Dark Hollow Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 7

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” Why could not it be called something like Sunlight Valley or Rainbow Cove?”

Emma Swan

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Michael Raymond-James, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle.


Period 3Episode 7: Dark Hollow

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Heavens be commended! The momentum accumulated in the previous episode really executed right into today, as Once narrated solely based in the current amount of time, as we follow events as they unravel in Storybrooke, as well as the heroes on Neverland. Packed with tension both in Storybrooke, where Ariel as well as Belle had to get rid of two of Pan’s accomplices, as well as Neal, Emma and also Hook frantically attempting to capture Pan’s darkness. Only the sections of the episode focusing on Frying pan and also Henry, and also Snow and also Charming, weren’t pulse-racing, but just due to the fact that they are establishing the stage for the following degree of the problem.

Seeing Storybrooke once more this week was a breath of fresh air. For one, actually remaining in a place where daylight and also open room exists made the entire episode feel significantly much less sluggish. Absolutely nothing extra mind-numbing than staring at the very same 4 square metres of forest collection for a hr. Storybrooke definitely had much less of a presence without our primary heroes here, though it did permit Belle to properly shine. Every one of her character merits were amply presented– in addition to an instead suggestive (though fascinating) costume. (I’m not whining, I thought it was fab. Also, if I resembled Emilie de Ravin, I would entirely wear it as well). Her spirit of adventure as well as independence is absolutely in play here, as she approaches shielding Storybrooke from outsiders through the use of a cloaking spell, and after that aiding Ariel translate Gold’s puzzling message.

Ariel herself is additionally a terrific addition to the actors, also if she doesn’t linger particularly long. Her wide-eyed innocence as well as enjoyment at seeing the contents of Gold’s store was horribly endearing, and also her lack of understanding of what a weapon was even better. She was also the perfect buddy to Belle, and also the pair enhanced each other flawlessly as a group. The disclose that both men who had actually breached Storybrooke’s borders were John and also Michael Beloved was unexpected, and also a brilliant link to the last period finale, as well as a gratifying reveal to the ongoing enigma surrounding the identity of Pan’s 2nd prisoner, who is their sibling, Wendy (though she appears to have remained the very same age as she last appeared, while John and also Michael have actually progressed right into their adult years).

Neverland wasn’t without its very own tension, nonetheless, especially in regards to Emma, Neal as well as Hook. While their love triangle story is proceeding as is regular, the Dark Hollow set looked truly threatening. It was quite merely attained, with dead branches and also twigs as well as foreboding red lighting, but it was brilliant to see this type of atmosphere for our personalities that wasn’t over-reliant on CGI collections. Emma using magic to conserve all 3 of them was additionally unexpected, though I had actually really hoped that Neal as well as Hook’s practices towards each various other may have thrown the pattern of a stereotyped love triangle, considering their history in Neverland. Inevitably, the verdict (for now, no doubt) of the love triangle was Emma informing both suitors that she only had the moment and also energy for a single person: Henry. Regrettably, it likewise looks brazenly obvious that Hook as well as Emma will certainly wind up together. Sorry, Neal.

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In other places, we proactively observe Frying pan scheming and deceiving Henry right into counting on him additionally, though we still do not fairly comprehend what Pan actually desires from him. One point is without a doubt, nevertheless, his strategy is going to be completely become aware in the next episode, as he shows Henry Skull Rock and indicates that is where he will certainly save magic.

This episode brings us closer than ever to ending the mission in Neverland and also ultimately rescuing Henry, along with including tense and also harmful scenarios throughout. It is an unlike the meandering and also inconsequential earlier episodes of this season, and also does not feature any type of unnecessary flashbacks. Roll on next episode.

In other words

  • Ariel gets here in Storybrooke, as well as she and also Belle locate Pandora’s Box.
  • Two complete strangers attempt to take as well as damage the box, as they are helping Frying pan.
  • Belle and also Ariel handle to retrieve the box as well as obtain the guys onside, as well as Ariel takes package to Gold.
  • Emma, Hook and Neal go to Dark Hollow to capture Pan’s shadow so that it can take them residence.

Other thoughts

  • It’s a shame in a way that Belle needs every one of the various other characters to have disappeared from around her to actually radiate herself, however I intend standing toe to toe with an enchanting Queen will certainly do that to a character, and also since she isn’t part of the Charming clan who can strongly sport tools, her solo outings are greater than appreciated when they do take place.
  • Ariel grabbing all of the things in Gold’s store, as well as presenting them as if they would certainly be the response was deliciously funny.
  • The suggestion that Gold contended some factor unidentified to us had captivated Belle’s mug as the key to find Pandora’s Box appears horrendously practical. When did he do this? Why has he never mentioned this product before? I indicate, I am more than thankful that they lastly have some sort of means to trap Pan and also get this storyline over with, but it just appears a little unexpectedly and convenient to claim “oh by the way Gold had this thing”. However, it did suggest that we got to see Belle genuinely beam, so I should not complain.
  • I would certainly claim that it’s unusual that my preferred episodes are ones that don’t feature flashbacks, yet ultimately it isn’t that strange. I don’t like the flashbacks. It often seems as if they’re like “best, what are our 2 tales today?” As well as they can’t visualize anything else to select. Inevitably, it ends up being tough to in fact be too purchased the events of the past. These events have currently occurred, and also a long period of time ago. They seem immutable, and it avoids us from feeling too unfortunate concerning what happens there. In the present storyline, nonetheless, we in fact reach see the purposeful development as well as trip of our characters. The actions in the present story have a lot more consequences than the exposition managed to us in the flashbacks, specifically if that presentation does little except show us yet an additional story where Regina tried to eliminate Snow, or introduce a new character that we will certainly see for a couple of weeks till the writers know they have nothing else to do with them.
  • This sort of episode made me really see Ruby’s absence. She actually simply went away. I understand she’s no longer component of the normal actors, yet I truthfully never ever understood what the issue was with her character. She never truly located her location within the storyline, despite the fact that she can have brought a tale in much the same means as Belle is doing here.
  • More Emma magic! We stan.
  • Hook and Emma are certainly #endgame. His disarming sincerity to her regarding her sensations is truly charming.
  • The dwarves speaking at the beginning of the episode of just how calm and serene it is without the Charmings is humorous. At least the authors recognize exactly how chaotically active their lives are.
  • Likewise, when Ariel appeared, she needs to be able to forecast massively to make sure that they were able to hear her from until now away.
  • Really practical that cloaking spells do not work with the water, huh?
  • If you burglarized a community which had a cloaking spell, you ‘d assume you would certainly make use of a somewhat much less fancy vehicle to go unnoticed better, no?


An action-packed and tense instalment, driving us physical into next episode. Much more please!

You can see Once Upon a Time Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is likewise available on home media and various other digital systems for acquisition or rental fee.

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