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I make my very own destiny.


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, and also Robert Carlyle.


Season 3Episode 20: Kansas

The style of this week’s episode is “destiny”. It’s a concept that has been extremely common throughout the lore of Once Upon a Time, as we have actually continually explored whether evil is born or developed. Repeatedly, it has actually been demonstrated that it is with selection that you either become a hero or villain.

The episode actively attracts similarities in between Zelena and also Regina. Greater than simply being siblings, their stories and characters are incredibly similar. Both have actually been encouraged by a feeling of resentment and also temper at other people obtaining pleased ends and seemingly having been robbed of them themselves. While for Regina this was routed at Snow, Zelena routed her wrath at Regina. It’s specifically terrible from the target market’s perspective, as it was simpler to comprehend Regina feeling envy in the direction of Snow, however Zelena’s envy of Regina’s setting is entirely miscounted.

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The recalls within this tale assist us to additionally comprehend Zelena’s complicated psychological state. While it does not completely make her show up sympathetic, it absolutely does complete the change to bad guy that was begun in “It’s Hard Being Eco-friendly”. Similarly that Regina didn’t just magically snap after Daniel’s murder, and also rather went on a gradual decline right into bad over numerous years, Zelena had not been simply deserted by her mother as well as discarded in favour of her younger sis. A similar situation occurs with Dorothy, as Zelena becomes convinced that Dorothy must be the Witch of the West, as she is even more innocent that Zelena considers herself to be.

Even though Glinda insists to Zelena that Zelena is the only one in control of her own destiny, Zelena ends up being convinced that it is Dorothy’s destiny to damage her (a fear just made worse by the Publication of Oz that chronicles the future of Oz), and so completes her mission and commitment to evil. It’s Zelena’s inability complex that actually sabotages her time and time again, as she is innately tuned to presume the most awful. Though she can have been determined with the various other witches and also made her mark as an excellent witch, her paranoia at being “wicked” eventually sealed her very own fate.

The episode additionally provides the opposite of that selection, as Once lastly pulls with on Regina’s redemption arc. Though all originally appears shed when Emma loses her powers, Regina finds herself able to exact light magic, having actually verified herself with real love. Certainly, Regina successfully manages to conquer Zelena and also remove her pendant, making her vulnerable. Regina’s assertion that she picks her own destiny absolutely seems to shake Zelena somewhat, but insufficient for her to activity this within her very own life. Regina’s brave nature isn’t simply limited to her brand of magic, nevertheless, as she likewise specifically forbids Rumple from killing Zelena– an activity that would virtually be unimaginable for Regina even in the initial half of this season.

It’s understandable that Regina saves Zelena. She, too, can see the link and also similarities between the two of them, and also it makes good sense that Regina would certainly include Zelena the second possibility that she has actually lastly capitalized on. Regina has actually most definitely found more joy via being virtuous than she ever before did when she was a bad guy. The acceptance, love and relationship she has located throughout the neighborhood is what she always yearned for and looked for when she was the Wickedness Queen, however it was through coming to be good that she actually achieved it. Nevertheless, the concept difference in between Regina as well as Zelena is that Regina has Henry. Henry was Regina’s anchor in helping her change her means. Zelena does not have a reason to try to alter her means, as well as instead strives to alter her “destiny” by altering the past.

An additional character that also does not feel the need to make a modification is Rumple. It was a surprising spin that he violated Belle’s desires, as well as certainly an about-turn from Rumple’s heroics saving Storybrooke from Pan’s curse. The loss of Neal, nevertheless, is just too great for him not to exact revenge upon Zelena and therefore, a story line that appeared extensively bound gets to a 2nd wind.

Rumple’s return to villainy is a little discouraging, though practical. It wouldn’t be proper for each bad guy that found their way right into Storybrooke to magically reform, though the subterfuge and hoax towards his true love, Belle, is extra egregious. This truly requires to be the part of the story where both split up. Belle is as well clever as well as has way too much self regard to stay with Rumple once she finds that he went behind her back as well as really did not even give her the actual blade. Or, at the very least, if she doesn’t, then the writers need to really repent of themselves.

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“Kansas”, while high-octane as well as a rewarding verdict in the Evil Witch storyline– if, without a doubt, it is a verdict– had its irritating moments. Emma’s choice to chase after Zelena as well as leave the one place where she’s actually needed to shield is a questionable decision at ideal, particularly when she makes a decision to opt for somebody that she loves. It’s apparent that Zelena is going to make use of that versus her, yet Emma still goes and also, certainly, loses her magic. Inevitably, because all Regina needed to do was knock Zelena over with light magic, had Emma just remained in the medical facility she would certainly have been vastly extra help, however yet once again the “Saviour” makes awful choices.

