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” For me to obtain what I want I need you to experience.”


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Michael Raymond-James, Jared S. Gilmore, as well as Robert Carlyle.


Period 3Episode 13: Witch Quest

While the midseason best was fascinating and also captivating, “Witch Hunt” definitely maintained the energy managed to it as we find out more of the Worthless Witch and also some hints as to her craven strategy. So far this fresh set of episodes is really feeling revitalised and fresher than the program has probably ever before really felt. Even though there are some comparable elements– a curse, Storybrooke, and a memory wipe– there suffices of a change in point of view to maintain it dynamic and interesting. The fact that the Storybrooke citizens understand the fact that they’re missing a chunk of their lives is substantial, and also definitely less discouraging than if they had been back to the method they remained in Regina’s curse– and also Henry’s function as the non-believer is including vital, more fascinating components to his personality besides just being a moralistic complainer.

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Lana Parrilla is the support of this episode, and also she gives an excursion de pressure efficiency that highlights the myriad elements of Regina’s character in simply 40 minutes. The show has actually toyed with the suggestion of Regina’s redemption, specifically throughout Season 3, and also it’s dazzling to see that this is continuing with Regina securely allying herself with Emma to find the bad guy behind this new curse. As a matter of fact, Parrilla as well as Jennifer Morrison’s chemistry got on point for the entire episode, as well as it’s a terrific growth to see these 2 characters functioning so very closely together, especially taking into consideration just how played out their saying over Henry was. It was a great subversion to have both trick the community right into believing that they were at odds, as the townspeople scenes were certainly facets that we have actually seen happen to Regina before and it would have been far too much like retreading old ground.

While this episode highlights Regina at her most sad, both in Storybrooke and in the Enchanted Woodland, it likewise shows the return of a somewhat more fierce streak as she vows to eliminate the Wicked Witch. She also flaunts fantastic scenes with Sean Maguire as Altruistic. Thanks to Tinker Bell, the audience knows their standing as true love, and you can absolutely see the usefulness of that here, as both battle over a choking spell and also an arrowhead. Regina’s revelation that she was mosting likely to use a resting curse on herself as she can not see happiness without Henry was likewise touching as well as highlights the midsts of her despair that she need to likewise be really feeling in Storybrooke. A critical boost upon Regina’s reaction to that heartbreak is not to wallow as well as withdraw back into the bitter, cruel Wickedness Queen she may have ended up being in the past, yet rather to be forthright regarding that feeling and also just how difficult it is in present Storybrooke.

This episode highlights that this season is squandering little time in obtaining to the meat of the tale. Revelations come thick and also rapid throughout the tale, further making the show really feel even more energised as well as exciting. The expose that Zelena was in reality Regina’s sister had not been completely unexpected– it was fairly obvious from the moment that Regina’s blood locks had been damaged. Actually, it’s still somewhat surprising that present-day Regina hasn’t functioned that out for herself from precisely the exact same trick being drawn in Storybrooke. Nonetheless, it is a fitting web link that Regina and also Zelena would be connected. Besides, the Charmings keep on finding new family members crawling out of the woodwork every other episode, so it’s just suitable that Regina have another sense of household.

It’s additionally a welcome turning of the tables to have Regina be the topic of somebody else’s vengeance and also to be targeted similar to she did to Snow. While Zelena’s objectives yet do not show up especially fascinating, ideally future flashbacks into her training will make this appear even more visceral. Inspired by being abandoned by Regina’s mom is obviously an effective driving pressure, however the vengeance presently seems somewhat misplaced versus Regina specifically, since she’s not done anything specifically wrong. It’s probably comparable to just how Regina connected Daniel’s death exclusively to Snow as opposed to in the direction of Cora, but because Cora is currently dead, Regina would be the very best target.

It was further unusual that the citizens of Storybrooke have additionally exercised the Wicked Witch is behind the current curse and also their memory wipe (if, certainly, that holds true). It’s revitalizing to see the personalities connecting the widely known concepts as well as involving what is the most apparent verdict, as opposed to being in the dark for even more episodes and causing more aggravations.

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An additional encouraging disclose was the return of Rumplestilskin. While it has just been 2 episodes given that Rumple’s death, his presence still offers even more intrigue as the target market asks yourself how Zelena took care of to restore her old adversary, in addition to why he appears to have gone back to his old crazed personality. It’s a promising sign of what’s to come, and also a sign that the showrunners have a concrete strategy regarding how this tale is going to unfold, which hopefully does not include checking out the very same three square metres of forest collection.

A thoroughly pleasurable facet of the episode was its use self-referential humour. A few of the earlier episodes of Once have come under the band of taking the fantastical scenarios rather as well seriously, which can be alienating to an audience considering we understand just how strange these points are if they took place in regular life. Integrating tiny elements, such as Emma’s incredulity at the Evil Witch being real, and also Enchanting and also Snow being baffled by Emma’s almost-marriage to a winged monkey are certainly welcome below. It makes sense that the characters would certainly be aware of the story of the Worthless Witch of the West. The more stories they generate, actually, it makes more feeling that the characters would understand the tradition that they come from.

Rebecca Mader continues to be entirely beguiling as Zelena. In the Enchanted Forest, she plays each scene with a camp, unscrupulous excitement, enjoying purely being evil. She doesn’t appear rather as vengeful as Regina has done as the Evil Queen, and also it really feels fresh and intriguing to have somebody who is simply having fun being as evil as feasible. Within Storybrooke, introducing herself to Snow as a midwife additionally includes a more threatening edge, in addition to the slightly scary transfiguration of Little John right into a flying ape. She absolutely looks like a reputable bad guy, that is still being unseen, making for highly compelling checking out.


  • Regina and Robin sneak right into Regina’s royal residence utilizing passages so they can shut off the protection spell.
  • Regina comes across the Worthless Witch, called Zelena, who discloses that she is Regina’s half-sister on Cora’s side, which she intends to destroy Regina’s life.
  • In today day, Emma and also Regina plan to smoke out the caster of menstruation by claiming to have a memory cure.
  • Zelena presents herself to Snow as a midwife, and has actually Rumple locked in a cage in her storage.

Other ideas

  • I love Emma’s new place in Storybrooke.
  • Regina and Emma using Grumpy as the community gossip was absolutely hilarious.
  • Actually random appearance by Red in this episode. Do not obtain me wrong, I appreciate it, yet you can not just arbitrarily insert her into an episode to do basically absolutely nothing. It seems wrong.
  • Would not it have been much more reasonable for Emma and also Regina to set up some sort of CCTV scenario in the office so after that also if the individual left they would certainly have some proof. I indicate, sure, they thought for certain the strategy would function, however you just can not make certain.
  • Snow arbitrarily spouting out that she had actually been apprehended for “banditry” had me laughing aloud.
  • I can not think that nobody believed to phone in advance to advise Regina that Emma as well as Henry remained in town and that Henry did not remember her.
  • Snow obtaining worried over what she reviews in a childcare book was priceless.
  • Couldn’t Robin have simply gotten out of the footwear that were glued to the flooring? That appears like a noticeable remedy.
  • I truthfully do not obtain why Emma would believe it a good suggestion to introduce Regina to Henry. That’s just mean.
  • I sense that Zelena’s strategy has something to do with Snow’s infant. I have no idea what she could perhaps desire with an infant, however why else would she run into Snow first?


Huge discoveries right out of eviction, and the tip of an approaching Zelena-Regina showdown is readied to be a legendary battle.

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