Second Star To The Right Review | Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 21

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Think Peter Pan … yet … evil?

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle.

Period 2Episode 21: Second Star to the Right


While some episodes of Once are unified by a motif, this instalment is a little lacking in one, besides the revelation that poor Baelfire/Neal has a horrible background when it pertains to interdimensional sites. It’s a fascinating episode, that sets up tension perfectly for the period finale to find as Tamara and also Greg rise their plans worrying Storybrooke’s citizens.

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We discover today that contemporary Planet was not the starting point that Bae wound up when he left Rumple’s side. It had been meant before, via Neal’s knowledge of Captain Hook as well as exactly how to cruise the Happy Roger, but this episode offers us concrete evidence regarding what happened to him initially. As it occurs, Neal showed up in Victorian England, where he invested six months living on the roads and stealing for food. His anxiety leads him to the Darling family, where he is discovered as well as ultimately hidden by Wendy. Her moms and dads discover Bae quickly sufficient, however they determine to embrace him so that he does not have to operate in the workhouses. Wendy after that tells Bae of a darkness that comes to the home window during the night, who she wishes to go have fun with, however Bae advises her versus it, telling her that magic threatens.

Wendy does not regard Bae’s caution as well as travels off with the shadow no matter, however she is returned the following day. She discusses that this is because the darkness wants a young boy, so it brought her back. When it comes to the other inhabitants of Neverland, it is a fascinating area, yet in the evening they weep for their moms however are prohibited to leave by the darkness. Wendy frets that the darkness will return for among her bros, so they attempt to safeguard themselves versus it by locking the home windows and implemented various other defences. Nevertheless, the shadow procures into the area and also tries to take Wendy’s youngest bro, Michael, motivating Bae to proffer himself to the shadow instead. As the shadow approaches Neverland, Bae sidetracks it with a suit, creating him to fall into the water and also be saved by Hook on the Jolly Roger.

Meanwhile, in the here and now, Greg is tormenting Regina so he can discover his daddy’s fate. Emma, Enchanting and also Snow come to be worried regarding Regina’s location, as her workplace is found deserted, with the residues of the magic beans taken, and also a safety and security override made use of to access the building. Emma becomes persuaded that something poor has actually taken place to Regina, connected to the “she” August cautioned them around. Still convinced that claimed woman is Tamara, not least as a result of the timing between her arrival and August’s fatality, Emma heads to her as well as Neal’s hotel room, as well as explains that, if she is educating for a marathon in the timbers, why she has actually managed to track sand in. Neal and also Emma head to the beach for some responses, yet face Tamara, apparently eliminating the suggestion that she was associated with Regina’s loss.

Tamara as well as Greg reveal to Regina that they service behalf of an organisation called “The Office” whose mission is to free the globe of magic due to the fact that it profanes and unholy. With the beans as well as Regina’s black diamond fail-safe, they hope to accomplish just that. Lovely and also Snow go to Mr. Gold to see if he can assist them discover Regina, and also he provides an appropriate remedy, exposing to the pair that Regina is being kept in a location that scents like fish and shellfish, which she’s being tortured.

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Neal, Emma, Snow and also Charming merge on the Fish and shellfish Cannery at the Storybrooke docks, leading Tamara to get away. Greg stays so that he can proceed tormenting Regina, that discloses that she killed his father and also buried the body at their campsite. Charming as well as Snow look after Regina, while Tamara strikes Emma and Neal. Following disclosing that she had actually played him all along so that she can ruin magic, Tamara shoots Neal in the shoulder. Emma fights Tamara, but Tamara tosses a magic bean, causing sufficient of a diversion for her to run away. Though the pair at first seem safe, the floor soon paves the way beneath Neal, and though Emma attempts to hang on, he lets go of her hand after the pair have actually admitted their love for each and every various other. Emma, crestfallen, returns house, and passes on the information to Enchanting as well as Snow, while Regina recuperates from her challenge with the assistance of heaven Fairy. With the cuff off, her magic is brought back, however she gravely notifies the Charmings that Greg and Tamara have their hands on the Storybrooke fail-safe. In the woods, Tamara informs Greg that the Office have provided directions to activate the diamond as well as damage the community.

This episode featured an interesting twist on the Peter Pan story, making him look like someone completely much more threatening than his Disney counterpart. The macabre and also slightly demonic darkness striking the youngsters is fairly frightening, as well as fairly what he desires with boys, as well as why he prohibits them to leave suggests a far more evil plot in store. It’s exceptional how much tension there was throughout Regina’s abuse, as I was persuaded that it could go too much at one factor. It’s also odd just how much sympathy we can have for Regina considering she killed a whole community in the previous episode. I was slightly dissatisfied to learn that Regina had killed Greg’s papa, yet I suppose it’s not totally surprising a revelation now. There is still a delightful enigma to be solved: simply that is the Office that Tamara and Greg help? And also what is the specific nature of the fail risk-free device on Storybrooke? We understand that it will destroy the community, but what does that mean for its enchanting occupants? The stage is set for an impressive period ending where hopefully these questions are responded to.

In other words

  • Bae goes through the website and materialises in Victorian England.
  • He meets the Darling household, as well as is kidnapped by Peter Frying pan’s darkness, who takes him to Neverland where he is saved by Hook.
  • Enchanting and Snow free Regina from Tamara as well as Greg.
  • Tamara fires Neal and turns on a portal, which transports him away.
  • Tamara as well as Greg currently have Storybrooke’s stop working secure, and have actually obtained directions to utilize it.

Various other ideas

  • I’m not completely convinced on the direction that Gold’s character has actually taken. Endangering Dr Whale in the street as well as obtaining him to kiss his boot is an unwanted adjustment taking into consideration the (undoubtedly minimal) advancement that he has made. Lacey plainly draws out the most awful in him, however Neal calling him out was sorely needed. After all, Gold has invested the past lifetime or more attempting to get his way back to Bae so that they could be a proper household, then as quickly as he does he shows no commitment to changing and trying to build a positive partnership. He has actually rather prioritised his partnership with Lacey, likely because this is far less effort for him than to in fact try to transform his practices.
  • The fact that the Darlings placed a hat on Nana when the darkness was preparing to assault was peak cuteness.
  • The overall sinister nature of the shadow was decreased rather by the reality that inevitably Michael was simply standing there in the center of the baby room, when he needs to have moved far, far quicker.
  • Are you ready to tell me that in the Darlings enormous house they make all 4 kids share the same bedroom? That’s child abuse.
  • Likewise, shouldn’t the Darlings have attempted closing the curtains? I suggest, it doubtless wouldn’t have worked but there were hefty curtains in that bedroom. Or, you understand, calling their parents for assistance? Moms and dads are excellent with huge darkness, so I listen to. None of these points might have helped, however the fact that they didn’t try them is a touch unusual.
  • Are the Darlings real kids? How did they wind up in J.M. Barrie’s plays? Did he satisfy them? Will someone ever resolve these things that I am asking?
  • How much time was Bae in Neverland? He must have been popped back out in the 80s when menstruation was enacted, given that he’s quite comparable in age to Emma and also August, so did he just hang out in Neverland for sixty years? Or will we figure out in another recall in an additional number of years that he also saw essentially every various other magical realm so that the writers can present all manner of other, random beings?
  • Can Snow just weep on command? Individuals normally locate that difficult, do not they? Brava, Miss Snow, brava.
  • The Charmings being annoyed at Regina having the stop working secure rather than appreciating the actual dilemma available was delightfully in character, as was Regina’s usually astringent feedback.


A thrilling and also strained episode, setting up the required pieces for a very eruptive and also epic ending.

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