Think Lovely Thoughts Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 8

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” I understand all magic comes with a price. Saving magic should include a rate also.”


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Michael Raymond-James, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle.


Season 3Episode 8: Think Charming Thoughts

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Once more, When took care of to produce an appealing and action-packed instalment, while additionally stabilizing this activity with emotional personality minutes. To see the heroes in Neverland unified was a brilliant view, and also the twists in the tale were impactful and also full of suspense.

Initially, the flashbacks to Muss up’s childhood years appeared to be a little tangential. While they aided us to recognize Rumple’s own troubles with being a papa to Bae, it really did not really supply us significantly more up until … well, it did. And with that understanding, as well as the jaw decline and also the moments of shocked silence, the objective of the flashback ended up being abundantly clear. The reality that Pan is Rumple’s very own daddy was a really unusual revelation, and also aids us to recognize much more about Rumple’s very own personality and his partnership with Bae, considering his very own experience with his dad. It additionally assists us to recognize Frying pan’s inspirations a little much better. Like the Disney variation, he just intends to have no obligations and be forever young, making use of Neverland as his very own sort of play ground. In order to do that, there was no room in his life for Rumple, as you can not be a youngster while having one. It was truly among the more harrowing as well as disturbing of the backstories, seeing a daddy willingly quit their really young child so that they can seek their own joy.

This also aided us to appreciate Rumple’s actions given that getting here in Neverland, and also all of his communications with Frying pan so far are suddenly far more sinister. Looking back upon these exchanges, it’s simple to see simply exactly how vindictive and also manipulative Pan is as a bad guy. The disclose of Pan’s evil plan: that he needed Henry’s heart so that he can be immortal, resulting in Henry’s death, seems an easy sufficient objective, and also not dangerous enough for it to appear foolish. Frying pan doesn’t appear to have any machinations upon globe dominance, however rather his very own self-preservation, which connects all we understand about him up until now.

The further twists, as the heroes’ strategy completely backfired, and also Rumple wound up entraped instead in Pandora’s Box was likewise stressful. Henry after that ignoring his moms and dad’s pleas and also instead complying with Frying pan’s directions was additionally surprising, if a little frustrating, and also demonstrates just how much Frying pan has actually molded as well as manipulated him to his own will.

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This episode most definitely put the wheels in motion in Neverland in a way that we have not actually seen before this period. Before, the period was moving at a snail’s pace as our heroes gradually made steps in the direction of liberating Henry. Right here, nevertheless, there was a real as well as brewing danger, putting even more a time pressure upon our personalities as they rushed to Henry’s side. It created a lot more tense and delightful instalment and also with every twist, the audience were drawn better as well as better forwards on their seats to see what would happen next.

The heroes’ communications with each various other were also incredibly realised. There was none of the love-triangle mess from the previous week hindering, however there was still crucial conflict and disagreements within the group as Neal ultimately took Gold to task for his behavior worrying Henry. It was somewhat frustrating to see Gold incorrectly accused of trying to eliminate Henry when he had, in fact, done nothing wrong, yet Michael Raymond-James as well as Robert Carlyle’s chemistry is so fantastic that any type of exchange is a joy to see.

One of the larger disadvantages to this episode is possibly true of most of When’s adventures, being the more than reliance upon CGI histories. It’s horrendously ambitious on a television program spending plan, yet the inside of Head Rock had not been anywhere near as engaging as the outside and it does serve to eliminate the audience from the realistic look of the moment as you watch personalities awkwardly move about on the floor. What’s even worse is that the creatives involved don’t seem to understand just how enthusiastic this is, as they still try to shoot the scenes as if they remained in a genuine, grand area, triggering a lot of unneeded rendering work which can or else be avoided with even more fixed shots that could be better realised.

This episode was action-packed, surprising as well as stressful from beginning to end. The Neverland storyline is certainly rattling along to a close, yet it was a happiness to see our heroes joined in Neverland as well as fighting for an usual reason. With any luck this sociability will proceed right into following week and also allow them to ideal strategy as well as conserve Henry and Gold.

In other words

  • Crease, as a child, needs to take care of the dodgy dealings of his papa. When they are provided a magic bean, they run away to Neverland.
  • Rumple’s dad gives Rumple up so that he can be eternally young, transforming him into Peter Pan.
  • The heroes tornado Frying pan’s camp but locate it empty. Wendy informs them that Henry and Pan get on Skull Rock.
  • Gold reveals that he can recover David of his Dreamshade poisoning when they return to Storybrooke.
  • Gold obtains entraped in Pandora’s Box as well as Henry provides his heart to Pan, dying while doing so.

Other thoughts

  • It makes a lot more sense now why there were a lot of episodes of extremely little occurring in Neverland. If that’s the concession that they needed to make to make that gigantic wonderful hourglass CGI set, then I examine whether that was a sensible decision.
  • I get that Henry needed to count on Pan, however truthfully, the whole tale was incredibly flimsy initially. I like to think that Henry was really taken in by Pan’s proclamations of him as a hero, and also wished to live up to every one of the others in his family members by doing his bit as well. There’s nothing else description for his large gullibility on this set.
  • I felt so bad for little Rumple, yet he was additionally unbelievably annoying. With an extremely strange, and also a lot more powerful, Scottish accent than his dad. Accents have actually constantly been an odd one in this program.
  • This episode had a nice resolution to Rumple’s little doll, as it was where Pan obtained his name from, and also Rumple had actually shed when his daddy had abandoned him.
  • It appears extremely hassle-free that Gold can all of a sudden recover Enchanting of his condition.
  • Definitely Henry listened to every little thing that Rumple and Pan were saying per other? He was literally just on the other side of the shapely. He’s not deaf. A little dumb, however not deaf.
  • I like how the recalls in this episode only filled up the episode up until they were no more needed, and also allowed today day action to take centre stage for the remainder of the time.


A fast-paced and also active instalment, with several jaw dropping spins as well as high risks, keeping audiences hooked for the next episode.

You can enjoy Once Upon a Time Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is also readily available on home media and also various other digital platforms for purchase or rent.

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