Quiet Minds Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 15

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” To heck with the price!”

Neal Cassidy

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Michael Raymond-James, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle.


Season 3Episode 15: Quiet Minds

This episode highlighted several vital connections throughout the instalment, which largely focussed upon Neal, Rumple, Belle and also Emma. The premise of the Worthless Witch’s curse continues to be an essential toughness as the mission to bring her down continues to be as an atmosphere however does not entirely control proceedings. The episode continues to develop this story, nevertheless, with the Storybrooke occupants ultimately discovering Zelena’s true identification, helping to safeguard Snow for now.

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Throughout the instalment were fascinating character minutes, such as Neal as well as Hook’s sweet interaction in which they comprised after their squabbling in the previous fifty percent of the period. It is very easy to neglect their history, so it behaved for both to compose, specifically considering the later events. Likewise deactivating were the seeds of Regina as well as Robin’s relationship. Returning events earlier in the period truly assists to instil confidence in the authors that they have a natural plan of attack, even if it may not at first be apparent– it definitely appears even more with each other in the last part of the season contrasted to the winding tangents we took in Neverland.

Detailing all of the wonderful interactions throughout the episode would certainly be almost impossible: they are strewn throughout. Of particular note is the bonding that Emma as well as Neal do concerning their corresponding pasts and also their partnership with each various other prior to, obviously, Emma faces a horrible decision. This leads us to the huge stunning minute of the episode: Neal’s death.

It is a testimony to the valor of the creatives that they agree to remove core characters in such a final fashion, instead of having them discolor right into obscurity like some of our old regulars have actually done (taking a look at you, Ruby). Inevitably, it is a fitting verdict for Neal. His character had actually run out of stories to seek. His existence within the program was informed by his partnership to his father, and also without Rumple around, there’s nothing much left for him to do. His story arc was tied into Rumple’s feelings of shame at having abandoned him as well as since Rumple had passed away a hero, so as well had Neal’s story ended. Though the show can have sought the ongoing effects of Neal’s relationship with Emma and also Henry, he never truly made too much of an influence upon the show all at once, despite Michael Raymond-James’ fascinating representation.

The influence of Neal’s death is rather obstructed, nonetheless. Though the episode really knuckled down on the psychological moments as he passed away, and Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle and also Michael Raymond-James really knocked those scenes out of the park, it was actually tough to really feel too bad or distressed that this has taken place. Part of this is for the aforementioned absence of influence that Neal actually had upon the bigger show, which is still a little odd considering his enormous narrative relevance. Eventually, Neal never really did measure up to Baelfire, that was so adventurous and fiercely independent that Neal’s brooding adult angst could not rather hold up to it.

Furthermore, Neal has actually been absent from the show for a couple of episodes now, and also it has been a while considering that he has been meaningfully featured, which suggests that the audience has slightly neglected their accessory to him. When he does look like he does here, it’s hard not to really feel as if he’s behaving somewhat out of personality. The suggestion of Rumple and also Neal being merged into one being is brilliantly innovative, as well as it efficiently handles to reanimate Rumple without the target market sensation cheated. Ultimately, nonetheless, it simply does not make that much feeling that Neal would go to such extreme sizes to restore Rumple.

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Neal’s effort to bring his daddy back to life makes human feeling. Who wouldn’t do that if they were provided the possibility? The writers actually had a dazzling possibility right here to check out Neal’s sensations of rejection over his daddy’s fatality, along with his feelings of guilt and also regret at not having made up with him earlier, keeping in mind his heroic sacrifice. Nonetheless, Neal violating what took place to attempt and bring his papa back does not make narrative feeling apart from creating Michael Raymond-James out and maintaining Robert Carlyle in the cast. Neal’s whole storyline has actually revolved around his abhorrence of magic and the considerable costs that it has, as well as his desire to return to Henry as well as his idea that Rumple can help him accomplish that simply isn’t compelling sufficient. What’s more, taking into consideration Neal’s extensive question of magic to begin with, it appears odd that he wouldn’t have analyzed the exact consequences of the resurrection. His desperation to return to Henry additionally doesn’t seem to compare with the feelings that we have seen of him thus far in his experience in the Enchanted Woodland, so all of it appears a little as well practical a story creation, as heartbreaking as it is.

