Selfless, Brave and True Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 18

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Whatever took place to Pinocchio anyhow?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, and Jared S. Gilmore.

Period 2Episode 18: Selfless, Brave and also True


For those questioning just what exactly took place to August after he turned to timber and then inexplicably vanished in the season best, ask yourself say goodbye to! This episode is totally for you. Not the most emotional or developed of episodes, this does help offer the audience some understanding as to the bigger tale at play as the season finale attracts ever closer.

Nevertheless, except highlighting just exactly how extremely terrible Pinocchio has actually become, along with assisting us to realising that Tamara is, as a matter of fact, the absolute worst, this episode does not provide terribly far more. Actually, most of the storyline in the present Storybrooke is eclipsed by the totally distracting CGI wood face that Pinocchio has to endure: a crying pity, considering the talents of Eion Bailey, that does brilliantly in the flashback sections.

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As might be derivable from the title, this episode checks out how much Pinocchio has actually originated from his initial guarantee to the Blue Fairy: to be generous, brave and also true. Sadly, given that leaving the Enchanted Woodland and pertaining to the Land Without Magic, his activities have been anything yet. As soon as Emma goes into Storybrooke back at the beginning of Period 1, August starts really feeling a discomfort in his leg as well as believes it to be developing into wood while he depends on bed in Phuket (a location he only got to because he took the money that Neal wished to give to Emma to begin with. Not working out so far, August, ngl).

His search to cure his ailment leads him to the mystical Dragon, that requires August’s many prized property, along with $10,000 in order to stop him from counting on timber. The Dragon demonstrates that he possesses some magic, by revealing a substantial understanding of August’s history. Regrettably, August doesn’t have the sort of magic that the Dragon requirements. The good news is for him, he experiences Tamara in a bar, after formerly having actually met her at the Dragon’s workplace. She has actually obtained $10,000 so that she can get the Dragon to heal her cancer cells. When she takes a telephone call, August capitalizes and also he takes her money. She takes care of to overtake him and get the cash back, though claims he is worthy of whatever health problem he has. When August mosts likely to find the Dragon a couple of days later on, he discovers himself unable to seek his assistance, as he has actually been eliminated. Rather, August goes back to America, as well as runs into Neal, telling him of his intent to go to Storybrooke to assist Emma damage the curse.

Meanwhile, in today, August remains in hiding in the Storybrooke woodlands, ashamed of what he has actually come to be and also refusing to disclose himself to the community. He is discovered by Snow, that is practising her archery abilities in the woodland and also still reeling from the component that she needed to play in Cora’s fatality. Snow transforms her focus to attempting to conserve August and notifies Marco and also Emma about his presence. The Mommy Superior makes it clear that August have to experience his redemption along, or else it wouldn’t be genuine, however the team head off to the trailer regardless.

When they get there nevertheless, August has already left. Tamara, who Neal had actually welcomed to Storybrooke, had actually gotten to August before the others and also informed him that there was a remedy in her New York home that would certainly recover him, so he leaves. Nevertheless, en course he uncovers a photo in the vehicle of Tamara as well as her mother, which he had actually formerly seen with the Dragon. With a sudden realisation, he turns back in the direction of Storybrooke.

As it takes place, Tamara had been fabricating her cancer diagnosis so that she could get near the Dragon. As soon as she had gotten close sufficient, she used a taser to eliminate him as component of a vendetta versus magic. She had likewise complied with August, as well as actively run across Neal to begin their relationship, as a method to reach Storybrooke. August is just about to tell Emma regarding Tamara using the phone at the sheriff’s station when Tamara reduces the line. August understands her story to rid the world of magic from Storybrooke, prior to Tamara tasers him to death.

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August manages to get to the road and also passes away surrounded by Marco as well as Emma. He tries to caution Emma, yet does not total telling her the information. Henry contends that August’s actions were selfless, endure as well as real and also because of this the Mommy Superior changes the now-dead August into a young, living kid once again. Unfortunately, he does not recall the message that he required to inform Emma, but he and also Marco are ultimately given the possibility to be a household one more time.

