Enter the Dragon Review | Once Upon a Time Season 4, Episode 14

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When battle hits Storybrooke, every person’s gon na need to choose a side, consisting of Regina.


Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, Michael Socha, and also Robert Carlyle.


Period 4Episode 14: Get In the Dragon

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Maleficent is back in Storybrooke, reanimated by her other “Queens of Darkness” Ursula as well as Cruella so, obviously, the initial thing on her mind is a transformation that makes her look like the leader of the Storybrooke mafia.

I’m just kidding. She actually looks extraordinary. Such a gorgeous look that gives us actual insight into her attributes as a bad guy. Smooth, tranquil as well as gathered, however also somebody that you wouldn’t wish to go across. That’s what occur when you see this costume, in similar means as Cruella’s look emanates prestige as well as refinement, and Ursula’s … exists …

It interested see the backstory in between Regina and Maleficent. It really helped us to understand the link in between both characters. Regina has actually described Maleficent as her friend already, and the recalls had actually never ever really revealed us anything that hinted at this, so they most definitely filled out some meaningful spaces. It’s understandable considering the massive function that Regina had in pulling Maleficent back from the edge that Maleficent would certainly desire Regina to be on side and also to be part of the Queens of Darkness, also if Cruella and also Ursula have their uncertainties.

On the other hand of that, I have actually established such a flashback fatigue. This program demands so much mental power from me in really keeping the story of each of the personalities in the Enchanted Forest together, such that every episode I’m believing “So this is before x and also after y. Wait, there’s Rumple. When does this been available in the storyline for him?”. There have actually been a lot of stories spun that it’s ending up being a little a minefield really assembling them with each other right into a cohesive narrative. This, a minimum of, fits in quite well, but often we’re anticipated to think that our personalities manage several situations simultaneously, while not stating any of the other points they have actually just encountered.

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In other places this episode, it was enormously annoying to see Belle hoodwinked by Rumple. There’s no way that she must have relied on Hook that easily. Alarm system bells need to have been sounding from the moment that he asked her where the blade was. She’s massively smart, so why after that does she remain to make such fundamental mistakes and be made such a significant fool of? It was apparent that Hook had not been himself when he was blatantly hostile in the direction of Will in Granny’s, as well as his insistence that the pair never talk about the scenario once more.

It’s much more frustrating when you remember that Belle finally took possession over the Rumple story when she eradicated him from Storybrooke. The truth that he’s managed to ridicule her once again, and use her for his own methods is simply past the pale. It would certainly have been much more satisfying if she would certainly played in addition to Hook/Rumple, then made use of the dagger to make him forget the encounter, while she goes as well as conceals the blade someplace else, or she can have regulated him to cede his power. That would certainly have been a far more enjoyable final thought that would certainly have gone some way to not depict Belle as a mat, as well as a dumb one at that. Belle is neither of those things, and the program requires to quit representing her as thus.

And, normally, Rumple is more concerned when he returns and talks to Belle about what the nature of her connection is with Will. Not her feelings over him, not her hurt at the betrayal as well as what he subjected to, but instead her sensations and also partnership with one more guy. He is disturbed at the wrong thing. He’s distressed since she’s with somebody else. He should be disturbed that he hurt as well as betrayed her repetitively.

As soon as Upon an Additional Brainthought

  • Since when has there been a railway in Storybrooke? Just how is it even feasible that there’s a railway in Storybrooke? I thought they really did not desire people to be coming in? Would not the train chauffeur had observed the auto going away in a puff of purple smoke?
  • Mentioning which, that “don’t be a hero” game made absolutely no sense. Just how is it being a hero to protect one’s own life? Truly, Regina should’ve simply teleported herself out of the cars and truck as well as left the others to obtain struck by a train. That would certainly have addressed the trouble somehow.
  • Snow and Captivating once more show that they have no suggestion what they’re doing, as they whine that Regina does not recognize the scenario after just one evening? Get up, people.
  • If this was the point in Aurora’s background when she was placed under a resting curse, after that shouldn’t she have been a little bit more concerned when she woke up concerning what occurred with her moms and dads in the interfering time? She doesn’t even state them when she wakes! Furthermore, she wakes up in an entirely various outfit and hairstyle.
  • Mentioning Aurora, I really wish that she comes back to the show now that Maleficent is entailed.
  • When will Ursula establish an individuality?

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