The most awful part of it is, it makes Neal appear silly, and also currently his personality is permanently marked as a character that underestimated the expense of magic. This is bizarrely out of maintaining with Neal and also Baelfire’s wariness as well as recognition of the threats of utilizing magic, so it appears strange that he would throw himself right into it just out of his own anxiety. These tiny irritations make it challenging to really feel anything more than frustrated that Neal is currently dead and also, despite the tearful scene at the close of the episode between Emma and Henry (who does not even remember Neal as well as will be unable to mourn him effectively), it’s doubtful whether or not Neal’s lack will really make a palpable dent in the show progressing.

This apart, the episode was engaging. The pacing of the Worthless Witch story appears to be functioning well, as Zelena’s real identity is disclosed. This is helpful at maintaining the audience involved without excessive misunderstanding from the major actors. It’s always irritating when the audience know something that the personalities don’t, so it’s sensible of the authors to keep our personalities as much as date and the story moving actively onward.

This episode was additionally visually magnificent. The Vancouver hills where the Dark One’s crypt scenes were shot was wonderfully climatic, and the effects made use of to accomplish Rumple’s rebirth were exceptional. The snow in the background of the Storybrooke scenes is additionally stunning and includes a totally various colour scheme and also feel to these scenes.

Simply put

  • Belle and Neal are resulted in the Dark One’s vault, where they can recover him to life.
  • Ignoring the prices, Neal brings Rumple back, to discover they have been fooled by Zelena as well as Neal should trade his life for Rumple’s.
  • To save Neal’s life, Rumple absorbs him into his body.
  • Rumple/Neal run away from the Evil Witch, and Emma manages to divide the two, causing Neal’s death.
  • Muss up reveals The Evil Witch’s identity to Emma.

Various other ideas

  • It’s slightly frustrating that Emma plans on returning to New york city as quickly as this company is over to continue living her “normal” life with Henry. It would be alright if they were to unbox this being rejected of her household in Snow and Charming, but I’m not positive that it will really be correctly explored.
  • Poor Belle. The authors simply do absolutely nothing with her unless Rumple is involved. She has no purposeful link with any kind of various other member of the core group, as well as it seems that it’s also the first time that she’s engaged with Hook all season, as she mentions that he tried to eliminate her– twice– which happened a minimum of a period or so ago. Jeez, writers. Utilize her far better, for Christ’s sake!
  • It’s curious that Zelena does not seem to care that Rumple has actually revealed her identification to the Charmings. She says that it doesn’t matter any longer, yet what did she in fact achieve in her brief time as Snow’s midwife? Anything of specific note?
  • Enchanting and also Emma are going to feel so silly when they now have to fit locks back onto their bathroom. Mentioning which, why does their shower room have 2 doors so close with each other?
  • What was up with those arbitrary people going through shot when Emma was telling Henry about his papa? Likewise, isn’t Henry going to be a tiny bit worried by the discovery that his father was killed which you have not caught his awesome? Definitely if you’re mosting likely to exist to the kid, you might expose all of this things to him when his memory is, ultimately, recovered.
  • Regina discovering Robin’s identity was wonderful, as well as her response was extremely in maintaining with what we’ve seen from her in the past. Her anxiety of love is making this slow-moving melt romance extra satisfying, as well as Lana Parrilla and also Sean Maguire have heaps of chemistry (though, now, I believe that Parrilla would possibly have crazy chemistry with a bag of flour, such is her talent).
  • Just one little place of janky CGI this episode, which was Zelena’s forgeting of the city, though also that was rather stunning and even more realistic than some of our Enchanted Forest insides.
  • What in the world was Belle putting on in the Enchanted Woodland flashbacks? Some unusual ruffled sports jacket as well as leggings? She must have been freezing the whole time the poor woman.
  • Likewise, why did she trouble taking Lumiere with her when she left the glade? Muss up wasn’t relocating really fast to eliminate her on the Evil Witch’s orders.
  • I question what the Worthless Witch stands to gain from having Rumple on her side. She plainly crafted his resurrection for a factor. She has little reason to have actually eliminated Neal, so I question what advantage he grants to her in her master plan.


An emotional and also appealing episode, which doesn’t cheapen Rumple’s sacrifice in his rebirth and continues to explore Rumple and Bae’s bond.

You can view Once Upon a Time Seasons 1– 7 on Netflix. It is likewise offered on residence media as well as other electronic platforms for purchase or rental fee.

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