It’s Not Easy Being Green Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 16

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” What I’m casting isn’t a curse. It’s a second possibility.”


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, and Robert Carlyle.


Season 3Episode 16: It’s Not Easy Being Eco-friendly

With Zelena’s identity currently disclosed in Storybrooke, our heroes are more eager than ever to bring an end to her evil story. The only problem is that they have no idea what her wicked story is. They also have substantial trouble in locating her. It does permit, nevertheless, for brilliant conflicts in Storybrooke when Zelena reveals herself at Neal’s funeral service to challenge Regina to a duel. A face-off between both witches was somewhat inescapable.

The face-off itself was tense, and also Zelena’s clear magical toughness makes her one of the most credible villain the program has head considering that Cora. The decision to root this episode with Regina as well as Zelena’s sisterly relationship was also smart, as it enabled Regina to have some brilliant character minutes as she had to face the fact that she’s not as effective as she believed she was. The scenes between Regina and Robin where Regina admitted that she had actually utilized words in the letter as a self-esteem boost that was currently gotten rid of was touching, as well as their chemistry remains to be a strong point. This episode has actually most definitely offered the target market the biggest hint at their possibility, as Robin continues to attempt and also persuade Regina to have a beverage with him. Though Regina providing Robin her heart was a little on the nose, her smile as she turned away from him was wonderful to see as well as remarkable progression for Regina’s character.

It was likewise visible that Regina appears to have entirely shucked off her lawless past. She’s not also shown to be having a hard time below with allying herself with the Charmings and working against the Worthless Witch, it’s just taken as a provided, which is a rejuvenating modification. As a personality, Regina has certainly come the furthest considering that the start of the collection.

The fairytale recall in Zelena’s past was additionally effective. The CGI impacts utilized to accomplish the Wizard’s chamber, as well as even brand-new, undetected parts of Regina’s castle were, for as soon as, massively effective as well as really included in these areas. Rebecca Mader remains to secure these scenes, and also she was extremely credible as the innocent young Zelena before she discovered her real heritage. She additionally has a panache for the more camp, wicked parts. Few actresses would have the ability to convincingly antiphon “No, dear … it’s the Worthless West”, but in some way she pulls it off.

Zelena transforming eco-friendly as an outcome of her jealousy in the direction of Regina was a nice twist that perfectly factored right into the recognized lore of the character, as well as it’s a fascinating idea. Zelena has actually most definitely been written right here as a less redeemable personality compared to the more sympathetic representations that we have actually had of Rumplestiltskin and Regina. Throughout the episode she has a huge problem with her resentment as well as anger in the direction of Regina, who does not also understand that Zelena exists. It makes it appear as if this backstory is doing not have somewhat.

There are some fantastic elements. Her violent daddy, as well as her denial by Rumple both offer themselves to pressing her towards villainy, but it still doesn’t appear rather adequate. Zelena appears to take her hatred for Regina from the minute she finds she exists, although that Regina has actually had nothing to do with any of this. It would certainly almost make more feeling if this interaction had actually come previously, when Cora had still been about in the Enchanted Forest to ensure that Zelena could have had an extra concrete being rejected by her too, though that would have triggered some issues with Rumple training both Zelena and Regina at the exact same time.

Rumple rejecting Zelena as a pupil because she likes him was heartbreaking, and you might really see over the course of the episode simply exactly how affixed she had ended up being to him and the fact that he had faith in her. It is a whole lot for a person to undergo, however Zelena was likewise showing sneaky and wicked attributes when she initially showed up in the Enchanted Forest, so there’s still something a little bit doing not have regarding this backstory. Having claimed that, the expose of Zelena’s endgame is shocking and greatly increases the risks for the collection as our heroes try to bring her down.

Simply put

  • Cora abandoned Zelena, which resulted in a magical cyclone moving her to Oz, where she was adopted.
  • When her adoptive papa discloses her true heritage, Zelena goes to the Wizard and also is sent to Regina, where she is being trained by Rumple.
  • Muss up realises that Zelena is a lot more amazingly talented that Regina and starts instructing her, planning to utilize her for the curse.
  • Zelena falls in love with Rumple and also he states that he can not utilize her for the curse anymore, as he would certainly be things that she would certainly compromise to cast the Dark Curse.
  • In Storybrooke, Zelena tests Regina to a duel. She attempts to obtain her heart, but Regina has actually taken it out.
  • Zelena discloses to Crease that her strategy is to reverse time so that she had not been abandoned by Cora.

Other thoughts

  • Neal’s funeral doesn’t last specifically long in the episode. It’s more there to ensure that it can finish. In addition, there were two visitors who we properly have actually never seen prior to, so rather why they were at the funeral service is anyone’s hunch.
  • Henry’s bafflement over Hook’s age, and also exactly how he can have instructed his papa as a child is essentially every audience participant that is trying to stay on par with these timelines now.
  • It’s unsatisfactory that Regina as well as Zelena never met in the Enchanted Woodland, but except needing to work in a memory spell to remove Regina’s recollection of it, it makes sense why the writers didn’t do this.
  • I can not believe that Rumple has actually never ever disclosed that he fulfilled Zelena to Regina and even to Cora in the quick time they saw each various other once again. Peculiar.
  • Snow says some whoppers of silly things this episode. Number 1: “I do not assume a resting curse would benefit the baby.” Ah of course, but accepting a stranger right into your house when a Wicked Witch is on the loose is, of course, helpful for the infant. Number 2: “She’s currently cursed us. We’re already in Storybrooke. She’s already taken our memories. What else could she do to us?” … actually anything Snow. She can steam you active. She might kill your baby. What a stupid thing to see. Think these things via please.
  • This episode was actually shot quite epically. The camerawork when Zelena enters Gran’s, all handheld and also looking upwards at weird angles did make her appear more ominous and also imposing.
  • Why was Tink also in this episode? Other than for Belle to encounter her arms while sobbing. Mentioning which …
  • Belle was far as well traumatised from that venture right into the Evil Witch’s storage. I imply truly, what did she expect? A) She plainly does not understand the impact of the blade. She’s all like “combat it. Pertain to me”. That’s never been just how that has actually functioned. Obtain with it. B) Oh no? The Evil Witch showed up and claimed mean points? Was it a trap? Begin, lady, get a journey. It was plainly a catch, and also somebody showing up as well as commanding someone else to eliminate you is not a justification to sob. It’s barely also an event, or a tidbit that you would share at a celebration.


The spotlight is on the Wicked Witch this episode, with an additional regular efficiency from Rebecca Mader that assists us to better comprehend her inspirations as her master plan is exposed.

You can view In the past Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is likewise offered on house media and also various other digital systems for purchase or lease.

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