A Curious Thing Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 19

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We need to establish the Dark Curse.


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Michael Raymond-James, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle.


Season 3Episode 19: A Curious Thing

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This episode provided nearly extra development than the entire of the #SaveHenry arc, addressing question after question to lastly establish our gang of heroes up to imminently beating the Worthless Witch. On top of that, the resolutions to these arcs were genuinely unanticipated as well as fascinating.

The spin that Zelena wasn’t behind the most recent Dark Curse, simply the memory clean facet, was absolutely a shock. To see Snow and also Lovely enacting the curse rather to ensure that they might be reunited with Emma was absolutely a surprise, and also assists to discuss just why Zelena has actually felt endangered by Emma for all of this moment. It’s additionally a testament to the writing of the episode, as well as the performing of Goodwin as well as Dallas that these scenes are in fact psychological and also carry weight. Certainly, the target market understands that Charming has actually endured (however imagine if he had actually been a slave of Zelena the whole time??) but that does not erase the intrigue of the viewer as they attempt to uncover simply exactly how Lovely survived his seemingly last destiny.

This episode also surprised by granting Henry’s memories back and also finally clueing all of the citizens of Storybrooke into the fact of what occurred to them during their year away. Giving Henry his memories was most definitely past due and, as a story, has definitely run its course. There was only so long that the group were going to have the ability to hide Zelena’s visibility from him, and also his growing disappointments with Emma were bound to get to a boiling factor. However, Henry as a character is so much more intriguing when he was a sullen, average young adult as opposed to the irritatingly enthusiastic, monotonous and also wonderful actual-Henry. It was virtually an immediate button, and extra fuel to the fire that Jared Gilmore is a great actor, but Henry is a lead weight of a character.

We also figure out just how Hook received a message to go as well as find Emma, as Neal takes care of to break without Rumple to make sure that he can utilize a dove to send it to Hook. The truth that doves are in some way the Enchanted Forest’s answer to the Royal Mail is rather of an unforeseen left turn, however it’s a rewarding verdict nonetheless.

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Regina got on leading form this episode. Her identity in the restarted Enchanted Woodland has definitely hit its stride as one of the most drily irritated woman on earth, and it’s just amusing to watch. On the subject of Regina, it was also dazzling to see her advancement here. Not only is she making the steps in her love to Robin, grinning like a smitten schoolgirl, but she is additionally the one who damages the curse by kissing Henry. The truth that Regina is finally efficient in true love– without a heart, no much less– is testimony to exactly how much she has actually evolved over the course of three periods.

There are more than a couple of discouraging minutes– primary among them being our heroes transforming versus Hook. Hook’s issue was never mosting likely to end well, however Snow as well as Enchanting implicating him of existing concerning where he got the message from was far from heroic behavior. For characters who frequently extol the virtues of belief as well as belief, they are really quick to blame others. Hook’s effort to conserve Henry was additionally met refuse from Emma, asserting for Henry to be her responsibility, but it honestly looks like, if Hook had actually disclosed the plan, Emma would certainly likewise have actually been annoyed for placing her household in danger. It virtually looks like she was trying to find reasons to transform versus Killian, which is greater than a little aggravating to see.

In other words

  • In The Enchanted Woodland, Glinda discloses that light magic can beat Zelena.
  • Snow casts the Dark Curse to make sure that they can return to Emma, but Zelena places a memory remedy in menstruation to make sure that they forget.
  • In Storybrooke, the gang revive Henry’s memories.
  • Regina damages menstruation by kissing Henry.

Various other ideas

  • Regina’s snark gets on absolute top kind this episode. She truly made me cackle. Examples:
    • “You’re introducing you’re pregnant. It’s not like you’re developing the wheel.”
    • “If I really did not understand any kind of much better, I would certainly state Häagen-Dasz is smitten with your tummy.”
    • “Where you come from, people wash in rivers and utilize pine cones for cash.”
    • “I uncommitted if they’re dancing daffodils!”
  • Snow likewise has an incredibly comedic minute, as she describes to David that, 2nd to real love, there is no greater magic than shoes as well as it needs to be secured.
  • Still some strange story threads left dangling, like where the storybook originated from in the first place? That created it, as well as who is behind it turning up like it does? I’m not totally certain whether the show will, or indeed requires to, answer this question, but it is certainly bewildering.
  • Poor Aurora and also Phillip, that have apparently been flying about as monkeys this entire time. Fingers went across that none of our heroes inadvertently fired them down, like Hook did this episode.
  • Seeing Glinda was a terrific touch. The fact that Regina couldn’t meet her was greater than a little judgmental on the part of the writers, yet it offered its function. The details that Zelena can be defeated simply by obtaining her amulet seems a little anticlimactic, however I make certain with Rumple on her side this will certainly show harder than it appears.
  • I can’t help yet really feel that there is more of Glinda as well as Zelena’s tale to be told right here. Glinda’s affirmation that she as well as Zelena were friends is definitely Wicked-esque but will hopefully expose even more surprise layers to Zelena’s character. Compared to a lot of villains, Zelena is a lot more two-dimensionally painted than the others, merely constantly specified by her envy.
  • I still do not comprehend why Snow’s Enchanted Woodland wig has been so hideous this period. What happened to the old wigs ???
  • Snow’s protestations that Regina requires to divide her heart in 2 would be totally worthy as well as wonderful, as she declares, “Idea! Hope!”. Nevertheless, she is heavily expectant. Was it truly worth the risk that it wouldn’t function? Of course, the good news is it did– however that was an entirely self-indulgent gamble, Snow. It had not been for Enchanting, it had not been for Emma, it had not been for your unborn youngster. It was for you, and you were considering how you couldn’t live without Captivating. It was careless.
  • Regina really needs to find out some other spell against Zelena. Actually whenever they experience each other Regina ends up obtaining knocked on her butt.


This episode was full to the brim of exciting spins as well as strong character minutes, and establishes our heroes up flawlessly to take down the Worthless Witch as we come close to the finale.

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