Why Prue shouldn’t have been the sister who died

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Reportedly, Shannen Doherty needed to leave the program as a result of backstage stress, however what if the creatives had made a various choice?

Okay, fine, hear me out. Yes, this is my second Charmed message in a week. And also yes, it’s an extremely comparable facility. Leave me alone.

Rumour has it– and by rumour I mean, practically validated by everyone and also their mom– that Shannen Doherty’s sudden departure from Charmed, similar to her unconstrained exit from Beverly Hills, 90210 was due to backstage tension with her costars. In the case of Charmed, this was obviously between Doherty and also Alyssa Milano, who played Phoebe Halliwell, in addition to Brad Kern, the showrunner, obviously as a result of Doherty’s extreme views on pushing the show in a darker direction.

Obtained all that? Cool. Neglect it.


Because, I have actually seen lots of posts on the internet citing why Phoebe ought to have been written out of the show in favour of Prue, yet I am assuming an additional different history. For Phoebe is not the life that I will trade for the oldest Halliwell. No, siree.

I’m unsure why I’m developing the tension a lot. There’s only one various other sibling left.

It’s Piper.

“What?!” I hear you squeal. “AOL television’s third Top TV Witch in 2007 as well as 2008? Are you ridiculous?”


That’s sort of why I enjoy this idea a lot. I’m more creative when I take the most absurd course. Certain, Piper’s the heart of the program, definitely so in the initial three periods. So, if you’re mosting likely to kill a sibling, you could too devastate the fandom when you go to it. Anyhow, this short article isn’t too much about Piper’s loss, but also what Prue would have been able to do if she ‘d stayed.


Prue, Piper as well as Phoebe’s mommy passed away when they were all very young, which required Prue right into more of a caregiver role as opposed to a standard older sister. She took that position exceptionally seriously, and you can see her protective reaction for both her siblings throughout the first three periods, along with her sincere management.

Piper’s death would certainly have had a profound as well as long lasting impact upon Prue as well as without a doubt upon Phoebe. Phoebe dropped fairly easily right into the duty of swearing in Paige into the Power of Three, while Piper grieved her large sibling, however Prue would certainly have struggled massively with her feelings of failure over not protecting her innocent, center sibling enough.

What’s even more, this would have opened more tale possibilities for Leo. Prue’s fatality had not been felt by any person apart from the sis, as she didn’t leave behind a guy or a husband. Piper, on the various other hand, would certainly have left behind her undead partner, Leo, that would naturally be devastated that he had let her down by not being able to heal her in time.

This could have seen a longer-reaching story, with Leo continuing to try and also locate means to reanimate Piper, while Prue as well as Phoebe concentrated upon introducing Paige.

Sisterly Dynamic

One of the large changes that came with Prue’s death was the abrupt change in the sisterly dynamic from Prue, Piper and also Phoebe to Piper, Phoebe as well as Paige. As initially written, Prue was the leader, a highly safety older sis, Phoebe was the spontaneous as well as care free youngest sibling, while Piper was the arbitrator. Normally the most psychological and friendly: the one that all of the others would certainly argue was one of the most innocent and also good. That’s certainly how she was repainted in the earlier periods.

One of the massive mistakes that I assume the show made was attempting to alter the sisters’ characters to fit their brand-new birth order. Paige was slotted in as the impulsive, screw-up youngest sis, while Piper matured into an extra unstable, ironical as well as bitter version as well as Phoebe came to be the mediator in between both, settling as well as maturing into an advice reporter. It was a rough shift, to state the least, and also one that would be entirely unrealistic.

With Piper out of the photo, there ‘d be no actual factor to transform Prue or Phoebe’s individualities to suit Paige’s visibility. Paige, in turn, could have been presented as even more independent as well as reckless. As an only child, that lost her adoptive parents when she was in her teens, Paige had actually been with a great deal and needed to develop before her time. She must have been able to balance her profession with her witchy responsibilities, while also having a point of view over just how they took on circumstances, instead of just following in addition to the others thoughtlessly.

I can see the dynamic being widely different in between the three sis. Prue might still be the leader of the pack, Phoebe still the younger sis that is more care free and loosened, while Paige can be extra independent in the new variation of history.

New storyline opportunities

Apart from Leo’s character being busied with bringing Piper back to life, this would likewise have actually been a chance to prolong the grieving procedure. Prue’s departure was eclipsed by Paige’s introduction and also the reconstitution of the Power of Three. I locate it tough to believe that this would certainly have coincided for Piper’s fatality, specifically with the extensive effect that this would certainly have on both Phoebe and Prue.

I can see the sisterly relationship entirely breaking down as well as needing to rebuild. Prue would likely push Phoebe away, upset at her for not being there when she as well as Piper required her, leading to Piper’s fatality. She would turn down Phoebe’s efforts at reconciliation and commit herself to beating Shax, leading her to find Paige. Prue would be figured out to secure her as an innocent without knowing that she was their sis.

Ultimately, Prue and also Phoebe would integrate and regret with each other. We know from previous experience that they work well as a group, and they would both have the ability to help educate Paige in their approaching battle against the Resource, however I definitely really feel there would be even more of a view of “we can not replace Piper” relocating forwards.

Aside from this, Prue would certainly have the ability to be included Cole’s descent right into becoming the Source in the role that was clearly indicated for her but was after that reassigned to Paige. Prue having these doubts as well as uncertainties regarding Cole would make far more narrative sense, considering Prue’s background with his character and also her general paranoid nature that we saw throughout Period 3. This would additionally drive a wedge in between her as well as Phoebe, and also Paige would be serving as the conciliator, being even more at an apart in this particular scenario.

Losing Piper would certainly have much longer long-term impacts upon the period in its entirety and most definitely generate some even more meaningful character growth as well as growth than the approximate and also unexpected change in Piper and also Phoebe’s manners following Prue’s fatality.


An additional reason that it makes even more sense for Piper to die is that she had actually already passed away in “All Hell Breaks Loose” before they had Tempus rewind the timeline. To have her die again would certainly have made a much larger statement regarding just how some events are taken care of, as well as are predestined to take place. It would definitely be difficult on Phoebe and also Prue, but it would feel extra terrible that they had gone to such sizes to secure Piper, inevitably only to lose her once more.

Darker Stories

From a real-world perspective, Shannen Doherty was a big supporter of the darker stories within Charmed. You can see this throughout Season 3, as it absolutely took a much moodier tone. It can also be observed that, adhering to Season 4 (which perhaps could have been written with Doherty’s personality in mind), the collection became far more “light” as well as “cosy”, introducing all manner of outrageous magical creatures for the siblings to butt heads with.

With Doherty still involved in the program, it can have taken a lot more fascinating creative direction, and proceeded the massive success of its 3rd and fourth seasons, which were far darker than the others, which have actually been less well-received by fans.

Eventually, a program without Piper feels much more genuine to me. The results would have been a lot less forced and allowed for a bit a lot more realism in exactly how the sis relocated forwards. Lots of the problems I increase aren’t also particular to which sibling passed away, however I definitely seem like, narratively, Piper’s fatality has one of the most prospective in terms of where the tale goes from there.

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