The flashback here had not been totally necessary. While it’s a nice proportion in between exactly how Zelena correctly dedicated to the Worthless Witch mantle at the exact same time as we see her failure, it had not been particularly interesting or psychological. The inherent trouble with adhering to a personality like Zelena is that it’s hard to make them sympathetic. She’s deliciously evil, however it is skeptical if any person in the target market in fact likes her or roots for her. A minimum of with Regina’s motivations, you could recognize the pain, however Zelena’s resentment and envy simply makes you wish to offer her a demanding talking with and tell her to grow up. The Oz story was likewise far also quickly. Taking into consideration Glinda’s assertion in the previous episode that she and Zelena were close friends, it seems like this was a gross exaggeration given their communication here. It might have been extra interesting to have Glinda genuinely betray Zelena, as that could supply a much more convincing fire below, however inevitably the time given up this episode towards Zelena’s backstory truly didn’t offer it as a lot of a strike as it might have.

There was an unpleasant contrast between the principle of fate as something that can be changed, and yet also having a “Publication of Oz” which narrates the future. Certainly if fate is so adjustable after that an established variation of the future can’t exist? Certain, it’s rather obscure, but it ultimately becomes a reality, so where the program in fact lies upon “fate” is doubtful. Was it Regina’s destiny to inevitably locate her delighted ending, for example? Also, the visibility of guide of Oz is quite interesting provided the Once Upon a Time publication. Probably both tomes relate in some way, or a Publication of Storybrooke exists. That would certainly be a fascinating point for our heroes to discover.

A remarkable component of this tale were the outstanding effects. Zelena’s melting (admittedly, fake– and a wonderful subversion of the traditional tale) was fantastic, as well as the moment traveling spell looked definitely stunning in the barn. The turning and nearly flame-like nature of the magic functioned perfectly. What’s even more, Zelena developing into a ceramic variation of herself prior to crumbling was shocking as well as beautiful, similar to the similar effect used last year to turn Jared Gilmore into porcelain.

In other words

  • Glinda comes close to Zelena to be the Witch of the West and also secure Oz.
  • Dorothy shows up through cyclone and Zelena is persuaded that Dorothy is the one to beat her. She fakes her own melting as well as gets rid of Glinda.
  • In Storybrooke, Snow goes into labour. Emma mosts likely to confront Zelena and also sheds her magic.
  • Zelena gets the baby as well as starts the spell.
  • Regina defeats Zelena using light magic, yet saves her life.
  • Rumple eliminates Zelena, and green smoke turns on the spell and sneaks right into the past.

Various other thoughts

  • The number of cyclones take place in Oz? Is this just a wonderful sensation that shows up to happen around below? Is any person going to bother discussing it?
  • The amount of times was it mosting likely to take for Regina to withstand Zelena prior to working out that the spell she was attempting would constantly obtain her knocked on her back? It happened a lot of times!
  • How can Emma truthfully expect that she is going to go back to New York with Henry? Let it go, Emma, it’s not mosting likely to occur. You truly need to attend to these abandonment issues with your parents, please. The repression is getting old.
  • The fight between Regina as well as Zelena was legendary, but I wish that it had actually been longer.
  • The heroes being batted around like rag dolls was equivalent components humorous and discouraging to watch.
  • How the heroes never really attempted to separate Zelena as well as Rumple is any person’s hunch. With the Dark One on side, Zelena would certainly have been lowered episodes ago!
  • Rumple’s dagger was resting on the floor for a dangerously very long time– why did nobody go and order it sooner??
  • Snow’s post-labour gown is entirely horrible. Melt it please.
  • They actually cherry picked what things to consist of from the Oz story, didn’t they? I was expecting for Dorothy’s residence to have fallen on someone. I feel that Zelena’s backstory might have been a lot extra hurt and misinterpreted– in a much more Worthless way– that would certainly aid describe her actions now. Even more of a “everyone anticipates this from me, so this is what I’ll provide” kind of bargain. If Glinda had betrayed her for example, or if other individuals had had the expectation for her to be worthless when she was attempting to alter, it may have made her backstory more considerate than her having those sights of herself. I mean it makes her even more unfortunate as a number that she doesn’t have the self idea, yet it absolutely could have struck a much more mentally effective note in that storyline.
  • I question whether the smoke implies that Zelena is in fact to life in the past, or if she simply turned on the idea and somebody else will go back? Interesting, however we really did not really see Zelena, extra her “essence”, I guess.


A massively rewarding character moment, as this episode perfectly locks up the Worthless Witch story, while also leaving sufficient strings hanging to reject us off to a brand-new, interesting experience for the two-part finale.

You can view Once Upon a Time Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is additionally readily available on house media as well as various other electronic systems for acquisition or lease.

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