Lacey Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 19

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Holds true love more powerful than amnesia?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle.

Season 2Episode 19: Lacey


As soon as beams the spotlight on one of its even more popular pairings this week, by discovering Gold and Belle’s establishing relationship now that she has lost her Enchanted Forest memories. While any kind of moment they share on display is absolutely fascinating, the twists that the writers include, as intriguing as they might be, inevitably seem made to create fresh conflict to prepare for the season finale, and also I can not see them being overly-long long-term.

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In contrast to its normal behavior of revealing us a fairy tale flashback that is an almost-perfect mirror wherefore is occurring in the present day, this episode does the full opposite. Rather, it shows us the manner in which Belle in the previous reacted with Rumple, contrasted to the way that her cursed equivalent, Lacey, does. In the previous story, we can see exactly how Belle highlights the best components of Rumple, looking for to look past his abominable appearance as well as see the benefits that exists underneath it. Lacey’s impact on Gold, nonetheless, is completely the contrary.

Back in the Enchanted Woodland, Belle takes on her captor, Rumple, by releasing his detainee for the crime of trying to swipe a magic stick. Muss up does not desire people to believe that they can get away with taking from him, so thinks that the burglar ought to be an instance to others that consider it. When Rumple discovers that the burglar swiped the stick from him upon being released, he takes Belle with him on a journey to search the thief down, while Belle insists that there have to be a reason why the burglar needed the stick.

Their journey takes them to Sherwood Forest, where they encounter the Sheriff of Nottingham, that helpfully notifies them that the burglar is none aside from Altruistic. When they ultimately reach Robin, nevertheless, it is disclosed that he took the wand to make sure that he can recover his expecting as well as sick lover Marian. Belle tells Rumple that he’s not the type of guy who would leave a youngster fatherless, yet Rumple lets loose an arrowhead no matter, though he “misses out on”. Belle notifications the great within him, despite his protestations that his intention had been to kill Robin Hood.

In the present, Gold is gauged by Regina to think that he will certainly never be approved into the Charmings’ family members, also if he is Henry’s grandfather and Neal’s papa, due to the fact that he is unable to reform and also be excellent. This leads Gold to go back to Belle, encouraged that she is the vital to opening the benefits within him. He intends to return her memories of that she was prior to her crash, but Regina procures there very first and restores her cursed memories and also the brand-new identification of “Lacey”, that is extremely much more edgy than Belle was. Gold becomes intent upon forging a relationship with this new variation of Belle, in the hopes that building real love will break her curse and also reawaken her Enchanted Forest self.

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After Charming’s suggestions to “be himself” in order to win back Belle, Gold effectively procures Lacey on a day. He is promised when she states something identical to something that Belle informed him in the Enchanted Woodland, that you can not really know somebody’s heart up until you understand the individual. In his excitement, however, he splashes a glass of wine on her outfit, and also she excuses herself. When Gold follows her, he discovers her out the back of Granny’s canoodling with Keith, that was the Constable of Nottingham in the Enchanted Forest. Lacey is frustrated at Gold, because she took place a date with him to be wonderful, however he actually desires Belle. Gold, infuriated, gets rid of Keith’s tongue and also starts to assault him with his walking stick. He is uncovered by Lacey, that says, “You really are as dark as people state,” to which Gold responds, “Darker dearie, much darker,” which echoes a discussion they had in the Enchanted Forest, just with the opposite significance.

Elsewhere, Emma is ultimately informed of the plan to return to the Enchanted Woodland, when Snow and Lovely program her the crop of beans that Anton has been growing. She comes to be conflicted, watching Earth as her home (I can rarely criticize her. That would wish to relocate to a land without any electrical energy or appropriate showering facilities? You would certainly lose out on a lot! Like new movies as well as television shows. Nope. Not on board. However then likewise you could obtain famous for inventing things that were certainly currently invented in the world. I swerve). Unfortunately, Emma also hints to Regina the truth that, unless she begins to obtain closer to Henry, she could shed him “permanently” which makes Regina more than a little questionable, leading to her uncovering the plant of beans for herself.

Meanwhile, Greg as well as Tamara proceed their computing, and also Tamara brings a trailer to Storybrooke, in which she has a tied and also trussed Captain Hook.

Simply put

  • In the Enchanted Woodland, Belle draws out the very best in Rumplestiltskin.
  • In Storybrooke, Regina provides Belle her cursed memories, transforming her right into Lacey.
  • Lacey and also Gold take place a date as well as she urges him to release his dark side.
  • Emma is ultimately outlined the strategy to expand beans to return to the Enchanted Woodland.
  • Regina finds the beans.

Other thoughts

  • I can recognize why they didn’t tell Emma already. Literally the very first thing that she does upon finding out about the beans is allow slip to Regina that is currently most likely going to damage them all. Begin, Emma. Why do people inform you points?
  • The idea of Neal lugging house an “exhausted” Henry, that evidently just fell totally asleep is ludicrous. The youngster is 11 for Christ’s purpose! Also old to be carried to bed like a baby. Get a hold, people.
  • I can’t think that it’s taken Regina this long to find out that Neal is Henry’s father. It’s also a little humorous that nobody thought to idea her know this crucial item of information.
  • Hook is lastly back! Considering he’s been normal for many episodes, it’s odd that he’s actually had less to do than when he was simply reoccuring in Enchanted Woodland. Right here’s wishing that he gets even more to do now that Tamara and Greg have actually brought him in to assist with their system.
  • Gold’s dream where he wrecks Henry with his walking stick is simply delightful. The effects of Henry as a porcelain doll were stunning, as well as I would certainly be interested to see what everybody’s responses would certainly be if Henry in fact were wrecked. I can see no drawbacks, frankly. If only it hadn’t been a desire.
  • I obtain what the writers are trying to do with the Lacey plot, which is to put Muss up back on his evilest type feasible to ensure that he’s specifically unforeseeable, while Greg as well as Tamara go to big. It provides our heroes numerous individuals to combat against really, as they now have Gold as well as Regina, in addition to Greg as well as Tamara. I simply don’t buy Lacey as a personality. The other cursed characters went to the very least slightly comparable to their Enchanted Forest counterparts, yet I can not see the similarity with Lacey. She’s actually as far away from Belle as you can get, unless we agree to recommend that Belle had a secret longing for darkness internally, yet I don’t really like that narrative. Hopefully the Lacey vs. Belle story is dealt with prior to too long, as well as Gold locates a method to recover her correct memories.
  • Having claimed that, Emilie looks definitely stunning as Lacey.
  • I discover it odd that Sherwood Woodland remains in the Enchanted Woodland cosmos considering it’s a real life place. Seeing the Constable of Nottingham in a fairytale situation is a bit odd. Nottingham is a real life area, people. And also it’s not that great, either. I additionally such as to think that Altruistic was a genuine individual, so I find it two times as strange.


A divisive episode, without a doubt, terrific character development is given up for the sake of producing additional tension for the finale.

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