (who still has no suggestion of who he is), in which he confesses that she makes him wish to be the most effective variation of himself is very touching, as is his get-together with Neal. It’s additionally the initial proper hint that we have had that Rumple might be efficient in redemption. Nevertheless, having Neal back in his life now might be an effective sufficient inspiration for him to have a long lasting change.

Meanwhile, it appears like the only means for Regina’s personality to go is backwards. Though she had a wonderful get-together with her mom, the calculated manipulation of Snow’s is just mosting likely to contribute to Regina’s disgust of her, as well as keenness to eliminate her once and for all. It’s much more of a blow, considering the complete adjustment in demeanour of Cora once she had been rejoined with her heart. If only Snow hadn’t made use of the candle, possibly they would have had the ability to neutralise Cora without killing her. Still, Cora was a substantial danger to the residents of Storybrooke, and also Snow’s shame is misplaced. Feeling guilty for controling Regina right into doing it herself I can comprehend, yet the actual act in itself was for the greater good.

Simply put

  • In the Enchanted Forest, Snow’s mommy passes away.
  • She is given the alternative of Dark Magic to conserve her, however does not take it.
  • Cora as well as Regina look for The Dark One’s dagger.
  • Hook stabs Gold with toxin in New York.
  • Snow and also Charming locate the blade first, however Cora and also Regina manage to get it from them.
  • Snow vows to eliminate Cora.

Various other thoughts

  • At the very least Henry is out of the method this episode, being cared for by Ruby. I would certainly have believed that Ruby could have been of good usage versus Cora and Regina, yet despite. Story convenience, I expect.
  • Cora batting the phone tap off the workdesk with her hand like a cat will never ever not be amusing.
  • I marvel that Regina accompanied Cora’s plans as long as she did. I understand that she loves Cora as her mommy, however alarm bells need to have sounded much louder when Cora said that she intended to take the power of the Dark One for herself.
  • Cora responded to somebody being near her heart before we really saw Snow being near her heart, which was extremely odd, and also perhaps a modifying oversight.
  • It’s a pity that whenever we seem to create an attachment or an understanding of a personality, they are whipped away. The specific very same occurred with Belle in “The Outsider”, where we learned more concerning her personality than ever as well as appreciated her in a brand-new light, prior to she had her memory erased and also her storyline was brought to an end. It’s a comparable situation right here, with ultimately reaching grips with who Cora is as a character prior to being whipped away. It would certainly be interesting to see what type of a mommy she would have been with her heart. Probably every one of the suffering could have been prevented.


A dazzling and also tense instalment, with brilliant character moments and also superior acting throughout.

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