Various other interesting plot lines this week were the development in Snow’s personality. She has actually spent the past couple of episodes drastically moping about her duty in Cora’s death, however lastly obtains herself up as well as outdoors. Her interest in August’s redemption is more of a statement towards herself that she can certainly recover from the minute of darkness that she underwent by manipulating Regina, as well as she ultimately manages to inform David at the end of the episode regarding the blackness in her heart. Before this, however, she punches Marco in the face due to his discovery that the magic closet could, as a matter of fact, have brought 2, however he used it to send Pinocchio instead.

While, obviously, punching someone in the face is not all right, I’m not rather particular I sign up for the ideals being pushed right here: particularly that, in order to be “great” as well as to be a “hero”, you should not have any negative emotions. That just is not the instance. I concur that actions are not excusable just because you are mad, but Snow was within her civil liberties to be extremely annoyed at Marco over this item of information. Striking him was also much, but she can not be condemned for not accepting his apology straight away, much like Emma anticipated her also. It’s additionally weird for Emma to behave holier-than-thou taking into consideration the variety of terrible tussles she’s obtained herself into over the previous 2 periods.

Regina additionally finally works out Greg’s real identification as Owen, the little kid that went to Storybrooke 28 years previously. He faces her over the area of his dad, as well as she passes on that he left soon after he did, which Greg won’t find his father within Storybooke. Greg urges that he isn’t mosting likely to leave, nevertheless, as well as later on meets Tamara, that is revealed to be the “Her” in his phonebook, and also they kiss while Neal is in the shower following door.

In other words

  • August is still active, but has actually changed to a creature, and also is hiding in the Storybrooke woodlands.
  • When he had very first began resorting to wood, he had sought advice from The Dragon in Phuket, where he ran into Tamara.
  • Tamara tells August that there is an antidote to his health problem in New York, as well as he heads off to discover it.
  • He knows that Tamara eliminated the Dragon, and tries to warn the rest of Storybrooke, yet Tamara kills him also.
  • Mommy Superior changes August back right into a young, living Pinocchio because he has shown that he is generous, brave and also real again.
  • Tamara remains in league with Greg, as well as they look for to ruin magic.

Other ideas

  • I rejoice that the whole Henry despising Emma story seems to be over now. That was dragging on much as well long, and completely unnecessary.
  • I’m also pleased that Snow seems to be quiting moping around. What she did, in controling Regina, was horrible, however it was due time that she moved past it.
  • The service to August’s change was evident from the very start. In fact, I have actually been saying it since the first period. The promise that he made when he was turned into a kid was that he would always be generous, take on and also true. Did he believe the Blue Fairy was lying? Idiot.
  • Having said that, if some girl left $10,000 existing around in a restaurant, I would probably steal it also. Not sorry about it.
  • Regina being bitchy to Snow White in the cafe was everything. She’s actually enjoying tormenting Snow with her own activities, as well as I can not say I blame her. I ‘d probably do the exact same point if somebody had eliminated my mommy.
  • Regina attempting to claim that the reason for her absence of ageing in 28 years was due to great skin care was amusing. Did she honestly think that would certainly work?
  • I quite uncertainty that Regina is leveling about what happened to Kurt, so I’m interested to see what the payback of that will be.
  • I rejoice that Tamara is really wicked, and it’s not just Emma being a psycho ex. I am fully prepared for everybody else to simply disregard her regarding Tamara as well as pass it off as that, nonetheless.
  • Am I the only one weirded out by the truth that a character that began this hour lying in bed with a lady and also making horrible sexual innuendo then ends up the hour being pre-pubescent once again? I suggest, I really do hope this is a fresh reset for him due to the fact that or else that is an extremely compelling reason to visit therapy.
  • Additionally additionally, exactly how did Pinocchio manage to track down Neal once more? Did they keep in get in touch with? New York is a large place, just how did they take care of to assemble once again? Did Tamara simply opportunity it that August was from the Enchanted Woodland and also follow him so that then she would certainly run into Neal? Exactly how did she figure out all this things? And also what is her vendetta against magic to begin with?


An extremely expository episode, that serves little besides to establish stress to be settled later on.

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