What if…Prue had survived?


Shannen Doherty was famously drawn up of Charmed at the end of period three, leading the way for new sibling Paige (Rose Matthews) to be introduced. Period 4 is frequently considered as among Charmed’s much better seasons but how might it have been different if Shannen had remained on?

While not specifically taking the rankings or honors period by storm, Charmed has a strong cult complying with owing to its amazing creativity and the strong female connections that create its core. Under Constance M. Burge, Charmed was an Aaron Punctuation task that ran from 1998 until 2006 for 8 periods. Originally the tagline for the program was “sis who occurred to be witches”, and much of the dramatization of the early periods revolved around the interactions between highly strung, unstable Prue (Shannen Doherty), continuous pacifist Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and also flighty, decadent Phoebe (Alyssa Milano). Upon their exploration of guide of Shadows in the attic room, each of the siblings’ magical powers are stired up and they must combat evil and shield innocent lives, all while attempting to handle their own individual lives and careers at the very same time.

Alas, the battle against evil proved to be fatal for the eldest sister, Prue. Fortunately, nevertheless, it turns out that there was another sibling witch: Paige Matthews, a younger half-sister on their mother’s side, who accompanied Piper as well as Phoebe to produce a new Power of Three and also permit their destiny to live on. With Paige came a changing in the sisterly dynamic. No longer was Piper the warm, gentle center sis, now forced to be the leader of the triad, becoming significantly neurotic and also sarcastic. Phoebe, too, experienced a modification, becoming better as well as more cleared up as she attempted to work out in Paige at the same time as appeasing Piper’s grief. Paige, in her turn, met the role of the untrustworthy more youthful sister, especially initially. What’s even more, with the behind the curtain departure of Constance M. Burge, the later periods took more of a go back from the sisterly vibrant as well as began to lean a lot more heavily right into mythological ideas, seeing the addition of animals such as nymphs, leprechauns and malevolent gods.

Out of the later periods, Season 4 definitely demonstrated one of the most guarantee. Like Season 3, it was dark as well as compelling, featuring the Charmed Ones finally handling the Source, in addition to Cole’s descent into leading the Underworld with Phoebe as his Queen. The toughness of this arc, in addition to Paige’s intense distrust of Cole later in the period, has actually convinced many fans that Period 4 was initially created and visualized prior to Doherty’s departure was decided, as well as some scripts merely changed the sis around to suit these modifications. While there is extremely little substantive evidence that sustains this suggestion, it does beg the inquiry as to what Period 4 may have resembled with Prue still within it.


The “Charmed and Dangerous” as a season finale theory

A concept that is typically grouped regarding as fact online (as so many points are), yet with in fact no proof, is the concept that Episode 13 of Period 4, “Charmed and Harmful”, where the Charmed Ones lastly beat the Resource was initially meant to be the season ending. It’s reasonable to see why individuals assume this: the episode definitely has a season ending really feel. From the get-go it is impressive as well as stuffed with high risks as well as stress. The Resource’s releasing of the Hollow to enable him to absorb each of the Charmed One’s powers consequently is remarkably remarkable, as well as the episode is probably one of the very best that Charmed ever before produced.

Additionally, you can really see how the episode can have worked with Prue being included. Not very much would need to alter whatsoever, actually, just simply substitute Paige’s actions with Prue’s. As well as possibly throw in a little celestial forecast as opposed to orbing– though having stated that, Prue’s powers conveniently could have become teleportation had she remained into the fourth period.

Besides the truth that it “feels like a period ending”, nonetheless, it’s virtually impossible to work out what the remainder of the season would certainly have checked out from there. The 4th period up till that factor had mostly been occupied with presenting and also increasing upon Paige’s duty within the team. It desires “Charmed and Dangerous” that the real tale arcs start, as Cole ends up being possessed by the Source as well as Phoebe becomes evil.

High as this concept appears reliable, consequently, it honestly does not seem to be sensible, as well as there’s no continuing to be hint within the season as to what it would certainly have appeared like– even if it makes the most sense to beat the Big Bad at the end of a period.

The “Queen of the Abyss” as initial component of Period 4 concept

One more popular theory is that Cole and Phoebe’s “Queen of the Underworld” storyline would have begun the 4th season. Some case that this may have functioned much better due to Phoebe being caught in the Underworld at the end of the third season as component of the deal to have Tempus rewind time and recover Piper to life.

