Save Henry Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 9

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“Seems the Evil Queen was able to enjoy someone, after all.”

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Michael Raymond-James, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle.

Period 3Episode 9: Conserve Henry

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Component of the nature of In the past’s structure is that each episode divides its time between an expository recall and today story. Often, these flashbacks are made use of to introduce new personalities. In some cases, they are utilized for valid plot twists and also personality growth. Often, they decrease the speed. Nonetheless, this week’s flashback was delightful for two clear factors: one, it was concentrated upon a primary character, who we respect. Second of all, as well as probably extra significantly, it was deliberate and also it addressed a remaining question that the audience had. Usually, recalls draw on the typical “Regina v. Snow in the Enchanted Forest” recall as the scene for our characters to explore the same moral in the here and now and the past all at once. Fairly just how these personalities do not tire of finding out the very same point twice, I don’t recognize.

This episode’s flashback finally provided us some clearness on Regina as well as Henry’s connection. Regina has constantly revealed such extreme dedication for Henry throughout the collection, which is substantially up in arms with her Wickedness Queen identity. While we had hints in “Invite to Storybrooke” that Regina’s victory meant nothing without a family and someone to share it with, “Save Henry” went even additionally in filling out those spaces, revealing that after 10 years within Storybrooke, Regina had actually wearied and burnt out with her solitary existence and also looked for to fill up the hole in her life with a youngster, leading her to Henry. What the flashback succeeded was highlight Regina deal with motherhood, allowing old behaviors as well as fears hinder, also resulting in Regina nearly returning Henry to the adoption company. Inevitably, nonetheless, Regina had concerned care for Henry and, understanding the ethical that she would have to put the kid before herself, she wiped her very own memory of Henry’s birth parents to quit her from stressing and to focus upon what was best for her child.

Seeing Regina in this state most definitely made her more of a supportive character, as well as it was a great opportunity for Lana Parrilla to truly reveal all sides to her arsenal. Within the program of one episode, we were dealt with to the Evil Queen, a battling Regina as well as the more certain, badass Regina in the here and now. What was dazzling additionally is exactly how Regina’s devotion to Henry is what saved the day and also beat Pan at the conclusion of the episode. Her pure love for her kid is what quit the Tree of Regrets from eliminating her, Emma as well as Snow, and meant that she might get hold of back Henry’s heart for him. The focus upon Regina as adoptive mother was great, as well as one that the program commonly disregards in favour of Emma and Henry’s connection. Inevitably, it was Regina that was in it for the long run– although she and also Henry are not related by blood, Regina more than offsets it with her mother’s love and protection.

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The episode had not been without its discouraging twists, nonetheless. The reality that we could not have been granted a minute of grace by the authors and also are instead tossed physical into the next trouble is greater than a little annoying. It would certainly have been nice to remain on the getaway from Neverland prior to presenting a new bad guy, as opposed to a Freaky Friday circumstance with Pan and also Henry. What’s more, it may have been more intriguing had actually Pan chosen to swap with a various participant of the rescuing event, like Hook or Neal or Lovely, as an example. Maybe even Snow (God knows we want her being a lot more interesting). It would have likewise made Henry a big item in Frying pan’s failure, which would only be substantially fitting. However, this simply opens the program up to a lot of conversation regarding what has happened to Henry and also just how his experience in Neverland has actually altered him.

More of an introspective conclusion to the adventure in Neverland than previously thought, however one that ultimately returns our personalities to Storybrooke as well as nicely pushes the story forward right into the following phase. Fingers went across that they uncover Pan’s trickery prior to also long.


  • In Cursed Storybrooke, Regina goes to Gold for a child who she adopts.
  • She finds out that Henry is the boy of the Saviour, as well as makes a neglecting remedy so that she can focus upon offering Henry with the best training she can.
  • In Neverland, Snow, Emma and Regina track Pan down, but he records them at the Tree of Remorse.
  • Regina frees herself, takes Henry’s heart back and takes Pandora’s Box.
  • The firm sail back to Storybrooke on the Jolly Roger, however not before Pan attacks Henry, swaps bodies and then gets Henry trapped in Pandora’s Box.

Other thoughts

  • Quite how Snow didn’t become aware that Pandora’s Box resting on a tree trunk had not been a catch clearly demonstrates that being creative is not a need for being a hero.
  • Regina’s impressive minute when she shucked apart the vines and dragged Henry’s heart from Frying pan’s chest was magnificently attained.
  • Neal calling Gold “Papa” when he was released from Pandora’s Box was extremely pleasant.
  • A beautiful moment in between Charming and also Emma on the ship. I typically seem like Lovely and Emma’s connection is sidelined in favour of Snow as well as Emma, but I locate it far more sweet and honest. Him acknowledging her duty as a leader harks back to my ideas on the initial episode. It takes a special kind of person to lead heroes and also villains, and also Emma truly did promote the Save Henry party when they initially got to Neverland.
  • I enjoy the line “look what being a mother’s done to you”. Gold uses it in the past to ridicule Regina as becoming unhinged by her connection to Henry, yet really when you consider Regina’s personality, being a mother has actually been the saving grace of her. For a person that previously saw love as a weak point genuinely showed right here that love can be an awesome strength, as the cruel matriarch stormed across Neverland to battle her boy’s life back (slightly asking the concern why they didn’t allow Regina do this in the first place).
  • I do want that we could have had a minute of poise before being plunged into yet one more issue, as I make sure every audience knows just how it’s mosting likely to decrease. Frying pan’s mosting likely to have some type of nefarious plan while in Henry’s body and also no one will believe it because, allow’s encounter it, it’s crazy, and by the time they realise it’ll be too late and then it’ll be the midseason finale where they’ll finally cover things up in a cool little bow.
  • I suched as the hints of magic that Tinker Bell still possesses, though I need to confess that I haven’t really spent that much in her as a personality to favor her all that much.
  • Why did any person think that simply leaving Henry on the deck below while Pan was still out and regarding a great strategy? Somebody needs to have gotten on watch in that area the entire time! Have they all found out nothing? Truthfully!
  • Snow remains to be almost the worst. Not only did she not know the shateringly noticeable trap that lay before her, however she additionally complained as quickly as information reached her that Gold had actually been entraped that David would not be able to return to Storybrooke. Self centred a lot? You’re indicated to be a good guy!


A wonderful display of Regina’s personality and also her love as well as dedication for Henry, in addition to a gratifying verdict yet an unnecessarily frustrating cliffhanger that drives us right into following week.

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