The Tower Review | Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 14

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” Don’t fall short the following one.”

Emma Swan

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, and Robert Carlyle.


Period 3Episode 14: The Tower

In a little bit more of a standalone episode, As soon as checks out (not totally discreetly) dealing with down one’s fears. It’s a little bit slower and also less engrossing than the previous episodes have been, however the recurring machinations of Zelena are enough to keep it engaging sufficient to carry on enjoying. It’s additionally an embarassment that a “fairy tale of the week” story rests upon Charming’s shoulders, as one of the less fascinating as well as– bizarrely– less industrialized characters on the show.

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Captivating hasn’t really been created significantly throughout As soon as, in spite of being fifty percent of the program’s central combining. Dramatically extra recalls have actually focused upon Snow and also Regina’s problem. Some steps have been made, such as transforming his histories to a guard rather than an out-of-touch Prince, but mainly Charming discovers as vaguely nice and also a bit too pleased to make use of a sword to resolve his troubles. Sadly, As soon as remains to show that it’s far better able to construct as well as develop its villains contrasted to its heroes.

This episode does not do way too much to eliminate this notion, as it explores the idea of paralysing concern. In the Enchanted Forest, Rapunzel is held captive within her tower out of worry of returning to her parents and being successor to the throne of her kingdom as a result of her worry at her effectiveness at being a leader. Inevitably, it transpires that Rapunzel is literally held there just by her deepest anxieties, as the witch that she is terrified of is, as a matter of fact, herself. When she confesses her concerns, the creature goes away, leaving Rapunzel complimentary to return to her parents again.

It was a pleasing twist upon the typical Rapunzel tale, and also it’s nice for a fairytale-of-the-week story to in fact be given a good verdict, instead of having yet an additional reoccuring personality drifting around to have to sign in with intermittently. It was additionally chillingly told, with the direction and camerawork truly selling the distressing nature of the witch.

Enchanting, on the other hand, is paralysed by his fears at being a competent dad. In an extremely on-the-nose desire, Captivating is told by Emma, “Don’t fail the next one” as she rockets out of the nursery via the enchanting closet. It’s a fascinating idea to see such an ostensibly showing up personality face their very own anxieties, as Lovely is possibly a character that typically would be connected with valor as well as nerve. Eventually, certainly, these two things can co-exist, but it’s still a twist upon what we would expect from him. The only problem is that it does not really feel completely organic, or at least not in the manner in which it exists. Captivating really did not fall short Emma. Sure, they did not have a typical training because of menstruation, however he didn’t actually fail her. He conserved her, instead. To make sure that web link feels a bit tenuous, as well as was as subtle as a brick to the face.

This entire episode was deeply scary and disturbing. The camerawork throughout was cinematic, as well as little details like the illumination as well as the spinning doll heads, in addition to the movements that made the hooded figures appear to scuttle were really efficient as well as well done.

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It was a brilliant touch to have Enchanting as well as Emma connect within Charming’s desire. Their partnership is disarmingly sweet, even if we don’t see it as high as Snow’s partnership with their daughter. It was, as a matter of fact, a little odd that Captivating was the one whose mind was on Emma when he learnt that Snow was expecting as opposed to Snow herself, however the usefulness of basing an episode around a non-pregnant Snow thinking back to the issues with Emma would have been hard, as well as probably re-treading old ground.

The only problem with the picturing of Emma and also Charming is the reality that, awkwardly, Jennifer Morrison as well as Josh Dallas had searingly great chemistry that made the area a little bit Video game of Thrones and oddly sexually billed. Mentioning sexually billed, Zelena and Rumplestiltskin also shared a moment today as she seductively cut his beard using the blade. The expose at the end of the episode of Rumple having actually left is additionally incredibly intriguing, though it would certainly be unusual if it had not been one more of Zelena’s plots.

Having Zelena remaining to be an existence within Storybrooke was immersing as well as provides the episode a sinister undertone, especially as she and also Snow remain to expand better. Her capacity to control as well as to worm her way right into the Storybrooke inhabitants lives is rather subversive, specifically because we still do not understand what her plans are. Having these components play out with no distracting eco-friendly screen results is likewise an included bonus offer and also it’s pleasing to see that the snow are relying upon these components less.

Inevitably, regardless of the slightly underwhelming B-plot (which I suppose was practically the A-plot), “The Tower” boasts highly effective as well as climatic direction. There are significant tips in the direction of where this tale might go as well as create, seeming to recommend an anti-Wizard of Oz instructions for Zelena, as she has stolen Charming’s guts. Possibly she is also in charge of Rumple’s degeneration as well as loss of mind, recommending that she will also require to take somebody’s heart? Quite just how Snow’s unborn youngster variables right into that scenario stays to be seen, but it is definitely interesting.

In other words

  • Snow exposes to Charming that she is anticipating a baby.
  • Enchanting mosts likely to find nightroot to eliminate his fear, however rather saves Rapunzel from the tower, where she is being menaced by her very own worries.
  • Hook, Regina, Lovely and Emma make use of physical evidence to track back to Zelena’s residence.
  • Captivating is struck by his concerns after being surged by Zelena.
  • The team find Rumple’s abandoned cage at Zelena’s ranch.

Various other thoughts

  • Definitely if they linger enough time at Zelena’s location she will simply rock up? Or maybe they would certainly acknowledge her bike? Definitely it’s only an issue of time prior to they work out that she is?
  • Since Zelena still has Rumple’s dagger, it’s feasible that she has let him go as well as is mosting likely to use him as her puppet to more achieve her objectives– whatever they are.
  • Poor Belle looks so lonely. It’s such a pity that they’ve never ever really built her any kind of strong friendships. Without Rumple, her storyline falls apart.
  • Neal is still MIA. With any luck the flashbacks to the Enchanted Woodland will certainly remain to expose exactly what is happening/has occurred to him.
  • With the rate that these plot discoveries are coming, it really does appear that the writers have a grand masterplan for the back end of this period.


A very ominous and also climatic instalment. While not the best, the continuing facility proves to be captivating adequate to see the episode via.

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