I can see this working: the Queen of the Abyss storyline, with Paige’s growing distrust of Cole could quickly have been had fun with Prue, considering her mindset at the close of Season 3. I intend my major complication with this proposal is the fact that Cole and Phoebe don’t really start that story remaining in the Abyss, yet instead finish it there. The only manner in which I can see it occurring is having a period premiere tailored towards freeing Phoebe, hence reigniting the Resource’s fight versus the Sis, as well as perhaps deliberately establishing Cole as his unsuspecting successor. Then, we can neatly enter into “Charmed and also Harmful” fairly early in the period (various other theories have actually suggested that “Charmed as well as Harmful” could concentrate as a period opener) as well as promptly enter into the Resource Cole as well as Phoebe storyline.

As soon as Cole has eventually been overcome in Love Live the Queen, even more time could have been devoted to the Seer as the major enemy attempting to get her hands on Phoebe’s child, and the season could still finish with “Witch Means Now?” and choosing to surrender their powers having actually met their fate. “Witch Method Now?” would definitely be an extra compelling episode if it worried Prue, Piper as well as Phoebe rather than Piper, Phoebe and Paige– you always obtain the feeling that Paige is very new to magic as well as won’t be especially inclined to give it up.

The “Charmed and Hazardous” as season opener theory

As I previously mentioned (actually like one paragraph ago) an additional proposal is that “Charmed and Harmful” could have worked as a season premiere. I believe it would certainly have been an exceptionally strong opener, and also beginning in the middle of the action always makes for a fantastic episode. It would need rather a great deal of reworking for it to sit just right, directly.

I think that it would certainly have interested dive into the consequences of Shax’s strike, and also I can’t see the Charmed Ones fighting the Source in the very same episode as doing away with Shax, yet I suppose there might have been a time dive after the preliminary recall. The Charmed Ones would also have to cost-free Phoebe from the Abyss prior to they would certainly be able to defeat the Source. It certainly can have functioned, but there’s not much proof to sustain this concept. Then again, there isn’t terribly much proof to sustain any of this. It might have behaved, however removing the Source in just the episode after his intro appears a missed chance.

“The period was created for Prue” concept

Technically this isn’t a concept, it’s just something that I assume can work quite well. From “Charmed as well as Hazardous” onwards is an exceptionally solid arc as well as basically contains nothing that would have been altered by Prue existing. Basically in these scripts, it appears as if Prue’s name had actually simply been replaced by Paige’s. Also the episodes that are ostensibly made use of to introduce and increase upon Paige’s character, like “A Knight to keep in mind” or “A Paige from the Past” might conveniently have actually been retooled scripts from the original strategies. I’m not sure what purpose they would certainly have served within an original Season 4 strategy, as past lives had actually currently been explored in Period 2 rather effectively, though discovering somebody else’s backstory (most likely Cole’s) in the space of “A Paige from the Past” might have been rather successful.

Here’s exactly how Period 4 might have functioned had actually Prue still been alive:

Episode 1: Charmed Again As opposed to concentrating upon Prue’s death and Paige’s intro, the season opener would have had Leo as well as Phoebe rushing to Piper and also Prue to revitalize them from death. Prue would certainly be specifically traumatised by the experience. They might most likely to Medical professional Griffith’s episode and see Prue coming to be increasingly psychological as well as unsteady in the wake of her brush with death. Their battle versus Shax would be waylaid by Prue’s stress and anxieties, similar to Piper’s in “A Witch’s Story” that opened Season 5, however inevitably the sis would unite to beat Shax right here.

Episode 2: Brain Drain With Shax now defeated and also without Phoebe under his control, the Resource would certainly kidnap among the sisters (maybe Piper, but for drinking things up the most, I prefer to it be Phoebe or Prue) and also attempt to brainwash them into relinquishing their powers.

Episode 3: Black as Cole This would certainly continue to be greatly as is, with Cole facing as well as inevitably stripping his demonic powers, while Leo as well as Piper deal with expanding their family members.

Episode 4: Muse to My Ears The only considerable adjustment below would certainly be to have it focus on Prue’s photography as opposed to Paige’s art work (like that ever mattered anyhow), as well as being below simply to explore Cole’s feelings of anxiety over not being able to safeguard Phoebe.

Episode 5: Test by Magic

Episode 6: Lost as well as Bound

Episode 7: Charmed as well as Dangerous A practically remarkable episode, really bit would certainly need to be transformed right here.

Episode 8: The 3 Faces of Phoebe This is the episode where, initially, Cole discovers that he has actually taken in the Source.

Episode 9: New Episode Below could be a new episode, which would make good sense as an instalment which explores Cole’s inner dispute at being had by the Resource. In the original, Cole’s possession takes place rather quickly, so it might be better for him to reduce and also explore his previous brushes with his demonic side as well as exactly how he delighted in being human. Eventually, it might be a good tale beat to after that reveal, in his psychological state, the Source eliminating Cole’s essence/soul, simply to demonstrate that the “Cole” we understand is currently gone, replaced by the essence of the Source within his body. That never really discovered well in the original, because of the challenging dispute that Cole had through still loving Phoebe throughout. I never ever really got it so it would certainly good for it to have more an emphasis as Cole fights with having the pull of the Resource within him, in addition to his love for Phoebe and also not wishing to harm her.

Episode 10: Marry-Go-Round As initially happened, however with Phoebe believing that Prue is attempting to trash her wedding, just like she wrecked Piper’s, creating a massive buttload of various other concerns to fly around too. Cole desires a dark ceremony so that Phoebe can be his Queen and so he can damage the Power of 3.

Episode 11: The 5th Halliwheel To challenge Prue, who has realised there is something wrong with him, Cole infects her to try and kill her while computing with the Seer to impregnate Phoebe in order to guarantee a massively effective crossbreed child (like the bad version of Wyatt).

Episode 12: Saving Private Leo Cole continues to try and also develop a wedge between Phoebe and her siblings by motivating her to move out.

Episode 13: Attack Me I enjoy this episode, as well as it can conveniently work with Prue being the one taken control of by the vampires instead.

Episode 14: We’re Off to See the Wizard As occurred before, yet with a more engaging reason for Phoebe to turn bad right here. It’s quite unexpected originally, so maybe she is much more tricked into the event that makes her the Queen of the Abyss.

Episode 15: New Episode I just have vague concepts, but some type of narrative where Prue feels like she has stopped working as a result of Phoebe turning evil, considering her question for Cole which she must have done extra to protect her. I seem like this is the sort of episode that Grams and Patty would certainly be involved in, and inevitably Prue would certainly recover her confidence in herself by saving an innocent. Meanwhile, Piper tries– as well as falls short– to get in touch with Phoebe.

Episode 16: Go Into the Demon This episode would certainly be transformed somewhat by Phoebe now being the Queen of the Abyss, yet Prue would certainly do a body swap on purpose, which would force the two to assemble and also talk, with Prue threatening to divide up with Cole as well as end the arrangement there. Phoebe states that she’ll refuse to overcome Cole if that holds true as well as, at some point, the pair get to an understanding. Phoebe knows that what she’s doing is wrong, yet she loves Cole, and she assumes that she can change him.

Episode 17: Heck Hath No Fury With Prue currently recognizing Phoebe a lot more, Piper goes off the rails and also rages versus Phoebe, causing a substantial face-off that has Phoebe doubting whether she can really complimentary Cole from the influence of the Source.

Episode 18: New Episode Phoebe asks yourself whether there is a remedy to her problem between Cole and also her sis. Considering that she’s attempted to make Cole come around, she casts a spell that allows her to see what would certainly take place if her sis did. When she sees the three of them as the Wickedness Charmed ones, Phoebe becomes aware exactly how incorrect it is, as well as reveals to Cole that she’s mosting likely to leave him unless he stops being the Source.

Episode 19: Centennial Charmed kind episode Cole realises that Phoebe’s love for her siblings is what is maintaining them apart, so he alters time so that they passed away at Shax’s hand. Prue misses over the timelines due to the fact that she’s practising her brand-new teleportation power, as well as she reunites with Phoebe, who eliminates Cole when he’s about to eliminate Prue. Eventually, this turns around points to just how they were in the past, as well as Cole pledges to damage Piper and also Prue so that he and also Phoebe can be delighted.

Episode 20: Long Live the Queen I enjoy this episode, so I don’t assume I would certainly change significantly about it in all. Phoebe’s vanquish of Cole continues to be among the most effective scenes in the show.

Episode 21: Womb Raider As it happened the very first time, but Cole is really dead this time so he doesn’t appear. Instead of removing the infant, it could likewise work to cast some type of protective spell over it. I never ever actually suched as the show’s assertion of nature over support. I believe that Phoebe’s half-witch, half-demon child could be excellent. Even if he can toss fire doesn’t indicate he’s all negative, and also the show dealt with those aspects of grey.

Episode 22: Witch Way Currently? The Charmed Ones ultimately elect to give up their powers and also live normal lives once again, their destiny in beating the Resource satisfied.

Ultimately, the solid sororal partnership at the centre of Charmed is a substantial component of its long-lasting allure. While Paige developed a terrific partnership with her siblings, the unpleasant modification in all of their characters was rather disconcerting. The manner in which Paige’s duty is written in the last half of the season would have been a lot extra satisfying originating from Prue as well as this would certainly have worked as a best end result to their Charmed journey had actually Doherty been permitted to remain on for a 4th getaway.

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